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Ballpark proposal goes horribly wrong as woman leaves guy on his knees at stadium

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A stadium’s worth of embarrassment as ballpark proposal goes awry for suitor
Girlfriend rejects his pitch, abandons him on the turf with the crowd watching

This sorry fellow got the embarrassment of a lifetime with the entire stadium watching him as his marriage proposal hit the rocks before it could even take off.

The unlucky fan unfortunately found out the hard way that it’s not safe to take other people’s affections for granted, after his ballpark proposal failed miserably at the Columbia Fireflies game on Monday night.

It’s bad enough the entire stadium was able to look on as the event was displayed on the Arbitron, but the prospective bride even grabbed her purse and left the poor guy at the game, still on bended knees. it was caught on video and posted online by Tavi Newton.
Nope! Dude I’m not into you, seriously.
She grabs her bag and leaves1.png
Where’s my purse? She grabs her bag and makes to leave the ball game
It's a wrap.png
This is where I make my exit. It’s a wrap, I’m outta here.
This is an important reminder that if you’re going to propose at a public arena, on social media no less, take a gauge of your credit column in the relationship or the embarrassment will be all yours. Who knows, your video might just go viral, as this fan just found out.

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