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Millionaire Trump supporter John Joseph Boswell thumped with pillow-soft loaf of bread as punishment for sexual assault – John Joseph Boswell ‘fined $50’ after admitting ‘rubbing the buttocks of an African immigrant maid’ at a DC hotel during inauguration

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This has got to be a typo!

Republican donor, John Joseph Boswell, fined $50 for ‘rubbing the buttocks of an African immigrant maid’ while staying in a DC hotel 
70-year-old Boswell, who is married pled guilty to misdemeanor sexual abuse in a DC court 
The septuagenarian millionaire was in Washington DC on January 19 for  Trump’s inauguration
In his hotel suite, he allegedly approached a maid from behind and rubbed her buttocks
The maid escaped the room when a co-worker entered, leaving the new entrant by herself
Boswell allegedly fondled the second maid while she was making the bed 
He was fined $50, a 10-day suspended sentence and 6 months probation 
The first victim has moved residence after receiving an ‘aggressive’ visit from Boswell’s lawyers

On tha morning of January 19, 70-year-old millionaire CEO, approached a chambermaid from behind and grabbed her buttocks:  ‘rubbing her buttocks’, ‘This is very nice stuff, I like that!’ he mused.The poor frightened maid, an immigrant bid her time and fled the room at the first opportunity.
Republican donor and Donald Trump supporter, John Joseph Boswell, has been convicted of sexual battery at the Mayflower hotel in Washington DC for the incident on the eve of the president’s inauguration.
Boswell is the chief executive of Independent Stave Company, the world’s largest wine-and-whiskey barrel manufacturer. He lives in a 14,000-square-foot, $7 million mansion in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., 20 miles from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. He went after the woman who remains anonymous,  on Jan. 19, on the 10th floor of the Mayflower Hotel downtown, in Room 1065.

John Joseph Boswell8.pngMillionaire Trump supporter John Joseph Boswell was fined $50 after pleading guilty assaulting black immigrant hotel chambermaid 

The millionaire CEO pled guilty to misdemeanor sexual abuse in a DC court last month after allegedly assaulting two maids in his hotel suite, touching them inappropriately on January 19, 2017.
The first maid, who is an African immigrant and still works at the hotel, froze when she was grabbed and said ‘sorry sir’ before another cleaner came in.
The Post reports the maid immediately jumped away from Boswell when her colleague entered the room, before she ran out physically shaking.
The second maid, according to the police report, was then also touched inappropriately by the married father-of-three.

The  police report states that Boswell ‘placed his hand on the top of her shoulder’ while she was making the bed. But the maid then ordered him to sit down.

Neither woman reported what incident, however the next day another co-worker told a manager and then police were contacted.
The Boswell was then arrested at his hotel room about 6.30pm on January 20 and hauled away by police. He was released from the DC Superior Court on January 21, and when he left the courthouse he was initially thought by a crowd outside to be one of the 200 or so anti-Trump protesters arrested on the day of the inauguration.

May Flower Hotel, Washington DC

The incident took place in the Mayflower Hotel (photo) on January 19 this year

However, someone quickly who had been court for the arraignment shouted out he was a ‘sex offender’, which prompted the crowd to quickly turn.
Boswell was then pelted with fruit and other garbage. He was hit in the face with an orange slice.
Initially Boswell insisted he was innocent by claiming he ‘patted’ the maid on the ‘lower back’ in a ‘friendly gesture’ However, during the trial he pled guilty
But in an email sent to Boswell’s legal team, assistant US attorney Vivian Kim painted a different picture.
‘He took advantage of [her] while she was working, vulnerable, and alone,’ Kim wrote, according to the Post.
Boswell was sentenced to 10 days behind bars and six months probation, but the jail time was suspended.

John Joseph Boswell3

Boswell pled guilty to misdemeanor sexual abuse in a DC court in April after allegedly touching two maids in his hotel suite inappropriately on January 19

Judge Michael Ryan also granted Boswell special dispensation to be allowed to travel out of the country while he was on probation. He then went on holiday to the Bahamas in April, and is reportedly set to visit the Dominican Republic later this month.
In contrast to Boswell’s unfettered jet-setting within months of the sexual assault, one of the maid’s has been forced to move apartments after receiving an ‘aggressive’ visit from the CEO’s legal team, the Post reports.


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