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Cops raid London home hours after Whitehall ‘terrorist’ with ‘bag of knives’ was taken down in Westminster, Four arrested, female suspect shot – Authorities reveal suspect’s family ‘tipped them off’

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Earlier today police in London arrested a bearded man wearing black clothing and trainers, close to Parliament and Whitehall
The Whitehall terror suspect who had a backpack full of knives was taken down by armed cops in Westminster after they were ‘tipped off by his family’ 
Suspect is currently being questioned by police on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon and on suspicion of the commission, preparation and instigation of acts of terrorism
The 27-year-old was reportedly known to police
In the evening raid a 20-year-old man was arrested near to the address in Willesden, North West London
A second  male aged 16 and a woman aged 20 were arrested at the address 
A 43-year-old woman was arrested in Kent a short while later
All four are being held on suspicion of the commission, preparation and instigation of terrorist acts
Cops swoop to arrest a terror suspect on Whitehall today1
Cops arrest a terror suspect on Whitehall today just weeks after London terror attack which left five dead

A few hours after dramatic pictures emerged showing security officers  detaining a 27-year-old armed with large knives following a stop and search as part of an ongoing operation at Whitehall, UK’s seat of government, metro police raided a London home leading to a woman has been shot and four people arrested.
Police have said the raid is not connected to the man with a “bag of knives” taken down in apprehended today in Whitehall, but the suspects had been under observation by counter terror officers

In the earlier incident a terror suspect carrying a “bag of knives” was taken down by armed cops in Whitehall after they were reportedly “tipped off by his family”.
Officers swooped on the smirking suspect, believed to be from London, outside Parliament buildings in Westminster, just a few yards from where five people were killed in a terror attack just over a month ago.

A backpack, that reportedly held several knives, was removed from the scene following the arrestThe suspect’s backpack, reportedly held several knives
This is the moment cops arrested a 'knifeman' on Parliament Street weeks after the Westminster terror attack.jpgPolice swarm around a terror suspect arrested near Whitehall, in the British capital today, just weeks after London terror attack near the same spot

In today’s evening raid, armed police were seen pointing guns at the top floor of a property in Willesden, North West London, before shots rung out.
When the raid was over a woman in her 20s  had been shot. She is under police guard in hospital in a serious but stable condition.
Forensic officers removed property from the building, with the Met confirming that coordinated searches are taking place at linked properties across the capital.
Those arrested include a 20-year-old man apprehended near to the address. A male aged 16 and a woman aged 20 were arrested at the address while a 43-year-old woman was arrested in Kent a short while later.
All four are being held on suspicion of the commission, preparation and instigation of terrorist acts.

The rucksack and knives left in Whitehall after armed officers swooped on a terror suspect.jpgPolice tag and document knives sprawled onto the floor next to an open brown backpack before bagging them
Aerial video of scene at Whitehall in Westminster where police arrested man ‘with knives’

Dramatic pictures show cops wrestling the suspect to the ground as three large knives and a discarded rucksack lay sprawled on the floor next to him.
Security sources said the bearded suspect was detained at gunpoint “during a stop and search as part of an ongoing operation,” following a tip off by the man’s family.
UK Police Identify London Attacker As 52-Year-Old Khalid Masood, British-born father-of-three with criminal record
It has been reported he was known to security services and they had him under surveillance. While the arrest was being effected, Whitehall and Westminster were thrown into lockdown at 2.45pm local time.
The latest terror fright is coming just a month after ISIS-inspired lone-wolf killer Khalid Masood launched his deadly vehicular and knife attack against civilian and law enforcement targets.

Armed cops swooped on the property with a woman shot as suspects were apprehended.jpg
Police raided a London home this evening, and arrested more terror suspects
Khalid a 52-year-old Muslim convert killed five innocent people when he mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before stabbing hero cop PC Keith Palmer to death.

Images from this afternoon’s incident show gun cops arresting the suspect – a bearded man wearing black clothing and trainers – close to the junction of Parliament Street and Westminster Bridge Road.

The 27-year-old was reportedly known to police.jpgCops arrested this man who was carrying a backpack  ‘with knives’ near Houses of Parliament in Whitehall, this afternoon and placed Westminster on lockdown
The terror suspect today was arrested on suspicion of possessing an offensive weapon and preparing acts of terrorism, he is now being held under the terrorism act at a south London police station.

 After the man was detained, forensic officers in full protective gear were seen photographing evidence at the scene – including a brown rucksack featuring the Union Jack flag and the word “London” as well as three knives.
One of the weapons appeared to be a bread knife, according to witnesses.
A discarded mobile phone was also reportedly found at the scene.
Shocked eyewitnesses said the area was immediately put on lockdown with roads shut and pavements cordoned off.

Cops sealed off the area in Willesden North London, as they swooped at about 7pm.jpg
Armed cops swooped on this London home where a woman was shot as suspects were apprehended

The scene is close to Britain’s finance ministry and Prime Minister Theresa May’s official residence, who in an interview said: “I am aware that an individual has been arrested in Whitehall today and that that individual has been arrested on the basis of a terrorism charge.
“Obviously I can’t say much more about it because it is an ongoing police investigation.
“But I think it shows that our police and our intelligence and security services are on the alert as they always are – looking to keep us safe and secure.
“We owe a huge debt of gratitude to these people.
“Many of whom are unseen, unheard, yet the job they do, day in, day out to keep us secure is an important one and we should thank them for it.”
A spokesman for the PM said that she was not at her Downing Street residence at the time of the incident.
They added: “It is an ongoing police operation and we are monitoring it.”

ts believed the raid is related to the arrest of a terror suspect in Westminster today.jpg
In what police describes as an unrelated operation, armed security officers raided an address in Willesden, North London, following the arrest of a man  outside parliament today
Armed plain clothes police raid an address in Willesden, North London, after a man was arrested outside parliament today2.jpgForensic officers  remove materials from the scene of the London raid
Witnesses described the terror suspect as “calm” – adding he did not shout during the arrest.
One witness, Luke William, said: “Armed police in Westminster holding a man with a backpack with what appears to be knives falling out on the floor. Stay safe.”
A French tourist visiting London with her daughter said:” We just saw the man arrested.
“He was very calm. I think they got him on the ground, then they stood him up against the wall.

Cops swoop to arrest a terror suspect on Whitehall today2.jpg
Intense police activity as they arrest a ‘knifeman’ near the British House of Parliament Street weeks after the Westminster terror attack that left five people dead
The shooting of a female suspect during the operation has been reported to watchdogs.jpg
Later in the evening armed police swooped on the property with a woman shot as four suspects were apprehended

“We didn’t stay here, we just moved because I was a bit afraid because of my daughter.”
Ian Grant, who was just yards away from where the 27-year-old suspect was arrested, said: “An armed cop with a rifle came passed me, I thought it was just a drill at first.
“Then he shouted ‘Armed police, stop’ and they got this guy down in the ground.
“When they shouted at him he didn’t resist or say a word, he just put his hands up and stopped.
“Then they got the cuffs on him in the central reservation.
“Loads of people had stopped and were watching what was going on.
“First there was one, then two police officers, then they all came from nowhere like a swarm of bees.
“There was about a dozen cop cars.”
Scotland Yard confirmed no one had been injured in the incident.

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