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Med school student and father of six beaten to death by career-criminal neighbor in random attack, in NY apt buil

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Forgetting his wallet and going back to get it, cost Med school student Bakary Darboe, his life 
The Father of six beaten to death by neighbor in random attack by a career criminal living in the same apt block
Junal Jordan, 40 is accused of fatally beating Bakary Darboe, 46, to death
It was allegedly unprovoked ambush , the killer attacked his unsuspecting muslim immigrant neighbor as he stepped out of the elevator
Darboe, a Gambian immigrant who was working his way through school as a lab technician at NYU didn’t know the assailant 
Jordan who is uncooperative has a lengthy rap sheet dating back to the 1990s, include drug possession charges, robbery and reckless endangerment

Bakary Darboe, 46,  who immigrated to the U.S. a decade ago, from his native Gambia, was just about to walk out of the East 156th Street building in Melrose on his way to class at Mercy College when he realized he had forgotten his wallet and took the elevator back up to his ninth-floor apartment.
Darboe was riding the elevator back to the ground level when the doors opened at the seventh floor around 5 p.m. and he was suddenly ripped out into the hallway by career criminal Junal Jordan, 40, cops said.

Life time criminal Junal Jordan [photo] is accused of fatally beating Bakary Darboe in an unprovoked ambush in their New York apartment building

The alleged killer, pummeled Darboe with his fists, beating him senseless, and may have used an unknown object on the victim as he begged him to “Get off me!,” according to police.
Jordan, who has 20 prior arrests, including charges for robbery,  had been shadow boxing in the hallway just before the horrifying incident, police said. The Assailant lives on the seventh floor, his victim lived on the 9th. The two men, it was reported, didn’t know each other.
A neighbor witnessed the beginning of the assault and quickly shut the door.
After killing Darboe, Jordan fled the Melrose building but was nabbed a few blocks away by police, who found him in blood-soaked clothes, cops said.

The apartment building hallway where the assault occurred. The unsuspecting Darboe was stepping out of the elevator when he was ambushed and beating to death by Junal Jordan

When police questioned Jordan, whose lengthy rap sheet dates back to the 1990s on arrests not just for the robbery charges, but for drug possession and reckless endangerment, he acknowledged that he got into a fight in the building, sources said. However, he immediately asked for a lawyer and was charged with murder and manslaughter.
Meanwhile, more than a dozen of Darboe’s grieving family members gathered inside his apartment Friday wearing traditional Gambian garb.
“He’s a very kind man, humble. He’s religious. He loved his family, really. He’s a great man. We cannot forget about him,” said the victim’s oldest brother, Mbemba, 61.
Darboe, a devout Muslim who belonged to the local Gambia Islamic Society and had been working as a lab technician at NYU for five years, immigrated to the US about a decade ago.

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