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Cheating woman’s boyfriends trick her major league, as the guys set up their two-timing girlfriend with a ‘fake proposal’ party – attended by both guys!

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‘You had TWO good men! You f***ed it up!’
Cheating woman is double-teamed by both boyfriends
Two guys set up fake proposal and confront their mutual girlfriend with her transgressions
In a pair of videos that recently appeared online, a young woman looks giddy as her boyfriend surprises her with an engagement ring 
As he dropped on one knee, she eagerly anticipated the spectacle of a romantic proposal from her man
Fingers outstretched smiling coyly, joy  turned to shock and embarrassment when her other boyfriend suddenly arrives and gives her a piece of his mind
The door opens and in walks her other man,  initially she doesn’t react, still apparently excited about the proposal she believed was coming
She realizes she’s caught in a bear trap and hurriedly makes her exit from the restaurant as the guys fuss at her

When a man discovered that his girlfriend was cheating on him with another man, instead of simply walking away, he exacted his revenge.
In a pair of videos, the wronged boyfriend is seen having enlisted the help of his girlfriend’s other man in a fake proposal that would leave the cheating woman red-faced.
The prank began with the first man seemingly surprising his girlfriend at her work, which appears to be at a large sports bar and restaurant.

In the video, as he approaches her behind a desk in a white T-shirt, she looks pleased to see him and comes out front.
The soon-to-be exes hug and have a chat before he springs a surprise on her, and lowers down to one knee.
All of the woman’s co-workers coo and cheer and exclaim ‘oh my god!’ but the man filming the encounter wryly suggests that something will happen ‘when he grab her hand.’
As the woman raises her hands to her face in shock and delight, the man appears to be looking around nervously.

The woman initially believed that she was getting a romantic proposal from her boyfriend and she is acting coy and smiling behind her hand in anticipation and the gathering crowd also wait eagerly for the scene to break
 Shock proposal 7.png
One party is thinking he’s about to put a ring on it. The other is looking around and wondering where is my co-conspirator?

He is down on bended knees, then hesitates and pans the people around him like he was waiting for a cue. The video shows the now nervous guy clearly looking like the time wasn’t quite right – he may have got the timing wrong on the prank.

He shimmies and feints, stalling for time, he holds out the ring box and begins talking to the woman, who is obviously ready to say yes to his proposal.
Finally, the door opens and in walks her other man. He approaches the pair of them and she initially doesn’t seem to react,she probably was praying to get her proposal through before the ill-timed arrival figures out what is happening and blows her game. So it’s all eyes on the ball and she excitedly anticipates the proposal she believed was coming.

Shock proposal6.png
And the flustered loverat slinks away

But then the other man reveals the game, he shouts at her: ‘You had two good men! Two good f***ing men! You f***ed it up!’
Another man off screen tells him to ‘relax, man’ as he is ready to unleash more of his anger. The woman, mortified after being yelled at, cuts and flees the building.

 Shock proposal 4.png
One last word as she glares at them from the door, the st shuts down and the guys reminisce on the events and explain to onlookers why it had to be done

Furious, the woman backs away, turns and then runs out the door while the first man shouts after her: ‘You see how you played me?’
After she disappeared, the men reveal that she had been secretly seeing both of them for months and that one of them claimed to have even bought her a car.


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