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He’d rather be dead! Suspect in quadruple homicide, William Boyette, takes his own life to avoid arrest; Accomplice, Mary Rice in custody

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Quadruple homicide fugitive, William Boyette, suspect in murders of four women kills in Florida Panhandle kills himself in Georgia  motel
Female accomplice, Mary Rice surrendered to cops 
Local law enforcement agencies were seeking Boyette, 44, for the alleged murders of four women
The ex-con with a long list of priors allegedly shot and killed his ex-girlfriend Alicia Greer, 30, and her 39-year-old friend Jacqueline Moore at the Emerald Sands Inn in Milton, Fla.,  Jan 31 
He next shot 52-year-old hospital worker and stole her car before invading the home of Kayla Crocker,28, who died on Tuesday
Mary Barbara Craig Rice, 37, faces accessory after the fact to capital murder in the Milton, Fla  double homicide, capital murder in Alabama in the death of Peggy Broz
Charges still pending in the death of Kayla Crocker 
Police believe William Boyette took his own life during a standoff at a Georgia motel. His alleged accomplice, Mary Craig Rice, surrendered to authorities

Authorities say one of two people wanted in the deaths of four women has killed himself, ending a Tuesday standoff at a west Georgia motel and a multi-state crime spree.

David Morgan, sheriff of Escambia County , Florida said William ‘Billy’ Boyette died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and that another suspect, Mary Craig Rice, surrendered and is in custody.
The pair is charged with killings that sparked a manhunt throughout southern Alabama and the Florida Panhandle, where the crimes occurred.

William 'Bill' Boyette6.jpg
William Boyette who almost killed his ex Alicia Greer had only been out of jail four months for a probation violation for that crime,  when he allegedly murdered Greer and Moore at the Emerald Sands motel in the Milton, Fla on Jan 31

Acting on a tip off Tuesday afternoon, deputies in Florida cornered Boyette and Rice holed up at the West Point Motel in West Point, Ga., along with a car that was stolen Monday morning from the home of their last victim Kayla Crocker in Pensacola, Florida.  Crocker, 28, was shot and died Tuesday afternoon at an area hospital.
A standoff ensued, but after several futile attempts by officers to contact the fugitive pair inside the hotel room, Mary Rice came out of the motel room where she was holed up with Boyette shortly after the Georgia SWAT team arrived.
Within minutes of Rice surrendering, officers heard a single gunshot from inside the motel room, officers entered the room and found Boyette dead, according to the Troup County Sheriff, James Woodruff.

The tip was received at about 2:30 p.m. today from a citizen who spotted the car that was being discussed in the media and on social media, Woodruff said. An officer was dispatched to the motel and confirmed it was the car stolen from Crocker.
A clerk at the motel told deputies that Rice checked into the motel Monday night under her own name. Deputies confirmed there were people inside the room because Boyette and Rice opened the curtains periodically and waved at law enforcement.

Triple homicide manhunt on for William Boyette who shot dead his ex-girlfriend and went on a rampage with accomplice Mary Rice

Deputies set up a perimeter around the hotel and just as SWAT was preparing to enter, Rice came outside, Woodruff said.
“We are always glad when something this seriously is resolved and no one is injured and no one is killed,” Woodruff told media gathered outside the motel. “We knew going in, them having killed several people already, that this could end very badly.”

Emerald Sands Inn.png
William ‘Billy’ Boyette began his killing spree at this Emerald Sands Inn where he shot and killed  with his first victim, Alicia Greer and Jacqueline Moore

The shooting of Crocker Monday morning in her home was the most recent attack in the crime spree that began Jan. 31.
Two women, Alicia Greer and Jacqueline Moore, were killed at the Emerald Sands Inn in Milton, Fla., on Jan. 31. Boyette and Rice are then thought to have killed Peggy Broz at her Lillian, Ala., home the morning of Feb. 3 in order to steal her vehicle.
It’s alleged that Rice and Boyette followed Broz to her home early on the morning of Feb. 3, where they shot and killed Broz in her front yard. Police have found no other connection between the suspects and the victim other than the fact she had a vehicle they wanted, according to the Baldwin County, Ala. Sheriff’s Office.
“We believe at this point that obviously they selected her to prey on, they don’t have any ties that tie them together at this point,”   spokesman, Anthony Lowry said.

 Broz worked at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, but Lowery wasn’t able to confirm whether Boyette and Rice had followed Broz all the way from Pensacola to her home, or whether they were already located in Alabama when they found her.

In a press conference at the Santa Rosa county sheriff’s office Tuesday morning, Sheriff Bob Johnson said a warrant for accessory after the fact to capital murder has been issued for Rice, who Johnson says is a “willing participant.”
Records show that Boyette was a habitual violent offender, having been accused of beating and stabbing previous girlfriends in the years leading up to his killing spree and eventual death.

Gallery of Victims

The killer William ‘Billy’ Boyette with his first victim, Alicia Greer. His ex-girlfriend, a mother-of-three was desperately trying to escape hims after he sent her to hospital requiring an MRI and sutures in her scalp
Jacqueline Moore1.jpg
Greer’s friend, Jacqueline Moore, was killed also killed along with her by Boyette during his killing rampage
Victim number three was Peggy Broz was shot by the murdering duo in her front yard of her Lillian, Ala home, on Feb 3. The killers wanted her car which they took 
The last victim Kayla Crocker, died Tuesday. The killers invaded her home and shot her while her two-year-old son was present in the home, before making off with her car

The prosecution was forced to drop a number of charges as the victims either couldn’t be located or recanted their statements on Boyette’s abuse, and as such he never served more than a year in jail for his domestic violence accusations.
Boyette had only been out of jail four months for a probation violation when he allegedly committed the Milton double homicide.
Aside from the known relationship between Boyette and Greer, police have not found any other connection between Boyette and Rice to the other three victims.
State Attorney Bill Eddins said Rice faces charges of accessory after the fact to capital murder in the Milton double homicide, and charges are still pending in the attack on Crocker.
Authorities in Baldwin County, Alabama said Rice is also facing charges of capital murder in the Alabama jurisdiction for her involvement with Broz’s killing.

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