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‘I killed him because I was sick of his abuse’! Antionetta Baldassare, 69, convicted after she bludgeoned husband to death, bound herself with duct tape and set their house on fire

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Antoinetta Baldassarre, 69, bludgeoned husband Frank left her 80-year-old husband, Frank Baldassarre with a crow bar on Oct 7, 2014
She left him, lying dead in the bathtub and  attempted  to stage a case of arson
Before setting a blaze in their garage, she bound herself to a chair with duct tape
The couple had been married 46 years

Antonietta Baldassarre was charged with murder, criminal possession of a weapon and arson

She pled   guilty Monday to first degree manslaughter
Faces up to 15 years in prison
Antoinetta Baldassarre and Frank Baldassarre
Antoinetta Baldassarre [left] appears in court during her trial for the clubbing death of her husband, Frank Baldassarre [right]

A Staten Island woman who bludgeoned her husband to death with a crowbar before setting their house on fire pleaded guilty Monday to first degree manslaughter.
Antoinetta Baldassarre, 69, left her 80-year-old husband, Frank Baldassarre, lying dead in the bathtub before setting a blaze in their garage and bounding herself to a chair in attempt to simulate an arson, in October of 2014, according the Staten Island District Attorney’s Office.
“This defendant has pled guilty and will be held accountable for the violent and brutal crime she committed,” the Staten Island DA, Michael McMahon, said in a statement.
She faces 15 years in prison.

Crime scene: Frank and Antoinetta Baldassarre's home.jpgAfter killing her husband, Antoinetta Baldassarre staged a case of home invasion gone wrong and arson in their home

Antoinetta Baldassarre, then 67, said she was sick of her husband’s abuse repeatedly beat him with a crowbar in the bathtub until he expired. She then staged the crime scene before setting their house on fire, sources said.
To cover up her deed, she bound herself with duct tape and set their Victory Boulevard home in Tompkinsville.

The fire was extinguished and the wife was discovered inside the garage with her feet and mouth bound with duct tape at around 12 p.m.
Frank Baldassare was declared dead at the scene. Responding officers found him lying in his bathtub on the first floor of the home with massive trauma to his head.
Antonietta Baldassarre who suffered smoke inhalation and was taken into police custody. She was later charged with murder, criminal possession of a weapon and arson.
In exchange for her plea, Baldassarre faces 15 years in prison and five years parole when she is sentenced on May 30.
She faced 25 years to life if she went to trial and was convicted.
Officials said she was trying to make the murder look like a home invasion gone awry.
When Judge William Garnett told the defendant to expect a sentence of at least 15 years, Baldassarre said “I already did 46 years,” a reference to the alleged marital abuse.
“I was sick and tired of his abuse,” she already told investigators, at the at the time of her arrest, nearly three years ago

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