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Caught on camera – prisoner tries to strangle a prison officer with a towel – before fellow inmates jump in and rescue the much-loved guard

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Convict Kiondre Zachery, was captured on security cameras strangling Deputy D. Hernandez, 31, at a Jail in Tampa, Florida
Inmate Zachery, 22,  tried to strangle the prison officer with a towel, before fellow inmates jumped in and rescued the much-loved guard
The unprovoked attack was on Dep. Hernandez, 31, was caught on CCTV at Falkenburg Road Jail in Florida on Tuesday
Guard struggled before he managed to break free from Zachery’s grasp
Kiondre Zachery who is serving time for burglary was charged with aggravated battery after the attack 
The inmate approaches the guard from behind and throws a towel around his neck.jpg
The inmate approaches the guard from behind and throws a towel around his neck
Stunning footage has emerged showing the moment a prison guard was randomly attacked by an inmate who appears to try and throttle him with a towel.

CCTV cameras captured the horrific unprovoked attack, in which Kiondre Zachery allegedly brutally assaulted respected guard Deputy D. Hernandez on Tuesday.
Zachery, 22, was charged with aggravated battery after the attack in Falkenburg Road Jail in Tampa, Florida.

The CCTV footage captured the inmate’s attempt on a guard’s life
The man puts his knee in the officer’s back in an apparent attempt to strangle him.jpgThe man puts his knee in the officer’s back in an apparent attempt to strangle him
The deputy is able to turn and twist out of the strangle hold.jpgThe deputy is seen trying to get out of the garrote

The footage shows the unsuspecting prison officer walking through Falkenburg Road Jail in Tampa, Florida. It starts off showing the inmates sitting around and socializing the prison wing’s common area, the then assailant walks into the shot.
Holding a towel, he calmly approaches the 31-year-old guard from behind, throwing it around the officer’s neck. But as he yanks the towel back, Hernandez is able to twist his way out of the choke hold and escape the strangler’s grip.
There were 72 other inmates in the room at the time – many of whom sprung into action to help the embattled guard. Eventually, with the help of several of the inmates, the deputy is able to subdue Zachary who is in prison for burglary, until help arrives.

the-other-inmates-jump-in-to-the-aid-of-the-guard-who-is-being-assaultedThe other inmates jump in to help the officer under attack
the-inmates-struggle-with-the-demented-attacker-to-free-guardThe inmates struggle with the demented attacker to free guard

Deputy Hernandez was filmed struggling with the inmate before he managed to escape from Zachery’s grasp.
Zachery then appeared to punch the guard before his fellow inmates jumped in and helped tackle him to the ground.

koindera-zacheryKoindre Zachery
They helped Deputy Hernandez hold him down until backup arrived.
Hillsborough County sheriff’s office said the guard suffered a twisted ankle, bruised knee and abrasions to his neck from the attack. authorities said he could have suffered far worse if it weren’t for the help of other prisoners.  He has been a guard at the prison for 10 months.
Zachery was in prison for burglary.
Other deputies arrive on the scene and take over.jpgOther deputies arrive on the scene and take over

According to  Fox 13 the prisoner has now been charged aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer and moved to an isolation cell.
The sheriff’s office said in a statement: “Due to the overall professionalism and respect that detention deputies display towards the inmates on a daily basis, the inmates came to the deputy’s aid preventing the deputy from being seriously injured.
“This incident highlights the extreme danger the men and women working at the Hillsborough County Department of Detention Services face every day.
“It also shows that most inmates know that the deputies inside the pods are not adversaries and are treated fairly and with respect.”


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