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Chicago gangland enforcer, Roberto Cerda, jailed for life as it is revealed drug crew is inspired by cult of death ‘La Santa Muerte’ – gang linked to 13 murders over 18 months

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Roberto Cerda, enforcer for blood thirsty Chicago gang jailed for life, seven years after his arrest
Cerda, 30, who was convicted for the 2010 killings of two drug dealers and the middleman, is the first crew member to be convicted
The vicious Chicago gang  has been linked to at least 13 murders committed from 2009 to 2011
The ‘La Santa Muerte Crew’ whose motto is “Fear Me”, draws inspiration from the Santa Muerte death cult
Members of the brutal drug and robbery gang have grim reaper ‘Santa Muerte’ stickers on their vehicles, tattoos, shrines in their homes, stamped on bands to hold their cash
La Santa Muerte, ‘ Saint Death’, is a female deity that allegedly provides protection and deliverance to the after life

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