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Who failed the victim? ‘Cannibal’ killer Matthew Williams’, ate victim Cerys Yemm’s eyeball; she had bite marks across her body, eye ripped out and ears mutilated-who let schizophrenic out unsupervised without medication?

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Cerys Yemm, 22, died after drug-crazed Matthew Williams butchered her in a room at a half way house, on Nov 6, 2014
The  landlady Mandy Miles found ‘Cannibal’ killer Matthew Williams’ dripping with blood in the darkness after chewing on the face of the young shop worker.
Cops said Yemm had an eyeball torn out, bite marks across her body and ears mutilated
Williams, 34,  suffered from schizophrenia and had been released from prison two weeks before he killed Yemm
The suspect died after being tasered by the cops at the crime scen
Matthew Williams1.jpg
Matthew Williams was released from jail just two weeks before he killed Cerys Yemm
It has been established that ex-con Matthew Williams was the alleged “cannibal” killer who is said to have stabbed 22-year-old Cerys Yemm to death with a screwdriver whilst “eating her face” in a hotel room, on November 6 2014.
Another fact established at the inquest is that Williams, 34,  suffered from schizophrenia and had been released from prison without supervision or medication, two weeks prior.
The mentally ill man  was staying at the Sirhowy Arms Hotel, a halfway house hostel near Argoed in Caerphilly, South Wales, on the night of the killing, the court was told.
His mother Sally Ann Williams told jurors her son received no help for his mental health problems before his release from prison and that he was diagnosed with drug-induced schizophrenia. She told the court that after her son’s release from prison: “There was no mental health support whatsoever.
“He told me he’d been released without any medication.”
She added: “He told me he wasn’t right in the head.”
The nature of Williams’ previous conviction has not yet been heard at the inquest.
Williams, who was a heavy drug user, had spent time in a young offenders’ institute aged 15, the jury heard.
Victim Cerys Yemm 2.jpgVictim of a “cannibal” killer Cerys Yemm was found covered in blood after the horrific attack

He met Cerys Yemm, 22, two weeks before he killed her in a drug-fuelled frenzy in November 2014, the inquest heard.
At the inquest the medical examiner revealed 89 separate injuries on shop worker’s body including wounds on face which severed arteries.

Matthew Williams 2.jpg
sources close to the investigation said Cerys Yemm was killed by Williams [photo], after he binged on drink and drugs

On Wednesday, Medical Examiner Richard Jones testified that he conducted the post-mortem on Yemm and found 24 separate “areas” of injury which included “at least” 89 separate injuries that he could count.
“The injuries were either blunt force bruises or grazes or they were sharp force, which is essentially cutting, or a mixture of the two, and then there were three or four injuries which were a special sort of injury, which is a bite mark,” Jones said.
According to Jones, the victim suffered injuries to the eyes, including the removal of the left eye, nose, ears and mouth, with the injuries to the mouth being the most severe.
According to the ME, the injuries to the mouth resulted in both of the facial arteries being severed, which would have caused rapid loss of blood and consciousness.
A puncture of the left jugular vein would have contributed to the blood loss, he added.
He ruled the cause of death to be sharp force trauma to the head and neck, causing external and internal blood loss.
X-rayed of the body in search of metal fragments such as the tip of a knife, did not yield any evidence that a screwdriver had been used in the attack, as was reported to police by the hotel owner, Mandy Miles.

Victim Cerys Yemm1.jpgMathew Williams who suffered from drug-induced schizophrenia killed reportedly Cerys Yemm [photo], two weeks after he was released from prison without adequate supervision or medication
Forensics officers examine in the room where Williams butchered Cerys Yemm.jpgForensics investigators examine the room where Williams savagely attacked  Cerys Yemm in November 2014
landlady Mandy Miles told an inquest she saw the killer crouching over the victim apparently chewing on her face.jpg
Roused by the banging, hotel owner Mandy Miles allegedly, found a bloodbath when she unlocked the door and saw drug-crazed Williams brutalizing Yemm in his room 

Hotel owner, Mandy Miles had testified earlier at the inquest that Williams appeared to be chewing on his victim’s face. However ‘forensic evidence’ at the inquest has cast doubts on claims of he was not performing an act of cannibalism, according to the defense.
Under cross examination by Alison Hewitt, attorney for the coroner office, the ME could not confirm the claims of cannibalism by the killer.
Jones admitted that no parts of the victim’s body were missing and said he had “no evidence” of her body parts being eaten.

Police investigators at the  Sirhowy Arms Hotel where Williams was staying after his prison release.jpgPolice activity at the crime scene at the  Sirhowy Arms Hotel where Williams was staying after his prison release. on Nov 6, 2014
Police investigators at the  Sirhowy Arms Hotel where Williams was staying after his prison release3.jpgRecently released ex-con Mathew Williams had stayed just two weeks at the Sirhowy Arms Hotel in Argoed,  before the killing

Williams was released from prison two weeks before the incident at Sirhowy Arms Hotel in Argoed, Blackwood, South Wales in the early hours of November 6 2014.He was Tasered between the eyes and arrested by police when they arrived. Shortly afterwards, he stopped breathing and was pronounced dead in an ambulance outside the hotel.




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