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Texas police officer shoots into car full of unarmed teen boys fleeing trouble at a raucous house party, kills 15-year-old high school freshman, Jordan Edwards

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Texas police officer kills teen boy from fleeing chaotic weekend house party in the Balch Spring of suburb of Dallas, Texas 
Jordan Edwards, 15, a high school freshman, was shot and killed when a police officer fired at their vehicles, around 11 p.m, Saturday
The boys’ attorney claims the five boys were unarmed and none of them had been drinking before the shooting
These boys are  “never going to be the same,” defense attorney, Lee Merritt
Jordan Edwards.png
High school freshman Jordan Edwards was a straight A student and a star athlete
A police officer in a Dallas suburb shot at a car full of teenagers, killing a 15-year-old passenger while investigating a raucous house party near Dallas, police said on Sunday.
At least one bullet shattered the car window and fatally struck the front seat passenger. He was rushed to a nearby hospital but did not survive.
Lee Merritt, a lawyer representing the victim’s family, identified the slain teen as Jordan Edwards, a straight-A freshman at Mesquite High School.

Jordan Edwards1
Jordan Edwards, 15, leaving a house party in a car when he was shot and killed after a cop fired at the vehicle in Balch Springs, Tex. on Saturday

He said Jordan’s 16-year-old brother was behind the wheel. The five boys fled the house party after hearing gunshots, only to be confronted by a police officer shouting on a street.
“They heard someone on the passenger side yelling profanities,” said Merritt after speaking with the four witnesses.
Merritt said the teens heard more gunshots and bolted inside the vehicle, not realizing another round of bullets came from the officer and that their pal had been shot in the head.
The teenagers stopped within a block of the party to flag down an emergency vehicle after realizing Jordan was mortally wounded.
“They’re never going to be the same,” Merritt said early Monday.
The moments leading up to the deadly shooting are unclear.
A 911 caller complained of noise at the home and police later said there was reports of underaged drinking.

Balch springs Police Chief Haber.png
Balch Springs police Chief Jonathan Haber said the police department has place the officer involved on paid administrative leave and will be conducting an internal inquiry

Addressing the incident, Balch Springs police Chief Jonathan Haber said officers heard gunshots as they were responding to the call of drunken teens about 11 p.m. in the 12300 block of Baron Drive,  before a vehicle began driving toward them in “an aggressive manner.”
Police report that there was an “unknown altercation with a vehicle.”
No officers were wounded in the violent encounter.

Chris Cano Sr and Chris Cano Jr.png
Teammate and friend Chris Cano Jr, [seen right] with his dad, Chris Cano said Jordan “Best running back I ever played with, and I’ll never forget him.”
“I still can’t believe it. I want to see his smile again.”

Chief Haber was unable to clarify if any weapons were found in the vehicle, according to the Dallas Morning News, while offering his condolences to the slain teen’s family: “On behalf of the entire Balch Springs Police Department, and the city of Balch Springs we express our deep, sincere condolences to the family,” he said. “We will continue to reach out to the parents and keep them informed as we move forward from this point.”
The officer who fired the fatal shots was placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation and has not been identified or charged in the shooting.

Lee Merritt1.png
The teen’s attorney, Lee Merrit, [photo], said police account of events is inaccurate

The boys’ attorney, Lee Merritt,  claims Jordan was unarmed and none of the five boys had been drinking before the shooting. He challenged the police account that the vehicle Jordan was riding in was driving aggressively. It “will not hold water when the facts come out,” he said.
For their part the teen’s parents are calling for justice and asking for the officer involved, to be arrested and charged. The officer has not been identified.
The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office and the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department have taken over the criminal investigation.

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