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German house of horrors; Trainee teacher,Gabriele P, tied lover who was wearing diving goggles to a bed, sliced off his head with a circular saw and buried his body in the garden

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23-year-old Trainee teacher, Gabriele P. allegedly, tied lover who was wearing diving goggles to a bed before slicing off his head with a circular saw back in Dec, 2008
Gabriele buried Alexander H., 28, in the garden’ of the student apartment they shared in the Haar district of Munich, Germany
The trainee teacher ‘tied him up before slicing his head off with a circular saw’ while he was wearing diving goggles covered with masking tape 
Forensic  experts determined that the victim had been cut up alive with the saw and Gabriele buried her victim in the garden of the house with the aid of a new lover Christian K. and another male
In 2016, Gabriele P went on trial in Germany over the death of her former lover, after Christian accidentally spilled the truth while drinking, an acquaintance of the defendant went to police
Cops found the body, which Gabriele and two friends allegedly buried several years earlier, in the garden of her Munich home
Now 32, the school teacher whos defense was that she commited the murder because she was in an abusive relationship, faces a mandatory life sentence if convicted
Christian K., 35, is already serving two years and eight months for his role in disposing of the body
Seen in photo covering her face with a piece of paper in court; Gabriele’s long hidden crime was exposed when her new partner Christian K, after drinking at a party, made comments about what really happened to others.

The trial began Monday for a 32-year-old German schoolteacher accused of brutally attacking and eventually decapitating her boyfriend with a circular saw during what he thought was going to be a wild sex session on a winter’s night, because she was tired of him and wanted to move on.
Prosecutors said she left his mangled corpse in the bed for until the following summer, while living with her new love interest in the attic of the same home.
The Munich woman, identified only as Gabriele P., allegedly pulled out the cutting tool in December, 2008 after tying her lover, Alexander H., to the bed, The Local reports.

Germany Saw Slaying
Gabriele P. [face covered] sits in the courtroom in Munich Germany, Monday, Feb. 13, 2017. She’s is on trial inon allegations she killed her boyfriend and severed his head with a circular saw, in December 2008

The court heard that on a winter night in late 2008 Gabriele P. and Alexander H. were having sex at home in their apartment in the east of Munich, the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) reports.
As he often did during their S&M love making sessions, 28-year-old Alex H. had pulled a pair of diver’s goggles covered in duct tape over his eyes, meaning that he couldn’t see.
At some point during the intercourse, he asked his girlfriend to tie him down.
Investigators say because of the diver’s goggles Alex couldn’t see Gabriele reach for the saw, remove the safety catch, and then drive the churning blade into his chest.
Afterward, prosecutors say, the 23-year-old cut off his head, pulled a sheet over his body, and then shut the door and never went back in.
Alex’s decomposing remains were discovered after Gabriele brought home a new boyfriend six months later, but instead of calling cops, the Christian K and another unamed friend of Gabriele’s buried the body in the home’s garden, and they carried on with their lives, prosecutors said, Monday.
Although he had vanished in 2008 , the victim had been presumed to still be alive, after someone reported sighting him in 2010.

Gabriele P5.jpgGerman police found the 9-year-long remains in the garden of the schoolteacher’s home in 2016

The murder only came to light in early 2016 when an acquaintance of the suspect heard about the incident and alerted the police.
Police say Gabriele imprisoned Alexander in the loft of the home they shared when she ‘tired’ of him in 2008.
In the nine years they had been together literature student Alexander and trainee teacher Gabriele threw wild sex parties in the house she had inherited from her grandmother, the court heard.
She denies being the instigator of uninhibited group-sex sessions in the building neighbours branded the ‘Hippy House’ and that she hatched a plot to murder him when she fell in love with someone else.

Gabriele P2.pngGabriele P. [in court today] has gone on trial over claims she tied her lover to a bed and then carved him up alive, with a circular saw

One night in 2008, according to prosecutors, ‘the relationship ended in a bloodbath’ in the house in Zunftstrasse. Forensic medicine specialists were able to determine that the victim had been cut up alive with a circular saw.
The defense contends that their client she was in an abusive relationship. According to her attorney: ‘The relationship was very difficult. My client could not see any way out.’
If found guilty of murder she will face a mandatory life sentence.
Christian K. has already been jailed for two years and eight months for his role in disposing of the body. ‘I did it out of love for Gabriele,’ he told the court at his sentencing four months ago.
According to her defense attorney, Birgit Schwerdt, the defendant had owned up to the killing, adding however, that: “The particular issue is in working out the background and establishing a motive,” Schwerdt said.
The court will decide whether Gabriele P.’s crime constituted murder, or there were mitigating circumstances.


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