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‘Psychopath’ Nikko Jenkins, who carved 666 backwards into his forehead and sliced his tongue and penis to look like snakes sentenced to death in killing of four people in 2013

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‘Psychopath’ who carved 666 backwards into his forehead and sliced his tongue and penis to look like snakes is sentenced to death for killing four people a in shooting spree just 11 days after he was freed from jail
Nikko Jenkins, 30, was sentenced to death on Tuesday in Omaha, Nebraska
He becomes the first to be given the death sentence in Nebraska since the state’s voters reinstated the punishment in 2016
Jenkins random killing took four lives in a depraved shooting spree,  11 days after being released from jail in August 2013
Described by one prison psychiatrist as a ‘psychopath’ , Jenkins had made a habit of tattooing and extreme self-mutilating of his body while in prison
He once sliced through his tongue and penis to make them resemble snakes, the latter required 27 stitches
He carved ‘666’ into his forehead but used a mirror so it came out backwards
Nikko Jenkins in court6.jpg‘Psychopath’ Nikko Jenkins is the first person sentenced to death since Nebraska voted to reinstate the death penalty, last year

A man who carved 666 backwards into his own forehead has been sentenced to death for murdering four people in a brutal Nebraska shooting spree.
Nikko Jenkins showed no emotion as he was handed the death penalty sentence on Tuesday over the August 2013 shooting deaths in Omaha.
Jenkins, 30, who was described by one prison psychiatrist as a ‘psychopath’, has made a habit of tattooing his face with hieroglyphics and self-mutilating his body while in prison to worship the Egyptian serpent god.
He embarked on a killing spree lasting 10 days in 2013 that left four people dead from gunshot wounds to the head: Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz on Aug. 11, Curtis Bradford on Aug. 19 and Andrea Kruger on Aug. 21.

Jenkins once sliced through his tongue to make it look like a snake before smearing the blood over his cell walls and also sliced his penis, which required 27 stitches.
He also carved ‘666’ into his forehead in 2015 but used a mirror so the numbers came out backwards.
Jenkins pleaded no contest to the murder charges in 2014 but his sentencing has been delayed because of concerns about his mental state.
His defense psychiatrist said Jenkins suffers from schizophrenia and perhaps a bipolar disorder, while his lawyers tried to argue his self mutilation was proof of a deteriorating mental state.
State psychiatrists have repeatedly testified that he is faking psychosis.
Jenkins went on a killing spree just 11 days after he was released from prison in August 2013 where he had been serving a 10 year sentence for two carjackings.

Nikko jenkins incourt for sentencing8.jpgJenkins, who was described by one prison psychiatrist as a ‘psychopath’, has made a habit of tattooing his face with hieroglyphics and extreme self-mutilating of his body while in prison
 Andrea Kruger1.jpgInnocent victim: Mother-of-three Andrea Kruger was pulled from her SUV by Nikko Jenkins and his murderous family as she drove home from work on August 21, 2013. Nikko and his sister Erica Jenkins shot Kruger four times before speeding off in her vehicle
Curtis Bradford (left) and Jorge Cajiga-Ruizon (right)1.pngErica and Nikko lured his one-time prison acquaintance Curtis Bradford [left], to a fake robbery, then both shot him in the back of the head at close range.
Jorge Cajiga-Ruizon [right], and his pal Juan Uribe-Pena were both blown away with a shotgun  just days after Nikko was released from prison in 2013, which signaled the beginning of the family’s murder spree

He shot and killed Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge Cajiga-Ruizon using a sawed-off 12-gauge shotgun. Their bodies were found inside a pickup truck in southeast Omaha.

Eight days later, Jenkins and his sister killed Curtis Bradford, a one-time prison acquaintance.
Jenkins pulled Andrea Kruger from her SUV as she drove home from work on August 21 and shot her four times before speeding off in her vehicle.
Jenkins had insisted an Egyptian god ordered him in a foreign language to kill the four as human sacrifices.
Jenkins was ultimately found competent to stand trial and allowed to represent himself for much of it. He was then allowed in 2014 to plead no contest to the murder charges.
He is now the first to be given the death sentence in Nebraska since the state’s voters reinstated the punishment last year.
The last execution in Nebraska was carried out in 1997, when Robert Williams died in the state’s now-defunct electric chair for killing two women in 1977.

