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Police search for killer after young Indianapolis woman, Jacqueline Watts, is found dead on a sandbar 120 miles from where two teen girls were murdered last month

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Indianapolis woman, Jacqueline Watts found dead, miles from where two Indiana school girls were killed last month
33-year-old Watts’ body, was found on a sandbar 120 miles from where teenagers, Abigail Williams  and Liberty German were killed, February 15
Jacqueline Watts who was supposed to meet her husband at home before flying out on a trip, was found dead on a sandbar Saturday after she went missing 
Her car was found abandoned near a wooded area hours after she was set to fly to Washington, D.C. 
She dropped her pet rabbit and dogs off at her parents’ home before the trip, but her car was found running in Columbus, Indiana on Friday with the flashers on
13-year-old Abigail Williams  and her friend Liberty German, 14,  were found dead on a riverbank near Monon High Bridge Trail which is 121 miles away from where Jacqueline Watts’s car was found

 A  Indianapolis woman, Jacqueline Watts, was found dead on a sandbar by Flatrock River Saturday morning.  Her car was found abandoned near a wooded area hours after she was set to fly to Washington, D.C. with her husband. After an all night search Watts’ body was found on a sandbank an hour after police started searching the area, around 8.30am on Saturday. They did not disclose where along the river her body was found. It is not clear how she died at this time.
33-year-old Watts’s dropped off her pet rabbit and dogs at her parents’ house before the trip. But she did not meet her husband at home before they were supposed to head to the airport Friday afternoon according to The Republic.
Her disappearance was considered ‘suspicious’.

Indiana police release audio of suspect in murders of Libby German and Abby Williams 

Jacqueline Watts4.jpg
Jacqueline Watts dropped off her pets with her parents, set to fly to DC. Just hours later, her car was found running with the emergency flashers on in Columbus, Indiana and she was declared missing.

Police found Watts’s car running with the passenger door open near a wooded area in Columbus, which is an hour drive outside Indianapolis. Her purse and cellphone were inside the vehicle and the emergency flashers were on.
Columbus Police searched the area near where her car was found and held a press conference Saturday morning. Officers looked over the area overnight and reached out to the Louisville Metropolitan police department to search with a helicopter.
The investigation is ongoing and the police spokesman urged the public to not jump to conclusions or post rumors on social media, apparently in reference to the unsubstantiated
rumor about a bloodied woman walking out of the woods.
This also may have been in reference to rumors surrounding the two teens who were found murdered along Deer Creek in Delphi, which is about an hour north of Indianapolis. Police confirmed there have not been any arrests in this case.

Liberty German and Abigail Williams were found near Monon High Bridge Trail which is 121 miles away from where Watts’s car was found on Riverside Drive in Columbus, according to Fox59.
Watts’s sister-in-law Jen Watts Barrie posted on Facebook the details about what Jacqueline was doing before she went missing. She wrote: ‘My sister in law, Jackie, has been missing since this afternoon. She and my brother were flying to DC tonight for a visit, and she didn’t come home to meet Michael and go to the airport.
‘She dropped their dogs off at my parents’ house and rabbit off at her parents’ house and no one heard from her afterward. Her car has been located in Columbus, IN, running, with her cell phone and purse inside and the passenger side door open.’
‘PLEASE PLEASE view her picture, jog your memories and ask others to take a look. Please pray and send good thoughts. We love her and need her home safe and sound.’
So far, police have not said if and how Watts death could be tied to the fate of the two Indiana schoolgirls who were found dead last month, over 100 miles away.

Liberty German and Williams and were killed last month. Insert is the photo of a person of interest taken by the teens and posted on Snapchat before they were killed. Their killer is still on the loose.

Abigail Williams, 13, and Liberty German, 14, went missing February 13 after going for a hike at 1pm near the Monon High Bridge along the Delphi Historic Trails.
German had last posted a Snapchat image on the bridge shortly afterwards, the last time they were known to be alive.
They were reported missing when they failed to meet up with a family member at a prearranged location.

Indiana killing area.jpg

Jacqueline Watts’ body was found on a sandbar 120 miles from where the teens and were killed last month. Her car was found abandoned near a wooded area hours after she was set to fly to Washington, D.C.

Their bodies were found on a riverbank on February 14 at 12.15pm around 60 feet from the creek, about three-quarters of a mile upstream from where they were last seen.
Liberty, 14, had taken the picture of the man suspected of the crime by police on her cell phone. She also recorded his voice where he is heard saying ‘Down the hill.’
The person who killed Abigail Williams and Liberty German has not yet been found.  However, police believe German recorded his voice


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