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Evil family friend kills Girl, 12, after he’d ‘raped her and pushed her down a 330ft mineshaft to cover-up his crime’

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Viktoria Reymer, died after a family friend ‘raped her and pushed her down a 330ft mineshaft to cover-up his crime’
12-year-old Viktoria was offered a ride on a family friend’s snowmobile before being sexually assaulted
Police said the little girl had agreed to get into the man’s car as he was a family friend
Evgeny Bukharin, 40, married father-of-two, allegedly raped the pre-teen before dumping her in the mine shaft, alive
Autopsy revealed Reymer died from injuries sustained in the fall down the same colliery mine where her father had died in a mining accident years earlier
The suspect Bukharin, was her dad’s colleague and well aware of the circumstances of his death
He has been detained by police in Kemerovo region of Russia
VictimUntil her remains was recovered on January 31, rescuers said, they had  hoped to find Viktoria alive

A 12-YEAR-OLD girl was allegedly raped by a family friend before being thrown down a 330ft mineshaft to her death.

Police have alleged young Viktoria Reymer was offered a ride on a snowmobile from suspect Evgeny Bukharin, with it claimed the 40-year-old then sexually abused her.

 suspect-evgeny-bukharin-40-married-father-of-two-detained-by-police-in-kemerovo-region1Police have said that Bukharin took the 12-year-old back to his house and raped her
cops-managed-to-lift-the-body-from-the-narrow-air-shaft1Cops found the little girl’s body in the coal mine shaft. Autopsy revealed the 12-year-old was alive when her attacker disposed of her. She suffered injuries to her head, neck and chest

Authorities at the Russian city of Novokuznetsk have said the suspect, a father-of-two himself, then threw the little girl down the mineshaft to cover up his crime.
A huge search for the 12-year-old was sparked from January 26, with Viktoria’s body later found with injuries to her head, neck and chest from the fall.
Sources have since said that the suspect initially told the family that he had accidentally hit the girl with his snowmobile and panicked, getting rid of her body.

Police have said that Evgeny Bukharin Bukharin killed Viktoria Reymer by shoving her down the same mine shaft where her dad had died in a mining accident, years earlier. A fact the suspect was well aware of

A source in the Investigative Committee, Russia’s equivalent of the FBI, said: “The accused was driving his snowmobile and saw the girl waiting at the bus stop.
“He offered to give her a ride to her sister’s.”
The source said that since the girl knew the man she agreed.
It has now been alleged the 40-year-old man took the girl to his house and raped her before taking her to a mineshaft and throwing her in.
She died from the fall.
Initially the suspect claimed he had accidentally hit the girl with his snowmobile, and she had died.
In a panic, he disposed of the body, rather than admit to her mother Olga, who he knew, what had happened.
A major operation was required to lift the body from the shaft which contained dangerous levels of methane gas.

police-launched-a-missing-persons-appeal-for-the-12-year-old-girlMissing person’s flyer for 12-year-old Vitoria Rymer before her body was found in the shaft
suspect-evgeny-bukharin2Suspect Evgeny Bukharin allegedly offered the little girl a ride home on his snowmobile
Forensic analysis showed “that the girl was still alive when thrown into the shaft”, said law enforcement sources.

She died of “from injuries to the head, neck and chest”, according to The Siberian Times
Locals say that the man was a workmate of the girl’s late father who had died at an accident at the same colliery. After she went missing, posters were placed around the city, rescue workers were hoping to find safe and alive.
The suspect is now in detention as a criminal investigation into rape and murder in underway.

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