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John Deshaies, victim’s ‘Best friend’ held in murder of Canadian woman, Francesca Matus and her American boyfriend in Belize

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Suspect accused of killing Canadian woman and her American boyfriend in Belize was victim’s ‘best friend,’ her friends say
52-year-old Canadian business woman Francesca Matus and boyfriend Drew DeVoursney, a former Marine from Georgia, were found dead Monday in Belize
They were missing for a week before their bodies were found in a sugarcane field, wrists bound with duct tape,  dead by strangulation
Authorities in Belize say Canadian expatriate John Deshaies, 54, is the prime suspect in the killings
John Deshaies1.jpgVictim’s ‘best friend’ John Deshaies, [photo], is the prime suspect in the killing of Canadian businesswoman Francesca Matus and her American boyfriend
 Fellow Canadian expatriate John Deshaies is in custody in the Central American country of Belize, for the double murder of Francesca Matus and her American boyfriend was her “best friend,” a pal of the suspected killer claims.
Authorities in Belize have named 54-year-old John Deshaies as the prime suspect after Matus and boyfriend Drew DeVoursney, a former U.S. Marine from Georgia, were found dead Monday in the Central American country.
However, a friend of Deshaies said police have the wrong man in custody and the Canadian construction company owner would never harm Matus.
It’s a terrible misunderstanding,” the friend told the Toronto Sun. “Francesca was his best friend. He’s a really good guy.”
Police in Belize detain suspects in brutal double murder of Atlanta man and his Canadian girlfriend after their bound, strangled bodies were found in cane fieldThe friend, who did not want to be identified, said officers targeted Deshaies because he disappeared shortly after the Canadian real estate investor and DeVoursney went missing.

Francesca Matus and Drew DeVoursney1Canadian real estate investor, Francesca Matus and boyfriend Drew DeVoursney were found dead in a Belizean sugarcane field, bound and strangled

However, local law enforcement started to focus on Deshaies, who lived in the lower half of Matus’ home in Belize, following a theft at a Placenia casino.
“Belize is a very corrupt country,” the friend said. “I think they’re actually keeping him in jail for his own safety. They want it to seem like it’s a Canadian or American problem rather than a Belizean one.”

Drew DeVoursney and Francesca Matus2Former US Marine Drew DeVoursney was killed in Belize along with Canadian girlfriend Francesca Matus. The pair had been dating a few months

Belizean authorities remain convinced the murders were an extension of a quarrel within the expatriate community that went too far.
“We have one person we believe can assist us in our investigation,” was all police Sr. Superintendent Dennis Arnold said addressing the media.
Matus, 52, split her time living in Canada and Belize and was a popular figure among the ex-pat community of 300 strong that gathered at a local watering hole for gossip and fun.
The last time she and DeVoursney, 36, were seen alive was at Scotty’s Bar and Grill in Corozal.
The couple, who had only been dating for a few months, were found dead in a field near the village of Chan Chen a week after they disappeared.
Sources said marks on the bodies indicate that Matus and DeVoursney had been strangled.
A second suspect was taken into custody Wednesday, but their identity has not been released.


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