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Above and beyond the law! PervTennessee store clerk secretly records police officer who shows her lewd video, after requests for nude photos

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Tennessee store clerk, Elizabeth Restrepo, secretly recorded police officer making lewd comments, requesting nude photos on several occasions, in 2016
Officer Frank Geisenhoffer repeatedly requested nude photos from Restrepo after he showed her a video of himself masturbating
Geisenhoffer who admitted his actions was disciplined in December after Restrepo turned the recordings over to his superiors at the South Carthage police dept in Tenn.
He claimed his target led him on, but was was suspended for two weeks without a pay and put on probation for a year
A Tennessee store clerk secretly recorded a South Carthage police officer repeatedly requesting nude photos from her after he showed her a video of himself masturbating.
Frank Geisenhoffer in December, 2016 was disciplined for foisting his crude and unwanted attention on Elizabeth Restrepo, after the victim turned the recordings over to his superiors.
Officer Geisenhoffer was suspended for two weeks without a pay by the police department and put on probation for a year following his indecent comments, according to documents detailing the officer’s reprimands.
Officer frank Geisenhoffer admitted to propositioning the store clerk
When it came to Geisenhoffer showing her a video of him pleasuring himself: “I nearly jumped as high as the sky because I knew that finally I could prove that he really did show me that. And I thought, wow, finally got him. That’s what I thought.”
The steps taken to discipline the officer has left Restrepo wondering why Geisenhoffer is still allowed to be on the job at all, she told News Channel 5.
“I don’t do big girls,” the officer can heard saying in one of the recordings obtained by the news station. “Don’t have to — not with this d–k.”
Restrepo said she started making the recordings during Geisenhoffer’s early morning visits to her store after he escalated his onslaught of unwanted attention from asking for nude photos to showing her a masturbation video.

elizabeth-restrepo1Elizabeth Restrepo: Surprised to find Geisenhoffer, who made lewd comments to her in 2016, was still on the job a year later

“I didn’t know what to say,” Restrepo told the investigative team. “I didn’t know what to do. I honestly, I think my mind went blank, like wow, did that really just happen?”
Then, she said Geisenhoffer asked her to make a video of her own for him.
“He said, ‘If you ever were to do that, give me a video, I’ll pay you for it. I will owe you big!”
So, Restrepo began recording their exchanges — she wanted proof, she said, so no one would take the cop’s word over her own.
Geisenhoffer also made comments about the clerk’s physical appearance and even requested photos of Restrepo’s sister.
“Dude, yesterday was my birthday so I was hoping you’d send me a picture of something,” he says in the recording.
He continues, “I saw a picture on Facebook of whatever she is to you. You was gonna get me a picture of her t—ies.”
Restrepo said the officer made similar requests over and over, all of which she initially laughed off. She admitted she never directly shut down Geisenhoffer’s advances, mostly because she was worried about his status as a cop.

officer-fank-geisenhoffer1Officer Geisenhoffer claimed his target led him on. He was disciplined for his crude actions but he is till on the job


Disciplinary action against officer Frank Geisenhoffer

“Everything about Frank is scary, but it’s even more scary because he has a badge,” she told Channel 5.
At one point, Geisenhoffer even reached out and touched her hair while requesting yet another promiscuous photo, Restrepo claimed. He: “Grabbed my hair and just laid it like that,” she said, gesturing toward her breasts.
On the recording, Geisenhoffer says quietly, “Make a picture… just barely covering your nipples… barely, but with your hands on your hips.”
“I could smell his breath,” Restrepo said.
“I didn’t know what to do, but to stand there and let him do it and record him.”
In the final recording, Geisenhoffer admits to showing Restrepo his masturbation video.
“Dude, I can get myself off. You know. In fact, you’ve seen me get myself off and I erased that too, by the way,” he says.
Restrepo then took the recordings to the South Carthage police and filed a complaint.
Geisenhoffer, in a written statement, admitted to nearly everything. He also claimed Restrepo lead him on and sent him lewd pictures first. Restrepo has denied the officers claims.
After hearing both sides of the story, the South Carthage chief suspended the officer for two weeks without pay and then put him on probation.

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