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Unwelcome guest shoots Father in front of children – victim had responded to killer’s fake Facebook ad for dog giveaway

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A belligerent guest drew a gun and fatally shot the home owner in front of children and fiance after responded to Facebook post for dog giveaway in Jacksonville, Fla
Killer used the ruse of a Facebook  post claiming he was a dog owner who wanted to give away the animal he found
Scott Bowman, 39, and his fiance, Chelsea Bowman, had responded to the ad
The poster insisted on coming to their house rather than letting them pick the animal up at his place 
Scott and Chelsea Bowman invited the man in for a drink, he took off his shoes and would not leave
Scott Bowman [right]was shot and killed in front of his fiancée ChelseaChealsea Bowman and her fiancé Scott Bowman (right) were about to give marriage a second try before he was shot and killed after responding to a Facebook ad, for a dog give away
A Jacksonville man was shot and killed by a house guest in front of his children and fiancée after responding to a Facebook ad for a dog, according to his fiancée.
Scott Bowman, 39, and his bride-to-be, Chelsea, had responded to a post by a dog owner who said he was giving away the animal he found. They offered to go pick the pet up but the unidentified poster insisted on coming to their home last Wednesday.
According to Chelsea Bowman said when the man brought the dog to the house, he came inside and overstayed his welcome.
She says when they dropped hints for the man to leave, things turned violent, and Bowman was shot and killed during a fight for a gun.
The Bowmans invited the man in for a drink, but he took off his shoes and would not leave, Chelsea, who previously divorced Bowman before they decided to get remarried, told Action News Jacksonville.
She said that her fiancé and the guest began fighting and the stranger pulled out a gun during the tussle.
Scott Bowman allegedly started to run before the attacker shot him.
When he arrived, Chelsea Bowman said they invited him inside for a drink to thank him for the dog.
She said that’s when things got strange.
“The dude takes his shoes off and he stays. And he doesn’t leave,” Chelsea Bowman said. “And it’s making everybody uncomfortable.”
Chelsea Bowman said the couple hinted it was time for the man to go — their kids had to go to sleep — but he refused. “He gets very, very volatile, very, very drunk,” Chelsea Bowman said.
According to Chelsea her husband Scott went the bathroom, but the ambushed him as he stepped out. Grabs Scott and he starts beating him.
“I mean grabs him, slams him down. Scott was not winning this fight at all.”
Chelsea Bowman said her daughter told her she witnessed the man hold a gun to Scott’s head, and that’s when Scott was able to turn the gun on the man and shoot him in the arm.
She said Scott started to run, but the man shot him in the chest.
When Jacksonville sheriff’s officers arrived at the home, there was a man outside who told them he was involved in the shooting and he was detained for questioning.
When the bereaved family were taken in for questioning Chelsea Bowman said she could hear the alleged gunman banging on the walls at JSO.
“When we got interrogated downtown he was like a maniac,” Chelsea Bowman said. “He was banging on the walls, cussing. At one point they had to switch us from one room so we wouldn’t hear this maniac.”

Chelsea Bowman said the poster had insisted on coming to their house rather than letting them pick the animal up.jpgChelsea Bowman said the poster had insisted on coming to their house rather than letting them pick the animal up.

Chelsea Bowman insists her ex-husband was murdered and she wants the man charged.
“I miss him. I just want him back,” she said. “I keep thinking it’s a horrible dream.”
The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has not identified the alleged gunman, though he was taken into custody shortly after. They said the investigation is ongoing.

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