Erica Jenkins2.jpg

The judges cited the heinous nature of the killings in their decision and said they believed state psychiatrists who testified that while Jenkins does have narcissistic and anti-social personality disorders, he knew right from wrong when he committed the crimes.
The mother of one of Jenkins’ victims cried quietly as she left the courtroom on Tuesday following the sentencing.
Velita Glasgow, the mother of Curtis Bradford, said Tuesday’s sentence brought much-needed closure for her.
‘It’s time for me to heal,’ she said. ‘I’m ready to put this behind me.’
On Aug. 11, 2013just his 12th day after leaving a Nebraska prison, Jenkins recruited his sister Erica Jenkins and cousin Christine Bordeaux to help with a scheme to rob bar patrons at Tquila, a nightclub at 30th and L Streets in Nebraska.
Jenkins described the plan to police: “In robberies like this, you cruise the bars looking for paisos, the Mexicans. They always have big belt buckles, big cowboy boots and big hats.”
Uribe-Pena and Cajiga-Ruiz had just gotten off work and stopped at the bar.
Erica Jenkins and Bordeaux lured them to Spring Lake Park on the pretense that they would party — and the women would perform sex acts.

Levring - Jenkins crime dynasty1.pngThe Levering – Jenkins crime line
Top:  L-R Brother and sister robbery and murder team – Nikko Jenkins, Erica Jenkins,

Bottom: L-R Warren Levering, Warren’s sister Lori Jenkins [center] and mother of the brother and sister duo Nikko and Erica Jenkins, Christine Bordeaux [Nee Levering], cousin to Warren and Lori Levering

After Uribe-Pena and Cajiga-Ruiz arrived, Nikko Jenkins pounced. He blew a hole in Uribe-Pena ‘s head with a 12-gauge shotgun  as he sat in the front seat of a pickup on a dead-end road in the South Omaha park. Walking around to the other side of the pickup, he jammed the shotgun in Cajiga-Ruiz’s face.
Cajiga-Ruiz ducked, covering the side of his face with his hand. A shot went through Cajiga-Ruiz’s hand, and his temple.
Eight days later on Aug. 19 Jenkins again paired up with his sister Erica in the murder of Curtis Bradford. During a night of hanging out with Curtis Bradford, another ex-con, the brother-sister combo hatched a plan. They’d lure Bradford on the pretense that the three were going to commit a robbery.
They gave Bradford an unloaded weapon. As the three circled a house near 18th and Clark Streets, Erica Jenkins fired a shot into the back of Bradford’s head.
Nikko Jenkins then thrust a shotgun against Bradford’s head and fired.
In his interview with police, Jenkins initially denied killing his “homeboy.”

Erica Jenkins1Nikko Jenkins recruited his sister Erica Jenkins [photo], for his killing spree. She is serving a life sentence for her part in the killings, but was arraigned in Jan, 2015 for beating up her cousin,Christine Bordeaux, in Prison.  Bordeaux testified against her in 2014

“This is my own little homie,” Jenkins protested. “It’s on Facebook, me and him together throwing up gang signs.”
THeir excuse was however busted by several family members who testified as to how Nikko and Erica returned from killing Bradford. Both reportedly, were exhilarated after the killing, relatives said.

On August 21, 2013, exactly 22 days after Jenkins was released from jail, Jenkins conceived of a plan to steal a car so he and relatives could rob people attending a Lil Wayne concert in downtown Omaha.
Jenkins and his  accomplices , sister Erica, cousin Bordeaux and uncle Warren Levering spotted 33-year-old Andrea Kruger in the drive-thru of a McDonald’s. The mother-of-three was heading home to her husband and kids after her shift at a bar. Erica Jenkins pulled in front of her, blocking Kruger’s SUV. Jenkins and Levering spilled out of the car, thrust a 9 mm semi-automatic rifle in Kruger’s face, pulled her from the vehicle and shot her four times as she pleaded for her life.

The Levering - Jenkins crime line2.jpgCrime: A family thing for the Jenkins – Leverings

