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Super perv! 45-year-old nebraska man admits sending over 75 prostitutes to strip outside neighbor’s home – so he could view, across from his home

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Family contacted investigators after escorts and prostitutes were regularly exposing themselves on the family’s front porch
Family in Elkhorn, Nebraska had two small children
A neighbor living across from the couple, Douglas Goldsberry admitted to sending prostitutes to neighbor’s home
Surveillance in March showed two women expose their breasts on the lighted porch, another stripped completely naked
The contact number investigators got from the escorts traced back to 45-year-old Douglas Goldsberry.
He  admitted soliciting the prostitutes through a website, and discussing sexual acts for money
Stripping naked on the porch attracted extra money
The striptease began in May of 2013 and occurred as frequently as 25 to 30 times per year
Goldsberry is facing one count pandering, one count soliciting prostitution and 10 counts  disturbing the peace
Women strip outide home1.pngThe owners of the home were terrorized for nearly 4 years by a neighbor from hell who sent naked call girls over to their home 30 times a year

A man in Elkhorn, Nebraska is facing felony charges after Douglas County investigators learned he had been sending prostitutes to his neighbor’s home for several years
The family, with two small children, contacted investigators after they said escorts and prostitutes were regularly exposing themselves on the family’s front porch. The home owners encountered the vexing mystery of the strippers, a month after they moved into their new home.
The family said it began in May of 2013. They told investigators that these incidents would occur as many as 25 to 30 times per year.
The couple in their 30s have two sons ages, 1 and 3 boys, sometimes were alerted to an arrival by someone kicking on their door or ringing the bell.
When the couple answered the door, some of the strippers became upset because they expected to be paid by someone at the residence.

Douglas Goldsberry1.jpgDouglas Goldsberry, paid prostitutes extra to go and strip naked on his neighbors porch while he watched from his own home

“The previous owners had a little bit of the same problem,” a neighbor told WOWT 6 News.
According to the family, many of the women became upset because they expected to be paid by someone in the residence. The family said they feared for their safety. Some of the individuals kicked at their door. According to police reports, one individual urinated on their property. Court documents, filed Monday, allege some of the women stripped naked on the family’s porch.
Deputies from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office conducted surveillance in March and witnessed two women expose their breasts on the lighted porch – another woman stripped completely naked.
Deputies interviewed the women and discovered a number that traced back to Douglas Goldsberry. Investigators said Goldsberry admitted he was soliciting the prostitutes through a website. He told deputies he would discuss sexual acts for money and promise additional money if the girls would strip on the porch.
The individual responsible for the unwanted live shows lived just across the street at North 185th and Indiana Streets, deputies said.
Douglas Goldsberry, their 45-year-old neighbor, admitted he paid the women and that he was motivated by his own sexual gratification.

Women strip outside home2.pngBeginning in May 2013, Goldsberry sent the escorts over to his neighbours porch 25 to 30 times a year

He watched from his kitchen window and masturbated, he told a deputy in an interview: “Goldsberry said there were occasions when he would take digital photographs of the girls and save them to a memory card,” the deputy wrote in an affidavit filed in Douglas County Court.
“It’s hard to be surprised anymore sometimes with what people do,” said Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine. “This one’s a little bit surprising.”
Goldsberry admitted he would regularly meet escorts at hotel rooms. He’s facing charges of one count pandering, one count soliciting prostitution and 10 counts of disturbing the peace.




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