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valentine season killer hooked by DNA, a second time! Kwauhuru Govan nabbed in brutal 2005 beheading of Brooklyn teen, Rashawn Brazell; DNA had already linked him to a separate vicious 2004 decapitation of teen girl

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Cops nab the ‘Valentine Season’ killer accused of dismembering two New York teenagers around Valentine’s day in 2004 and 2005
Rashawn Brazell, 19, left home on Valentine’s Day 2005, his remains were found three days later.
The suspect accused in his brutal 2005  beheading was already in custody for a separate murder
Suspect Kwauhuru Govan, 38, had already been charged with the murder of 17-year-old Sharabia Thomas, in similar style, in February 2004
He is now accused of killing and dismembering Brazell on Feb 14, 2005
Govan had to bundled forcibly into court Wednesday, as he refused to leave his jail cell for the court appearance, also refused to be finger printed
He was screaming“Look at my face! I want everyone to know I was assaulted because I didn’t want to get [finger] printed.”I need the American people to see my face and clothes”
Judge ordered he be held without bail, and be brought to court everyday until he submits to finger printing
Kwauhuru Govan4.jpg“I need the American people to see my face and clothes,” Kwauhuru Govan yelled in court Wednesday.

Police have charged a suspect in one of New York’s most gruesome cold-case murders, the 2005 murder of a 19-year-old bisexual Brooklyn man found beheaded and dismembered in a subway tunnel.
Career criminal Kwauhuru Govan, who is expected to appear in Brooklyn Criminal Court Wednesday morning, will be charged with murdering Rashawn Brazell, sources said.
38-year-old Govan was already in custody accused being the perpetrator of another cold-case murder of a teen Brooklyn schoolgirl around the same season, from 13 years ago.
The suspect, Kwauhuru Govan was bundled into Brooklyn court kicking and screaming Wednesday to face charges in the death of Rashawn Brazell.
Govan yelled about being framed in the case; officers had to hold onto him throughout the hearing.
Govan who is still serving time for armed robbery in Florida, before the extradition to face the murder charges in New York, refused to leave his jail cell for his court arraignment. He was eventually carried into court by a more than dozen uniformed court officers and plainclothes police officers holding different parts of his body. He was sporting a nasty bruise near his right eye.
He is due back in court Thursday for arraignment, as the judge ordered he be brought back every day until he complies.

kwauhuru-govan-is-charged-with-killing-sharabia-thomas-17-in-february-2004-and-rashawnbrazell-19-in-2005Kwauhuru Govan [center] had already been charged with the murder of teenage schoolgirl Sharabia Thomas in Feb 2004. He is now accused of the valentine’s day butchering of Rashawn Brazell in 2005 

“Is this what America has come to? Is this what President Trump will allow?” Govan shouted in Brooklyn Supreme Court.
“Look at my face! I want everyone to know I was assaulted because I didn’t want to get (finger)printed. I need the American people to see my face and clothes.”
Justice Neil Firetog ordered Govan held without bail. The judge also ordered that the suspect be brought back to court every day until he agrees to get fingerprinted.
Rashawn Brazell vanished on the morning of Valentine’s Day 2005 after leaving his family’s Bushwick home. Three days later, a bloody plastic bag containing his legs, an arm and part of his torso was found between the Franklin and Nostrand Ave. stations.

rashawn-brazell1Rashawn Brazell left his home in the Bronx, NY on Feb, 14 2005. His butchered remains were found in several locations around the city, days later

A second grisly discovery was made six days later at a waste sorting station. Workers at a Greenpoint recycling plant found a bag filled with the missing teenager’s waist and pelvis. His head was never found.
The case yield no tangible leads for 12 years despite a $22,000 reward, three segments on “America’s Most Wanted” and an aggressive campaign soliciting information from the public.
Desire Brazell was home when her 19-year-old son walked out the door on Valentine’s Day 2005. The social services caseworker, believed clues can be gleaned from a mysterious outgoing voicemail message her son recorded on his cellphone at the start of 2005.
She has consistently held that the nature of the crime had to have involved more than one person, meaning that someone out there was holding back information and should come forward.
The 38-year-old male who is a suspect in her son’s murder, was charged in November 2016 in the deah of 17-year-old Bushswick high school student, Sharabia Thomas, whose naked body was found inside two laundry bags in a Bushwick alley three days before valentine’s day, in 2004.

sharabia-thomas1Suspect Kwauhuru Govan had already been charged with the gruesome murder of 17-year-old Sharabia Thomas [photo], three days before valentine’s day on Feb 11, 2004

Sharabia Thomas was last seen on the morning of Feb. 11, 2004 leaving home for her classes at Bushwick High School.
That same afternoon, her naked body was found inside two laundry bags, with marks on her wrist that indicated she’d been tied up, according to investigators.
She had suffered blunt-force trauma to her head, face and body. The Bushwick High School student also had ligature marks on her wrists and ankles suggesting that she had been tied up.
Thomas had suffered a horrendous experience, and had put up a brave fight for her life. Cause of death was ruled asphyxia by neck compression.
Her bravery enabled Thomas to speak from the grave. DNA found under the teenagers fingernails examined last summer by the NYPD’s Cold Case Squad and the District Attorney’s Forensic Science Unit was found to be a match with a convict in the Florida system, Kwauhuru Govan.
“Sharabia bravely fought for her life when she was attacked and the evidence that helped to find her alleged killer was discovered under her fingernails,” said Acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez.

rashwan-brazells-body-parts-were-found-in-the-nostrand-ave2Brazell’s body parts were found stuffed in bags in the Nostrand Ave. station

The suspect was behind bars in for an armed robbery in Florida, his DNA had been entered into the FBI’s national database following the 2014 arrest according to prosecutors and Florida correction records.
Govan who was in furious denial was charged and arraigned in the death of Thomas. “I been framed. I didn’t do this … you got the wrong person,” Govan hollered at his arraignment in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Nov. 17, 2016.
“Yes you did. Yes you did!” bellowed a relative from the gallery.
Govan who now resides in  Kissimmee, Florida  was reportedly arrested in Polk County in 2013 and 2014. He was serving 36 months for an armed robbery charge in a Florida prison when the DNA testing linked him to Thomas’ killing.

Rashawn Brazell's mom.pngDesire Brazell could be on her way to finding closure in the death of her son

Brazell’s mother, Desire said in an interview, last December she still hadn’t given up hope that her son’s killer would be caught.
“I know someone out there knows something and they’re not talking,” Desire Brazell said.
“It amazes me you can walk around every day knowing you know what you know and you’re not saying anything.”



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