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Triple homicide suspect, George Brinkman, sobs as his bond is set at $75M for slaughtering Suzanne Taylor and her two daughters in their Ohio home – He slit victims’ throats, strangled them with a phone chord, smothered them, before lining bodies up side by side in bed

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George Brinkman sobbed, Thursday as his bond was set at $75million for murdering a mother and her two daughters, over the weekend
Brinkman is accused of murdering 45-year-old Suzanne Taylor and her daughters Taylor Pifer, 21, and Kylie Pifer, 18, at their home in North Royalton, Ohio
The 45-year-old whose priors only pointed to petty crime, used a different method in killing each victim
The depraved serial killer slashed Suzanne Taylor’s throat, strangled her teenage daughter, Kylie, with a phone chord and smothered her 21-year-old sister, Taylor
The women were found lying face down, side-by-side by Taylor Pifer’s boyfriend 
The suspect who made hiss first court appearance on Thursday in an orange jumpsuit and protective vest, wept as a judge set his bond at $75million 
Cops said evidence has also linked to the deaths of Gene and Bobbi John, his ex-grirlfriend’s parents, found shot dead in their home in Lake Cranton, Ohio, on Monday 
Brinkman had been house-sitting for the couple when they returned home from a vacation on Sunday  
He was arrested 50 miles from the scene of the first murders on Tuesday after an eight-hour standoff with police  
Brinkman will face a separate trial for the murder of the Johns

George Brinkman1George Brinkman, 45, wiped away tears as he was arraigned in Ohio on Thursday for the murders of a mother and her two daughters. He will also face a different trial for the murder of an elderly couple during his two-day killing spree.

An Ohio man accused arraigned for who prosecutors say went on a two-day killing spree broke down in open court as he was handed a stiff $75million bail, Wednesday.
Alleged serial killer George Brinkman of Brunswick, facing multiple charges in the murder a mother and her two daughters at their home last week sobbed in court on Thursday as prosecutors recounted how he chose a different twisted method to kill each of the victims.
Prosecutors say George Brinkman slit the throat of 45-year-old of Suzanne Taylor, smothered her 21-year-old daughter Taylor Pifer and strangled her youngest daughter, 18-year-old Kylie Pifer, at their house in North Royalton on Saturday.
The women were found lined up side by side, lying face down in a bed inside the home when Taylor’s boyfriend went to check on them the following day.
Their bodies were ‘cold to the touch’ and they may have been dead for more than 24 hours, a newly released police report reveals.
Brinkman, who was Facebook friends with the mother but whose relationship to the family is beyond that unknown, was arrested on Tuesday morning in Brunswick, Ohio, 50 miles away after an eight-hour siege with police.
At Thursday’s court hearing – his first appearance since he was arrested following an eight-hour standoff with police on Tuesday – his bond was set at $75million.
He is also suspected for the murders of his former girlfriend’s parents, Gene and Bobbi John, who he was house-sitting for near his home in Lake Cranton.  

Suzanne Taylor (L) with her two daughters Kylie (C) and Taylor (R)Suzanne Taylor [right], and her daughters Kylie [center], and 21-year-old Taylor [right,] were found by Taylor’s boyfriend lying face down, side by side in bed 
Gene and Bobbie John1Brinkman allegedly murdered Gene and Bobbie John in their Lake Canton home, 50 miles away from North Royalton. He’d been home sitting for the couple while they were on vacation. They returned Sunday. their bodies were found Monday.

He also faces two separate murder offences from Stark County Police for the murders of Gene and Bobbi John but has not yet been arraigned on those charges.
Gene John, 63, and her husband Bobbie John, 71, were found dead in their home 50 miles away in Lake Canton on Monday. Brinkman had been house-sitting for them while they were on vacation but they returned on Sunday.
The Johns were found dead by their son in their house on Monday.
The couple had returned home from a vacation the previous day and their suitcases were still packed when their lifeless bodies were discovered.
At a court hearing on Thursday which was attended by WKYC, Brinkman appeared in an orange prison jumpsuit and stab vest and had a cast on his hand.
In the killings of the three women he is charged with three counts of aggravated murder, three counts of aggravated kidnapping and one count of tampering with evidence for disposing of the knife he used to stab Ms Taylor.
A police report reveals that Dale Kostar, Taylor Pifer’s boyfriend, went to the home on Sunday evening after not hearing from her since 3pm the previous day when she sent her last text message to him.
At 4.30pm, he stopped by the house with flowers for her but there was no answer.

George Brinkman7.pngKiller’s motive?  What may have prompted Brinkman to carry out the killings remains a mystery 
George Brinkman arrested2 After an overnight standoff with SWAT,  Brinkman was finally arrested early on Tuesday morning in Brunswick after he was tased by the law enforcement officers

By 7.30pm Sunday, when he still hadn’t heard from her, he returned to the home and got no answer again.

Worried, he phoned Scott Plymale – the girls’ mother’s boyfriend – who told him to go inside.
Once inside the house, he found the women lying in a bed, face down.  As he laid eyes on their corpses, he told Plymale: ‘There’s a body in here.’
The mother and Brinkman were friends on Facebook but no other connection between them has been found.
He regularly ‘liked’ her social media photographs and referred to her as a ‘queen’ in one comment.
Police eventually traced him to an address in Brunswick by tracking his phone’s GPS signal.

Cops eremove bodies fron the Pifer home3
The bodies of the women are removed from their home on Sunday night
Suzanne Taylor's home.pngCrime scene; Suzanne Taylor, her teen daughter Kylie Pifer and older daughter, college student, Taylor Pifer, 21,  were found throats slit, strangled with a telephone cord then suffocated before being laid side by side in a bedroom in their home [photo].
They were found in their home in North Royalton, Ohio, on Sunday evening by Kylie Pifer’s boyfriend 
Dale Kostar 1Suzanne Taylor's boyfriend Scott Playmale1
family friend Dale Kostar [left], called Suzanne Taylor’s boyfriend, Scott Playmale [center] when he discovered their bodies

The Johns were found in their home in Lake Canton on Monday.
Brinkman had been house-sitting for the couple and shot them dead when they returned to the bungalow on Sunday, their suitcases were still packed, police say
Their son found their bodies after going to their house because he was concerned about them.

Brinkman is arraigned for his bail hearing wearing a cast on his hand.pngBrinkman was arraigned for his bail hearing wearing a stab vest, an orange prison jumpsuit and had a cast on his right arm
Geaorge Brinkman and his defense team in court for the arraignment5Brinkman is charged with three counts of aggravated murder, three counts of kidnapping and one of tampering with evidence

Brinkman barricaded himself in his home, but was ultimately arrested after his eight-hour armed standoff with police in Brunswick, Ohio, ended with SWAT officers using the taser on him, Tuesday.
He is charged with three counts of aggravated murder, three counts of kidnapping and one of tampering with evidence standoff with police.
The 45-year-old’s bond was set at $75million.
With no motive yet, given for the murders of Taylor and her daughters, authorities in Ohio are still trying to unravel the motive behind Brinkman, a man previously known for petty crime, turning into a serial killer on a spree.




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