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Texas kindergarten teacher, Heather Lee Robertson,admits to having sex with four high school students – two at the same time

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‘Alcohol made me have the threesome with students’

Former kindergarten teacher admits to having sex with four high school students – two at the same time
Heather Lee Robertson was arrested Saturday in Lufkin, Texas
Robertson, 38,  is charged with four counts of improper relationship between educator and student,
Robertson admitted to having sex with the students, claimed she’d descended  into alcoholism recently and couldn’t remember details
Resigned from school district, currently in Angelina County Jail, bond is set at $200,000  
Faces four counts of improper relationship between educator and student.
Could get up to 20 years in prison. if convicted
Heather Lee Robertson1Former teacher Heather Lee Robertson of Lufkin, Texas has admitted to all four counts of improper relationship with four boys

A former Hudson ISD kindergarten teacher arrested Saturday admits to having sex with four high school students – two at the same time – according to local reports.
Heather Lee Robertson, 38, of Lufkin, is charged with four counts of improper relationship between educator and student. The arrest affidavit obtained by KTRE-TV. says that the former teacher admitted to having sex with the students.
Hudson police kicked off their investigation a week ago when they received information Robertson had possibly been sexually active with several local high school students.
According to the affidavit, a Hudson independent school district police officer began investigating the case on April 20, after receiving information about inappropriate relationships between a teacher and several high school students.

Hudson High school.png
The teens were students of local Hudson High school

The Hudson ISD police received a list of possible students involved with Robertson and began questioning each of them.
One student told police said he had been sexually involved with Roberson for the past few weeks. He said he started chatting and sexting with Robertson through Snapchat shortly after spring break and Robertson asked him to come to her apartment, so they could have sex. He said he was with a friend, another student, and Robertson said it was okay for the friend to come along.
She then welcomed both of the boys to her apartment.He said Robertson picked him and his friend up late at night, then took them to her apartment and had sex with them, the warrant stated
At the apartment, she told the boys to follow her to her bedroom, where she began taking off her clothes before having sex with both students at the same time, according to the Lufkin Daily News.

Heather Robertson affidavit2.png
The contents of the arrest warrant was pretty much corroborated by the teens and Heather Robertson

The first teen said he and the teacher had sex on two or three other occasions.
The second student involved in the incident admitted to the encounter as well, he told police he had sex with Robertson twice but could not remember the dates.
Investigators later spoke to two other students, who said they had sex with Robertson on a few occasions. They said they would sneak out of their houses and Robertson would pick them up and take them back to her apartment to have sex and then take them back home.
Confronted by police Robertson, admitted to the allegations, according to the affidavit. She said she had recently become a heavy drinker and would sometimes not recall details of the encounters.

Heather Robertson affidavit3.png
In her response Robertson admitted multiple sexual encounters with four local teens

During the interview with police, Robertson admitted to picking the boys up and taking them to her apartment, where they had sex, and that she had sex with one of the students four times, according to the warrant.
She also admitted to having sex with the two students at the same time, but said it was the only time she was sexually involved with those boys.
Her sexcapades with juveniles she said,  first occurred in late 2016, and lasted through April 14.
She added that she didn’t “require” any of the teens to wear condoms because she is no longer able to have children, the police affidavit says.
Police arrested Robertson last Saturday after pulling her over while she was driving. Robertson faces four counts of improper relationship between educator and student.
The maximum penalty for the charges is 20 years in prison.
KTRE-TV reports that She is currently in Angelina County Jail on a $200,000 bond.
The embattled teacher has resigned her appointment with the local school district.
“We acted immediately and began our investigation,” School district superintendent Mary Ann Whiteker said in a statement: “We pursued with the correct protocol we have to follow,” Whiteker added.
Addressing the teacher’s job status, the superintendent noted that Robertson has resigned.
The resignation “has been submitted through the appropriate legal channels,” Whiteker said. “Our investigation has been finalized.”
Robertson who appears to have no additional criminal record, was arrested in March on a drunk-driving charge.

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