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Women gone wild! Tourist drinks herself to death – Summa Simmonds died after drinking ‘Twenty seven glasses of vodka in three hours’ during luxury vacation in Bali

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‘What a way for a young mum to go – alcohol poisoning!’

Australian tourist died after drinking ‘Twenty seven glasses of vodka in three hours’ while on luxury Indonesian holiday
Summa Simmonds, 38, died in Bali during a vacation with two female friends, Sunday morning
The mother-of-five drank 21 glasses of vodka with her friends, then another 6 glasses a short while later
Simmonds went back to her luxury villa at the Peppers complex but collapsed outside her suite 
She died shortly later, despite attempts to revive her
Summa Simmonds3.jpg
Summa Simmonds died in Bali on holiday with two of her friends after a night binge-drinking vodka

Summa Simmonds, 38, collapsed and turned blue after binge-drinking with friends at their luxury villa, police said

AN Australian mum who collapsed and died after reportedly downing 27 glasses of vodka during a holiday with pals in Bali was a “beautiful soul”.
Summa Simmonds, 38, was staying in a luxury villa complex on the Indonesian island with two friends who desperately tried to save her after she collapsed in the early hours of Sunday morning.
Police said Summa who was named by  started vomiting and fainted, with her pulse becoming weak and her face and lips turning blue.
Now pals in Australia have shared their grief online, saying they were “numb with shock” and paying tribute to the “angel”.
Christina Munce wrote: “Such a beautiful soul, sending my heart felt condolences to the Mannings… God speed to get this angel home.”

Summa Simmonds2
Binge drinking victim Summa Simmonds, with three of her five her children

Sue Dixon said: “I’m so numb, can’t believe that a beautiful soul has been taken away so soon.
“Love to the whole family, we are thinking of you all in this time of shock and grief.”
Friends tried to resuscitate her, and a doctor was called at around 12.13am but the woman died by the time emergency services arrived.
Friends tried to resuscitate Summa after she collapsed but she died before emergency services arrived.
Local police said they had not yet confirmed why Summa, from Cairns, North Queensland, died, but they suspect she had alcohol poisoning.
They said she drank 21 glasses of vodka with friends, aged 46 and 20,  at their villa at around 9pm, followed by another six glasses later that evening.

Seminyak in Bali3Seminyak in Bali, where the vacationing Simmonds tragically died after drinking with friends. Simmonds collapsed outside her luxury villa, early Sunday and never recovered

North Kuta police chief Pius Pebri Aceng Loda said there were no signs of violence and officers were waiting for a post-mortem to confirm the cause of death.
Loda said there was no indication of methanol poisoning, which normally results from drinking locally-produced arak spirit which has killed tourists in the past.

Summa Simmonds1Summa Simmonds [left], died during a stay at the luxury Peppers Seminyak complex with two friendsAndi Doherty1.jpgLast November, 30-year-old Andi Doherty, downed a litre of vodka in just EIGHT seconds in the extreme alcohol stunt and uploaded the footage to his YouTube channel. He became violently sick.

Summa reportedly headed to her own villa at the Peppers Seminyak complex to get some money as she was planning to go out, but collapsed.
North Kuta police crime section chief Ika Prabawa said police were still investigating the cause of death.
He said: “We are still investigating. Based on witnesses she drank vodka and when she came back to her villa she fainted and died.”
Chief Prabawa said investigators had examined the victim’s villa, as well as her friend’s villa where she was drinking, and found empty vodka bottles.
The medical examiner’s office is waiting for the family’s approval to carry out an autopsy to determine the final cause of death.

Seminyak in Bali2.jpgSimmonds allegedly,  collapsed outside her villa at the Peppers complex and died shortly later, early Sunday
Energy drinks like Red Bull mask the effects of tiredness and can lead to injury, research suggests.jpgJaegerbombs could kill you: Research suggests energy drinks like Red Bull mask the effects of tiredness and can lead to injury

Just a week ago, health experts warned those who binge on vodka Red Bull or Jaegerbombs were at greater risk as the caffeinated mixers mask the effect of booze.  Bingeing on vodka Red Bull or Jagerbombs ‘as bad as taking cocaine’ because it masks tiredness, experts warn.
In November, a reckless dad filmed himself downing a litre of vodka in just EIGHT seconds, before being violently sick.

Seminyak in Bali is a popular destination destination in IndonesiaSeminyak in Bali is a popular tourist destination in Indonesia

Peppers Seminyak, where the death occurred, advertises itself as having private villas which are “luxurious, chic and elegantly decorated”.
Prices for one bedroom studio villas begin at $181 per night up to $501 per night for two bedroom pool villas.


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