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Ohio woman, Jennifer Hickman brutally bites husband during sex, threatens to ‘kill’ him

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Ohio dental hygienist, Jennifer Hickman,  brutally bites husband during sex, threatens to ‘kill’ him
Jennifer Rahe Hickman, 42, of Mason, Ohio, accused her husband of ‘using her’ while having sex in a hotel room
The couple were on vacation in Key West Florida
She then sank her teeth into his arm
She faces a charge of misdemeanor battery
Jennifer Rahe Hickman1Jennifer Rahe Hickman, a dental hygienist was arrested for allegedly biting her husband during sex while on vacation, making him cry
An Ohio dental hygienist Jennifer Rahe Hickman drew blood while having sex on vacation with her husband.
The 42-year-old reportedly bit her husband, whose name remains unidentified, in a vicious attack while the couple was having sex inside a Key West Florida hotel room.
According to the police report, an employee at the Southernmost Beach Resort heard disturbing noises coming from their room, when she phoned up and received an answer from the sobbing man, insisting “everything was fine.”
The employee then informed police of the suspicious matter.
When officer Daniel Blanco arrived, the man told him that Rahe, in a drunken rage, accused him of “using her” while they were getting busy between the sheets, just before sinking her teeth into him.
According to Local 10 News, the woman suggested several times she wanted to “kill” her husband in front of the officer.
Hickman was arrested at the hotel. She faces a single charge of misdemeanor battery.

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