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Schoolyard bullying turns violent as 14-year-old student in Brazil, is ‘strangled by three teen classmates’ just three days after starting at a new school

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Student, Marta Avelnhaneda Gonçalves, found dead between lessons at high school in Brazil, on Wednesday
Gonçalves had been in the school just three days
She was killed in the classroom  between lessons at the Luiz de Camões school, in Cachoeirinha, South Brazil
The 14-year-old schoolgirl,  was ‘strangled by three teen classmates’ after just three days at her new school
Cops say the ‘new girl’ was throttled after a fight broke out in the classroom in what was termed a violent case of bullying
The tragedMarta Gonclaves was killed between lessons at the Luiz de Camões school, in Cachoeirinha, South Brazil1.jpg
Marta attended the Luiz de Camões school, in Cachoeirinha, South Brazil for just three days before a gang of three bullies snuffed out her life

14-year-old Marta Avelnhaneda Gonçalves lasted just three days in her new high school before she was found dead at the Luiz de Camões school in South Brazil

Cops say a violent case of bullying between students at a school resulted in the shocking death of the seventh grader , in a classroom.
Three teenage pupils have been accused of strangling their new classmate when Gonçalves was found dead at Luiz de Camões school, after a fight erupted between three other students, two aged 12 and one aged 13.

Marta Goncalveswas buried on Friday in a pink coffin at a cemetary in her former home city, Porto Alegre1.jpgFuneral for Marta Goncalves last, Friday [pink coffin] in her former home city, Porto Alegre.

She said: “She was being given heart massage by one teacher, while another colleague gave mouth-to-mouth, and another rubbed alcohol over her fingers to try to revive her,” said Gelci Machado Rodrigues, a health worker who was called to the scene on Wednesday from a nearby health centre.
Describing the situation when she arrived at the classroom,  Rodrigues, said teachers were frantically trying to resuscitate the young girl: “[Marta] did not have any noticeable injuries to her head. She was lying on the floor, with a little bit of froth around her mouth.
“I believe she had already died by the time I got there. It was an awful and shocking situation.” A medical report released by police on Thursday cites the cause of death as ‘strangulation’.
Gonclaves was a new pupil at the state school which had opened for a new term just three days before. Her  family are said to be in a state of shock and demanding that the culprits be ‘brought to justice’.
Detective Leonel Baldasso, in charge of the case said: “We are [widening] our investigations to find out the motivation behind the fight and to see if there was any intention to kill [the victim].”
He added the three juvenile suspects, who had been taken in for questioning and later released, would be “charged with murder if there was a clear intention” behind their actions.
Baldasso added: “From the information I received from the coroner, [Marta] died of mechanical asphyxiation.”

Marta Avelnhaneda Gonçalves 1.jpg
In an extreme case of bullying, 14-year-old Marta Avelnhaneda Gonçalves was allegedly strangled by three other pupils in her school in Brazil, within three days of showing up at her new high school

He noted that “there appeared to be a lot of force” around her neck on the part of the perpetrator. There were indications that the teenage victim had been garroted because “Something had been tied around the victim’s neck,” he said.
According to reports, the fight happened during a break between lessons on Wednesday afternoon.
Baldasso said: “The three girls claimed in their first interview together that there had been an argument and the victim was pushed and hit her head and started convulsing.
“The three girls will now be heard separately to clarify the facts and we will be investigating social network stories circulating about the fight.”
He added medical findings had already determined no head injuries had been sustained during the supposed fall and a reconstruction of events was likely.
He suggested the possibility of a fourth person being involved in the attack.
The school’s head teacher, Fani Drehmer de Oliveira, said: “As the teacher was heading to the classroom where the incident happened, some pupils came and told me that a student had been injured.
“When we arrived, [Marta] was lying on the floor, unconscious and convulsing.”
Ms de Oliveira added she ‘couldn’t see any marks of aggression’ and learned about the fight later through social networks.
“When I asked what had happened a teacher told me that [the victim]) had fallen out of a chair. No one said anything about a fight until the news started circulating on social networks,” she revealed adding that the confusion around the what had occurred piled further pain on the grieving family.

Te Luiz de Camões high school posted a notice on its gates announcing classes were suspended for two days until Friday due to the death of a student 1.jpg
The high school posted a notice on its gates announcing the suspension of classes for two days, after the tragedy
Gelci Machado Rodrigues, the health worker who was summoned for assistance said everyone was in a state of panic when she arrived: “I was told a girl had fallen sick and fainted. When we arrived, several teachers were trying to resuscitate her.

Paramedics at the scene were said to be astounded and frustrated that they were unable to revive the injured girl. She was taken to the Padre Jeremias Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

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