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Mum startles doctors and wakes up from seven-year coma; Danijela Kovacevic developed deadly blood poisoning during childbirth – wakes up to meet her daughter for the first time

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Mum who fell into 7-year coma after developing deadly blood poisoning during childbirth wakes up to meet her daughter for the first time
Danijela Kovacevic, 25,  had been in a vegetative state since giving birth to her daughter Marija in Serbia in 2009,  after a traumatic labor 
Seven years later Kovacevic has startled doctors by waking up from her comatose state
Saw her daughter 7-year-old Marija for the first time, and can now hold a tablet and pen in her hand as well as sit up and follow conversations 
She is doing specialist physical exercises and speech therapies that stimulate brain function
The young mother is the  longest survivor to wake up from that type of coma in the country
Family trying to raise $52,3oo for her continued medical rehabilitation
Danijela Kovacevic5Fighter: Danijela is the longest survivor of this type of coma in her country

Danijela Kovacevic gave birth to a baby girl in 2009 and went into a coma after contracting blood poisoning.
The 25-year-old, from Indjija, in Vojvodina province, northern Serbia, gave birth to her daughter Marija in the city of Novi Sad in 2009.
But the young mum ended up with blood poisoning from the inflammation, causing her to fall into a coma.

Danijela Kovacevic1
Danijela Kovacevic  recently emerged from her vegetative state to meet her daughter Marija, who is now seven years old
Danijela Kovacevic3Miracle mom Danijela was in a vegetative state for seven years with her eyes open

She has remaining in a vegetative state since then, with her eyes eerily open.
But she astounded doctors when she awoke from her seven-year slumber – making her the longest survivor of being in that type of coma in the country.
Heartwarming pictures show the young mum meeting her daughter for the very first time. Marija  is now seven years old and, in one particularly heart-warming image, is seen cuddling her mother who appears to gaze back in wonder.

Danijela seen before her near-death childbirth  7 years ago.jpgVivacious: Danijela Kovacevic  before the traumatic labor and life threatening childbirth
: Danijela's daughter, Marija, is seen looking puzzled by her mother's bedside.jpgWilled on to recovery by a daughter’s undying love: Marija kept vigil by her mother’s bedside until she woke up 

It comes after the youngster kept an almost-constant vigil by her parent’s bedside.
‘After school, Marija is close to her mama every day,’ a family friend says. ‘She comforts her, makes her laugh and does not give up the hope that she will touch her and embrace her.’

Now, doctors in a German rehabilitation clinic, based in Pforzheim, say she has advanced to the point where she can hold a tablet and pen in her hand, as well as sit up and follow conversations.
The progress is a result of extensive physical and speech therapy that stimulates brain cell function.
Doctors say she is slowly responding to treatment and can now hold a tablet and pen in her hand as well as sit up and follow conversations.
Serbia’s Republic Health Insurance Fund approved a three-month stay in the facility, but rejected further requests because ‘there is no adequate code of the disease’.
As a result, her family are trying to inspire donations from well-wishers who can alleviate the financial burden.
The family claim they needs a further $52,322 [£43,000] for the treatment to continue.

Danijela Kovacevic before child birth2
Teen with life ahead of her: Danijela’s ordeal began when she developed blood poisoning during childbirth

Her dad, Djordje Kovacevic, said: “These are minor recoveries, but Danijela is much better than before.
“She has put on weight, she is more aware and more alive. She reacts, smiles and also gets angry.”
In a rehabilitation centre in Germany, Danijela is doing specialist physical exercises and speech therapies that stimulate brain function.

Danijela Kovacevic4
Nearly a decade in a vegetative state did not rob the young mom of the will to live. She astounded doctors when she woke up from the seven-year coma

The family needs a further $52,300 [£43,000] for her treatment to continue.
Her dad said: “The recovery of three months is really short. A man who breaks an arm needs more than three months of recovery, imagine how much time my daughter needs.
“That is because you are teaching a kid to do certain things. She had very hard training.
“She walked 800 metres and that is a big achievement.”

Danijela Kovacevic7
Spunky: Danijela is now well underway in her specialist rehab in Germany 
Danijela Kovacevic8
Danijela’s family and friends are trying to raise money for her specialist treatment because the Serbian insurance does not cover the entire costs

Friends and family have started a collection for Danijela’s treatment, but he fears it will not be enough.
Mr Kovacevic said: “They organised a competition in taekwondo and all the money they gathered was for Danijela’s recovery. They gave us 10,000 euros (£8,700), but we need 50,000 more.”



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