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Go big and stay out! Russian woman barred from Tesla technology exhibition; electro-magnetic fields could cause implants in her surgically enhanced breats to explode

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Ms Petrova she refused to sign the document absolving  organizers from  liability and forfeited her chances of entering the exhibition venue
Nadezhda Petrova who had surgically enhanced her breasts found out the unintended consequences in a less desirable manner
Petrova was prevented from fulfilling a her wish to attend an exhibition on inventor Nikola Tesla in Kazan in Tatarstan, Russia
She was forced to leave the Tesla technology exhibition over fears electro-magnetic fields could cause her implants to explode 
Petrova who felt she should have been allowed into the room due to her ‘rights’ decide to drop her complaints
Nadezhda Petrova2.jpgAdministrators said people with heart problems were also banned from the exhibition. Those with dental implants were also warned to anticipate some discomfort 

Nadezhda Petrova, who has had her breasts surgically enhanced,  was refused entry to an exhibition featuring the inventions of Serbian-American electricity pioneer Nikola Tesla, as officials said the electrical fields present could cause her body to start rejecting her silicone breast implants, leaving her red faced and furious.
Petrova felt her rights hab been trampled as was told because of her breast implants she was not allowed into a Nikola Tesla exhibition held in Kazan in the Tatarstan region of Russia.
Organizers of the Nikola Tesla exhibition in the city of Kazan in the central Russian Republic of Tatarstan banned people with heart problems, as well as those with breast implants, due to the strong electro-magnetic fields.
Ms Petrova was barred from attending the Nikola Tesla exhibition in Tatarstan because officials feared her surgically enhanced breasts would explode as a result of the electricity. They were willing to let her into the expo if she signed a disclaimer absolving the museum of any responsibility in the event of an explosion. The annoyed woman however, she refused to sign the document, opting not to test the authenticity of the warning

 Nadezhda Petrova1.jpgSurgical enhancement of her breasts caused Nadezhda Petrova to be banned from attending the Nikola Tesla exhibition in Russia’s Tatarstan region. Officials feared her implants would explode as a result of the electricity 

The administrator of the museum also noted that people with dental implants might feel a slight pain when touching some of the exhibits.
But Ms Petrova was appalled to find out that she was not welcome and tried to fight for what she saw as an erosion of her ‘rights’. She maintained that she wanted to visit, even after the exhibition’s administrator explained all the dangers to her.
The organizers eventually agreed to let her in on the condition, she first signed a disclaimer releasing the museum from any responsibility should she suffer any adverse consequences which Ms Petrova declined to sign.
She left the premises without viewing the exhibition, but has decided against following up her earlier threat of lodging a complaint with a consumer watchdog.


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