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Suspect in Ohio triple slaying, George Brinkman, arrested after eight-hour standoff with SWAT team standoff; Now accused of killing 5 – Suzanne Taylor, her daughters Taylor and Kylie Pifer as well as a pair of pensioners

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Suspect in Ohio triple homicide arrested after SWAT team standoff 
George Brinkman, 45, was taken out of his Brunswick, Ohio home at about 5:30 a.m. Tuesday
Attempts to arrest Brinkman created an eight-hour standoff ended after suspect George Brinkman was shocked with a Taser by a SWAT team
The suspect was in custody in connection with the slaying of Suzanne Taylor, 45, and daughters Taylor Pifer, 21, and Kylie Pifer, 18, on May 11
Ms Taylor and her daughter were discovered, slashed to death in a bedroom of their North Royalton, Ohio home by a family friend on Sunday evening
Cops confirm George Brinkman also has connection to killing of a Stark County couple, not far from his home on Monday
Rogell Eugene John, 71, and his wife Roberta Ray John, 64, were found dead hours before the standoff between Brinkman and the SWAT team began

Evidence liked to that crime was found in his home

Authorities tracked Brinkman to the home in Brunswick using the GPS on his cell phone
Gearge Bribkman2.pngA suspect in the triple homicide of an Ohio mom and her daughters was arrested early Tuesday after a heated standoff with police.
45-year-old George Brinkman [photo left], was taken out of his Brunswick home, where he had barricaded himself at about 5:30 a.m. after a SWAT team used a Taser on him.
Shots weren’t fired, according to reports, although Brinkman was armed with a handgun during the tense, eight-hour standoff.
“That was some good work by our tactical officers,” Brunswick Police Lt. Robert Safran told
According to North Royalton police, a family friend found the mother and her daughters dead in a bedroom of the home located in the 11400 block of Ridge Road around 8 p.m.  Sunday night, prompting authorities to kick off a search for possible suspects in connection with the triple homicide.
Taylor’s boyfriend found Suzanne Taylor, 45, and her two daughters, Taylor Pifer, 21, and Kylie Pifer, 18, dead in a bedroom of their Ridge Road home in North Royalton, Ohio on Sunday, around 8.30 p.m.,
One of the victims suffered a knife wound, and the other deaths are under investigation, Det. Dave Loedin of North Royalton PD said, as he confirmed firearms were not involved.
The girls’ stepmother, Sonya Pifer, described her stepdaughters as “great kids” and “great students.”

Suzanne Taylor (L) with her two daughters Kylie (C) and Taylor (R).jpgSuzanne Taylor (L) with her two daughters Kylie (C) and Taylor (R) were found knifed to death in their New Royalton, Ohio home on Sunday night 
George Brinkman arrested2.pngA cuffed Brinkman is marched out of his home by SWAT officers after the eight-hour standoff ended after he was shocked with a Taser

It’s unclear how Brinkman is connected to the Sunday night killing of Suzanne Taylor and her daughters college student Taylor Pifer and high schooler Kylie Pifer.
Authorities are also confirmed that Brinkman is connected with the Monday killing of a husband and wife in North Canton minutes away from his home.
Rogell Eugene John, 71, and his wife Roberta Ray John, 64, were found dead hours before the standoff began, evidence linked to the slaying was found in his home, reported.
The three were found dead in a bedroom at their North Royalton home and at least one of them suffered a knife wound.

Cops remove bodies from the Pifer home2EMTs move the bodies  from the home Sunday night
Sazanne Taylor with daughters taylor and Kylie Pifer3.pngVictims: Suzanne Taylor and daughters Kylie and Taylor were found all slaughtered which was left at the scene on Sunday night

U.S. Marshals helped local police track down Brinkman at his home, according to reports.
Authorities arrived at his home around 9 p.m. Monday night, at which point Brinkman refused to leave his home.
Taylor Pifer1.pngInvestigators are still looking for more answers into the triple slaying.
Sonya Pifer, the girls’ stepmother, previously said Taylor and Kylie were “great kids,” and had been estranged from their father for some time.
“Taylor {left],was majoring in fashion design, while Kylie was involved in theater and was majoring in forensic science,” she told WGHP-TV.

“Taylor was majoring in fashion design, while Kylie was involved in theater and was majoring in forensic science,” the stepmother told WGHP-TV.
Sonya Pifer told Cleveland19 that the girls’ father has been estranged from his daughters since they became adultsKylie Pifer1.png
Taylor, 21, enjoyed softball and was a student at Kent State University where she worked at the school’s fashion store, according to her Facebook page
The youngest victim, 18-year-old Kylie [right], went to North Royalton High School, her Facebook page says.
The family friend who found them was the older daughter’s boyfriend. He called Scott Plymale, the mother’s boyfriend who then called 911 after discovering the women’s lifeless bodies, police said.

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