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All-American track and field star, Baillie Gibson, says ‘My coach blackmailed me into sex, [then]threatened to kill me’ when I wanted to expose him

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Track and Field star Baillie Gibson, 25 said Univ of Arizona coach Craig Carter, 49, blackmailed her into sex, then threatened her The sex and blackmail saga started for the 20-year-old sophomore in 2012
Gibson said 6′ 7” Carter, who weighed 270lbs choked her and threatened her with blackmail, violence and death when she tried expose the abuse
The former olympic aspirant said her college coach attacked  brandishing a box cutter when she confronted him on Apr 20, 2015
He “ was choking me but I was like, I felt my head was like filling with blood… I couldn’t breathe and then he like let go”
Carter who has not denied the incident occurred, justifies his actions  – “I never touched her in my life, until that day…  she got in my face and was pushing me, saying, ‘Hit me! Hit me! Hit me!’”
He resigned from the school weeks after he was arrested on charges of domestic violence, aggravated assault and related crimes.
Carter who has filed a countersuit denies sexually assaulting and blackmailing Gibson, he said the sex was consensual and Gibson, in fact, initiated the encounter
Criminal trial starts Aug 1, Carter faces up to 29 ½ years in prison if convicted
Baillie Gibson6.pngBaillie Gibson said “He [Carter] took away my life. He took away my college years. He took everything away from me.”

University of Arizona standout, Gibson, a two-time All-American track and field star said her Olympic dreams were dashed after nearly three years of being dominated by her coach who she claims blackmailed her into a sexual relationship with explicit photos.
However, when she summoned courage to tell Carter, a touted family values Mormon,  that only his threats to expose her as a “whore” were the only reason they were ever together., he went off on her and attacked her physically.

Coach Craig Carter2.png
Gibson says she confronted her coach, Craig Carter, on April 2015 as her time as the University of Arizona was coming to a close.
She later told police the ensuing attack left her feeling like her head was “filling with blood” as Carter threatened her with a box cutter.
in an interview with ESPN, Gibson narrates the report she filed with police on May, 2015. She said carter went berserk, “he grabbed my shirt and I pulled and then he pulled the front end like where my bra and like upper shirt was, pulled it and then like put me on the couch.” Gibson later told police “ [he] Put his hands around my neck, or his hand around my neck and then the razor blade was in his right hand because he was facing me, but in his right hand and he said, ‘I should just cut your face up and cut your eyes so that no one can see those pretty eyes.’”

Coach Craig Carter3.png

Craig Carter being interviewed by Arizona police after he was arrested for assault in 2015

Gibson’s account continued: “And he was choking me but I was like, I felt my head was like filling with blood. And it was like, it was starting where I couldn’t breathe and then he like let go and then he kind of collapsed on my side and like started crying.”
Gibson said she tried to leave Carter’s office at the McKale Center, but he blocked her and told her he wouldn’t be able to go on without her.
“I’m going to kill myself, and you’re going to watch it,” Carter said, according to Gibson’s statement.
Carter did not deny the incident took place, just the reason he did it.
“I’m in a lot of trouble,” Carter said. “I never touched her in my life, until that day … There’s no excuse to do that, there’s really no excuse. But I was told, you know, a lot of things for three years … and you don’t know that she got in my face and was pushing me and saying, ‘Hit me! Hit me! Hit me!’”
Gibson detailed her past with Carter in an extensive profile with ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,” which notes that while university policy clearly bans relationships between coaches and athletes, university officials “had done little” to investigate the pair, whose relationship reportedly began in June 2012.

 Baillie Gibson5.pngGibson spoke with ESPN and gave a time line of her relationship with Craig Carter and the incident at the end which led to charges against the coach

Gibson had just finished 12th in the discus and ninth in the shot put at the US track and fieldOlympic trials in Eugene, Ore., and the team was drinking heavily on its last night in town. Gibson, then 20, said she remembered Carter telling the team to contact him if they ever had been drinking too much and needed a ride home. She called him for a lift back to the team’s hotel.
“I remember getting in the car, and then I don’t remember really what else happened,” said Gibson.
The next morning, Gibson said Carter showed her nude photos of herself on his phone, as well as the two engaging in sexual acts in his car.
“I wanted to throw up,” Gibson said. “How could I do that? How does he have that?”
Gibson said her coach threatened to assault her and share the photos with relatives and on the internet if she didn’t continue satisfying him sexually.
“He was going to post all of the pictures online so everyone could see what a whore I was,” Gibson said. “He just said that I would lose my scholarship and I would have all these pictures out and it was going to be bad if I said anything.”

Baillie Gibson5
Baille Gibson at the 2011,U.S. Olympic trials
Craig Carter1.jpg
Craig Carter after his arrest by Arizona police in May of 2015

Carter, who joined the university in 2007, resigned from the University of Arizona weeks after he was arrested on charges of domestic violence, aggravated assault and related crimes. He denied sexually assaulting and blackmailing Gibson, claiming what happened in his car was consensual and that Gibson, in fact, initiated the encounter.
“It’s gonna be amazing when all this comes out, because they got all the forensic stuff off my phone, and the conversation about us hooking up that night is all on the phone,” Carter told ESPN.
Gibson claims she tried to end the relationship about a month after the initial incident, but said Carter again threatened to expose the photos and make physical threats as well.
“He took away my college years,” she said. “He took everything away from me.”
Gibson said Carter also threatened to kill her and himself in phone calls, emails and text messages, some of which were included in ESPN’s report.
“I was watching you,” Carter wrote Gibson in one email. “I’m like a mountain lion, who stalks his pray [sic] before he kills.”
In another email, Carter threatened to “f–k” Gibson up so bad and then kill himself.

Baillie Gibson 2.jpgBaillie Gibson has gone back home to Casper, Wyoming

“You will look so bad when I’m done with you but still be alive so you have to suffer everyday like I am or would,” the message read. “I will cut your face up. … Be ready, have your gun ready because your [sic] going to need it.”
A court order in November 2015 banned Carter from the university’s track and field facilities after other coaches said he was spotted driving nearby and yelling at athletes.  Tucson News Now reports. that he allegedly tried to contact Gibson through a third party
That same month Gibson filed a civil suit against Carter and other officials at the school, including head track coach Fred Harvey, in connection to “repeated sexual assaults” by Carter and allowing him to remain as an assistant coach.
The beleaguered coach, meanwhile, has since filed a countersuit with his wife against Gibson, claiming she made false statement and caused emotional distress. He remains with his wife and awaits the start of his criminal trial on Aug. 1. If convicted on all counts, Carter faces up to 29 ½ years in prison.
Gibson,who has since returned to her home state of Wyoming said the move back home hasn’t brought her a sense of security.
“I still look over my shoulder. I still see a car that he had, even here in Wyoming, and I think it’s him and my heart stops,” she told ESPN. “It’s been almost two years now, and he still can roam around and do whatever he wants, and it’s not OK. I mean, how am I ever going to feel like I’m safe if justice isn’t done? He took away my life. He took away my college years. He took everything away from me.”

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