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Brazilian city under seige by thugs; Looting, rape and murder break out on the streets after military police go on strike in the state of Espírito Santo

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‘Anatomy of a failed state, Lawlessness reigns supreme when law keepers abdicate’! Who exactly is ochestrating and benefitting from this open-ended invitatation to crime?

Chaos on the streets of Espírito Santo has been compared to the film The Purge’
Police in Espírito Santo staged a mass walkout in a row over their working conditions 
People openly brandishing guns and machetes inducing panic as ‘Thugs [are seen] randomly shooting at anyone who passes’
Brazilian fed govt sent in troops  to restore order in city of Vitoria 
Fresh negotiations underway to entice striking law enforcement officers back to work 

Crime and strife has been the order of the day in some cities in the sate of Espiriti Santo, Brazil for the the past few days as law enforment officers staging a walk-out over conditions.
With thugs are running riot and people running rampant with guns and machetes, shops being robbed, buses set on fire and dead bodies are left lying in the street, Brazilian federal troops are being deployed in the state of Espírito Santo.
The level of looting, rape and murders that have over run cities like Espirti Santo and Vittoria after military police went on strike, has been compared to the 2014 thriller film ‘The Purge’, where people take advantage of the absence of law and order to carry out horrific crimes.

Thugs and looters descend on a mall and make off with the goods

The anarchy has forced intervention of the  Brazilian government,  today troops were ordered into the city of Vitoria, north east of Rio de Janeiro, which has been left at the mercy of criminals.
Brazil’s Defence Minister Raul Jungmann himelf, visited Vitoria today on a fact-finding mission and the defence ministry issued a ststement that soldiers were being sent in ‘due to the serious public safety situation’.

 Paramedic attends to a  victim of the in the riots in Espírito Santo.jpgParamedic attends to a  victim of the in the riots in Espírito Santo

As police officers downed tools and were seen blockading police stations in protest against unpaid salaries since Saturday, Local media reported soaring crime rates that quadrupled over the weekend alone.
The acting governor of Espirito Santo state, Cesar Colnago, had earlier begged President Michel Temer ‘to send the National Force and the army to safeguard the security of citizens’.

Thugs break-in and loot a shop

A torched bus burns out of control without Fire and Rescue to help control the inferno

Globo television broadcast cellphone footage of burned and smashed buses, looted shops, carjackings and a crowd running in panic from what appeared to be gunshots.
Students stayed at home and classrooms will remain shuttered ‘depending on the security situation’.
State security chief Andre Garcia said the police chief had been replaced and the new commander had been tasked with ‘restoring order and discipline’.
Talks are to take place with the disgruntled officers but they have been told they have to go back to work first.
Vitoria and its suburbs have a population of 1.8 million people, while a total of 3.9 million live in Espirito Santo state.   

Law and order gone amid wranglings over conditions odf service for military police. A bloodied man is abandoned  battered and bruised amid the chaos
 A citizen posted this disturbing footage of the disorder and chaos during which one person was shot. Is there an end in sight?

As the media beamed the scenes of chaos  and mayhem from Espirito Santos, and one resident told Political Outsource: ‘The thugs are randomly shooting at anyone who passes the street in Espírito Santo. My God what is happening.’
Schools have been closed and even football matches cancelled in the affected areas due to the lack of security, which has meant many people are refusing to even venture outdoors.
‘I won’t even leave my house today,’ another resident of Espirato Santo told Political Outsource.
‘Things are absolutely crazy, there are people running around with guns in pretty populated areas, dozens of people stealing from malls, even dead bodies on streets.’

State Secretary of Public Security André Garcia 1.png
State Secretary of Public Security André Garcia. has sacked the head of police and given pre-conditions to the striking Military Police, before the state government will come to the table 

The chaos has been captured on camera by a number of worried residents as well as the thugs. Police, aided by relatives and sympathizers blockading police stations, have been protesting against unpaid salaries since early Saturday.

With no patrols on the streets over the weekend, assaults and other crime have multiplied, Brazilian media reported.
State security chief Andre Garcia said on his Facebook page that the police chief had been replaced and that the new commander was tasked with ‘restoring order and discipline.’
Talks would take place with the disgruntled officers ‘but with the fundamental condition that police are put on the streets,’ he said.
‘All possible means will be used to police the streets.’
Shooting in Brazil streets as military police goes on strike.
According to Garcia negotiations with the military police are suspended until they return to the work of patrolling the streets and attending to the occurrences.
The state government has threatened to file a lawsuit against the force, claiming the strike is illegal. 
Secretary Garcia told Globo: ‘The first step taken by the government to overthrow this movement was the filing of a lawsuit requiring the illegality of the movement to be enacted.
‘Our intention is to negotiate, always, but this negotiation must be based on mutual respect, and the condition for the police come to patrol the streets and answer the calls of the Capixabas citizens.’

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