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Montana Congressman-elect Greg Gianforte ‘gets off’ with community service senetnce for body slamming reporter 

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Montana Congressman-elect Greg Gianforte gets 40 hours of community service for assault of reporter
His 180-day jail sentence was deferred
Republican House candidate Gianforte was charged with misdemeanor assault after he body slammed Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs covering the special election on May, 24
Gianforte had previously pled guilty to misdemeanor assault charges
He was also sentenced Monday to 20 hours anger management counseling and a $385 fine 
Jacobs chose not to sue Gianforte in lieu of a written apology and $50,000 donated to the Committee to Protect Journalist
Greg Gianforte3Pensive at sentencing: Greg Gianforte made headlines last month when he body slammed Guardian reporter, Ben Jacobs who asked him a question about the health care act
Newly elected Congresman Greg Gianforte [R], Mont., was sentenced to 40 hours of community service on Monday, after having a 180-day jail sentence deferred.
Gianforte, who is set tobe sworn-in after prevailing in his elections last month, made news when he body slammed a reporter on the eve of his special election.
The newly minted congressman had earlier pled guilty to misdemeanor assault charges over the incident, and was sentenced Monday to complete 40 hours of community service, 20 hours of anger management counseling and pay a $385 fine.
Gianforte had been given a 180-day jail sentence but it was deferred.
The Republican technology entrepreneur, on the eve of his special election last month, slammed Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs to the ground after Jacobs asked him a question about his opinion on the GOP health care proposal.

The exchange was caught on audio tape
Ben Jacobs2.jpgGuardian reporter, Ben Jacobs, elected to have a written apology over a civil suit after he was assaulted by Congressman -elect Greg Gianforte

Ben Jacobs1.jpg

Ben Jacobs took to tweeter, publicizing the assault by Montana special election Republican candidate Greg Gianforte on May 24
The confrontation was caught on audio recording and corroborated by other reporters in the room at the time.
Gianforte, however, still won his race.
Jacobs agreed not to sue Gianforte in exchange for the politician writing a letter of apology and donating $50,000 to the Committee to Protect Journalists.
Following his hearing, Gianforte told reporters that “when you make a mistake, you’ve got to take full responsibility and that’s what I’ve done today.”
“I look forward to putting this behind me,” he said.
Gianforte is expected to be sworn into office later this month.


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