Jenkins defense had pushed for a life sentence over capital punishment. Jenkins’ case falls under two mitigating factors, argued his attorney, Douglas County Public Defender Tom Riley – The crimes were “committed while the offender was under the influence of extreme mental or emotional disturbance.”
Secondly,  “The capacity of the defendant to appreciate the wrongfulness of his or her conduct … was impaired as a result of mental illness, mental defect or intoxication.”
Additionally, Riley argued that the judges should find that Jenkins has lost his sanity since the killings, again in part due to his continual jailing in solitary confinement. The public defender also highlighted that the U.S. Supreme Court in 1986 prohibited “inflicting the penalty of death upon a prisoner who is insane.”
“We do not execute the mentally ill,” Riley wrote. “Jenkins’ mental illness is not one of choice. It is of long-standing duration and exacerbated by significant time in solitary confinement while continuously incarcerated for the 10-plus years prior to these homicides.”
The prosecution countered that the defendant’s perceived mistreatment in prison is no mitigation for his actions afterward. rather it was motive, prosecutors said.
Prison records are “replete” with threats by Jenkins to harm others if he didn’t get his way in prison, they pointed out.
Highlighting the defendant’s statements to police after the killings: “The Nebraska Department of Corrections is so responsible. This is equivalent to me being a pit bull that they pull off that chain and whoever it hurt, you’re responsible for it. Because you knew the danger of the animal, knew the danger that you created in that cell. … You know I told them that? I told them.”
Citing case law that indicates that a defendant must suffer from mental illness so “extreme” that it “rendered him unable to appreciate the wrongfulness of his actions.”  Douglas County Attorney, Don Kleine, pointed out that the defendant’s attitude amounts to clear-minded motive for murder, showing a logical thought process, even if it is diabolical.
“The state would highlight the alarming amount of homicidal and violent threats made by the defendant (in prison), but would also point out that many of these were accompanied by demands,” Kleine wrote. “A defendant should not be able to create a reason to necessitate some sort of segregation by consistently disregarding Corrections rules, being a disturbance and acting in a violent manner but then request leniency (because) of his own actions.”
After stating that they could find no other death penalty case in the state of Nebraska that matched the brutality of “the case at hand, wherein one defendant randomly murders four people … over a 10-day period,” prosecutors closed their argument by citing language from a previous Nebraska Supreme Court ruling upholding a death sentence: “The depravity shown from these facts stands out and sets this case apart from other Nebraska cases where the death sentence was not imposed. It shows a mind so bereft of redemption that justice demands a sentence of death.”

Lori jenkins2.png“I’m Lori Jenkins — I am the Jenkins family.”  – Lori Jenkins once said. She was convicted of aiding and abetting her children and extended family in several murders and robberies. She is serving 16 years for her role in facilitating the crimes.

The entire clan seemed to be part of ‘Crime Incorporated’ as their mother Lori Jenkins was convicted of aiding and abetting the crimes of her children Nikko and Erica, as well as her brother Warren Levering, and her cousin, Christine Bordeaux.
Lori Jenkins was found her guilty of lying to an Omaha police detective about whether she was the one who bought ammunition for her son. In July 2014,  she was convicted and sentenced to two concurrent 10-year terms in prison for providing the ammunition that Nikko Jenkins used in his killing spree.
She was also found her guilty of providing replacement clothing to her cousin, Christine Bordeaux, when Nikko told his mom that he feared that Bordeaux had gunshot residue on her clothes from his killings of Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz.
in 2015, Lori got an additional 5 to 6 years in prison on top of the 10-year federal sentence for a total of 16 years. Lori Jenkins will not be eligible for re lease until about 2028, at the age of 61.
The 50-year-old mother of killers Nikko and Erica Jenkins was convicted on two counts of being an accessory, in essence, helping her children after their crimes.

Christine Bordeaux 2.jpg
Christine Bordeaux is serving a 20 sentence after turning state witness in the Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz murders as well as the Kruger murder

Christine Bordeaux, 42, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for conspiracy to commit robbery, and attempted robbery.  With “Goodtime” and time served will be eligible for parole after she has served  spend 7 1/2 years in prison.
Bordeaux was part of  Nikko Jenkins scheme to rob Mexicans and later Later Andrea Kruger. She was present when Nikko killed Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz in the Spring Lake Park murders in the summer of 2013, then, then Andrea Kruger, in a later robbery.  She and Erica Jenkins helped lure Juan Pena and Jorge Ruiz to the park, but prosecutors say she didn’t know Nikko was going to kill them.
She testified against her cousins Erica and Lori Jenkins in state court, Lori again in federal court, and was a key witness when Warren Levering took a plea deal a few weeks ago.

Warren Levering1.png
Warren Levering, serving 20 years for his role in the Kruger murder
Warren Levering, 54,  who is Nikko and Erica Jenkins’ uncle, pled no contest in May 2016, to being an accomplice in the 2013 murder of Andrea Kruger after a first-degree murder was dropped as part of a plea deal.
Levering was sentenced to 20 years on the accessory to a felony charge and given 20 years for attempted robbery, the sentences to run consecutively. He was given credit for 893 days already served.
Kruger was killed shortly after leaving work at the Déjà Vu Lounge at 178th and Pacific on August 21, 2013. Her body was found near 168th and Fort streets. Levering was among four people in a car that had stopped at the intersection. Kruger pulled up behind them and Nikko Jenkins got out, ran back and killed her.
Levering, ate the food Kruger had bought at McDonald’s on her way home that morning.

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