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Virginia police arrest 10 suspects in torture, murder of Maryland teen, some claim to have links to MS-13 gang and one was wearing ankle monitor during the ‘ritualistic’ gangland killing

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10 suspects aged 15 to 21, arrested in torture, murder of Virginia teen on Jan 8, 2017
Authorities said the suspects may have affiliations with notorious gang, MS-13
One suspect was wearing ankle monitor during the killing
Cindy Blanco Hernandez, 19,   Miranda Carcamo, 18, Jose Castillo Rivas, 18, and 21-year-old Wilmer Sanchez-Serrano, six  juveniles accused in ritualistic style execution of 15-year-old Damaris Reyes Rivas in Fairfax, Virginia
The gang of ten allegedly tricked Rivas into the woods, then killed her in retaliation for the slaying of 21-year-old Christian Sosa Rivas on New Year’s Eve in Prince William county, Va
The gang taped the killing which showed”the interrogation and taunting of the victim by several males
some of the interrogators were holding a knife and poking the victim with a knife
They also stabbed her with a large pointed log while she still exhibited signs of life
Five suspects, two young adults and three juveniles, are facing charges of murder, abduction and participation in gang  related activity
Another five suspects, two young adults and three juveniles were charged with abduction and participation in gang  related activity

Damaris A. Reyes Rivas3  

15-year-old Damaris Reyes Rivas was found tortured and killed by a group of 10 gang affiliated youngsters. It was reportedly, a revenge killing

The four adults have been identified as Cindy Blanco Hernandez, Aldair Miranda Carcamo and Jose Castillo Rivas, all 18, and 21-year-old Wilmer Sanchez-Serrano.
“Some of the videos depict the interrogators holding a knife, poking the victim with a knife and stabbing the victim with a large pointed log while the victim still exhibited signs of life,” according to the warrant obtained by NBC in Washington. “In one of the videos, the victim is lying supine on the ground surrounded by dead leaves and bleeding heavily from large wounds on different areas of her body.”
The recording is “date-stamped January 8, 2017” and includes “the interrogation and taunting of the victim by several males,” according to an affidavit obtained by Fox 5.
Authorities believe that Damaris Reyes Rivas was tricked by her killers, and then taken into the woods, according to the Washington Post. She was found dead near an industrial park.

Jose Castillo Rivas and Cindy Blanco Hernandez1.pngJose Castillo Rivas and Cindy Blanco Hernandez and eight others are accused of killing a 15-year-old girl in Virginia 

On January 8, a young girl from Gaithersburg, Maryland girl was tricked into the woods in Springfield, Fairfax county in neighboring Virginia by some males. Once there, they taunted 15-year-old Damaris A. Reyes Rivas, poked her with a knife and explained why they decided she would die. as they recorded the gruesome scene on their cell phones.
The execution squad included young members of MS-13, who said on the recordings that Reyes Rivas was being executed in retaliation for the killing of a gang member, Christian Alexander Sosa Rivas, in Prince William County roughly a week earlier.
After weeks of searching the body of Damaris A. Reyes Rivas, was discovered by police in the woods  in Springfield, Virginia  on Feb. 11.
Tuesday. police arrested 10 suspects accused of torturing and killing the 15-year-old girl. One of the suspects, Virginia authorities said, claims to be connected to the notorious MS-13 gang and was wearing a court-ordered electronic monitoring ankle bracelet at the time of the killing. More chilling is the manner of the ‘almost ritualistic’, sadistic killing which according to police was recorded on cellphone video. The four adult suspects and six juveniles, killed Rivas in retaliation for the slaying of 21-year-old Christian Sosa Rivas on New Year’s Eve, according to investigators. The two victims are not related,according to the Washington Post.
The ages of the 10 suspects range from 15 to 21, according to the newspaper. The video shows how they tortured the teen at length before taking her life.


Aldair Miranda Carcamo and Wilmer Sanchez-Serrano1At 21, Wilmer Sanchez-Serrano (Right) seen here with 18-year-old Aldair Miranda Carcamo is the oldest of the suspects in the gangland murder of Damaris Reyes Rivas

One of the juvenile suspects was wearing an ankle bracelet because he was on probation at the time. The suspect claimed to have ties to the MS-13 gang, according Fox 5. Several of the suspects in fact had links to the ruthless gang.
The teen had a prior conviction, and the Fairfax County Juvenile Court ordered him on Jan. 4 to wear the GPS monitor. Detectives wrote in a search warrant that they learned the GPS data placed the suspect at the locations “where the abduction and torture of the victim occurred.”
Reyes had been missing from her home in Gaithersburg, Maryland, for two months before she was found dead Feb. 11 in an industrial area of Fairfax County, Virginia.
The juvenile suspect was arrested Feb. 10 and charged with abduction and participation in a street gang. He admitted his role in the abduction, according to detectives.

Demaris Reyes Rivas1Damaris Reyes Rivas was targeted after the death of her gangbanger boyfriend by rivals. She was the victim of a revenge killing

A total of 10 people were charged in connection with the case.
Among them, five suspects, two young adults and three juveniles, are facing charges of murder, abduction and gang participation.
Another five suspects, two young adults and three juveniles were charged with abduction and gang participation.
The videos of Damaris’s killing were discovered roughly two days after her death, as police in Prince William investigated the MS-13-related slaying of 21-year-old Christian Sosa Rivas, whom Damaris Reyes Rivas’ mother had indicated that her daughter once dated. The two are not related. Six people have been charged in of Sosa Rivas whose body was discovered along the Potomac River in the Dumfries area in mid-January.  Court documents say that two women charged in Sosa Rivas’s killing used social media to lure him to the location where he was killed on or around New Year’s Eve. Authorities believe tha late gangbanger, may have been targeted by fellow MS-13 members because he was claiming to be the leader of a local faction. Damaris it has been alleged, was one of the last people to see him alive.
Damaris, Sosa Rivas’ 15-year-old ex-girlfriend  allegedly was lured to the meeting with her killers under the pretext of smoking pot on or around Jan. 8, but after arriving, she was seized from a car by two alleged MS-13 members and walked into the woods.
The video clips depict her interrogation and taunting by several males and at least one female, according to the search warrant, at one point, she was jabbed with a large pointed stick, detectives wrote in the search warrant.
A female juvenile who is charged with Damaris’s killing also had a relationship with Sosa Rivas, and in the videos a female juvenile questioned victim about her relationship with Sosa Rivas before slashing her with a knife.
Additionally, the search for Reyes Rivas turned up the remains of two other unidentified people in a park in Fairfax County on Thursday. Cops are looking into whether the possible homicides are linked to MS-13.

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