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Feds seek to strip drug-mill NY physician of all assets – Lazar Feygin is facing charges of peddling opioids, he may have to forfeit cash, condos, $2.3M mansion 

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High roller Staten Island doctor busted for peddling opioids may have to forfeit cash, condos, $2.3M mansion 
70-year-old Staten Island physician, Lazar Feygin,  arrested in April
Indicted on charges of writing massive volumes of unnecessary pain killer prescriptions over 5 years worth $16m
Accused of operating two Brooklyn medical clinics that prescribed 3.7 million Oxycodone pills between 2012 and 2017
Fed court filing seeks the forfeiture of all money and properties belonging to Feygin, including his $2.3 million  mansion on Staten Island
He is currently facing charges of health care fraud, conspiracy, criminal sale of a prescription for a controlled substance, grand larceny, money laundering, scheming to defraud 
 Dr. Lazar Feygin1.jpgDr. Lazar Feygin is accused of running three Brooklyn medical clinics that prescribed a staggering 3.7 million Oxycodone pills worth $16million
A doctor from Staten Island, NY, indicted in April in an opioid-peddling scandal,is facing forfeiture of all his assets, which have been categorized as ill-gotten wealth
A Brooklyn Federal Court filing seeks the forfeiture of money and properties belonging to physician Lazar Feygin including his $2.3 million “Monte Carlo-style” mansion on Staten Island.
The 70-year-old doctor who has practiced in NY since 1999 was indicted two months ago for turning his two Brooklyn medical clinics into a massive pill-mill that illegally doled out nearly 3.7 million oxycodone pills worth more than $16 million in cash between 2012 and 2017.
Feygin faces charges of criminal sale of a controlled substance, grand larceny, money laundering and fraud.
The 42-page court document, filed last week by Acting U.S. Attorney Bridge M. Rhode, also seeks the return of five other Feygin properties: condominiums on W. 61st St. and E. 47th St. in Manhattan, a Florida condo, a Brooklyn condo and a Brownsville lot bought for $689,000.
The high rolling doctor’s opulent Staten Island home which he bought a year ago, features six huge bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a massive lobby chandelier, a basketball court and a pool in the pricey Lighthouse Hill section of the borough.
“Proceeds from the Feygin Clinics’ bank accounts were taken directly … to pay for the purchase or maintenance of real properties,” the court documents said.
The feds also sought money kept in personal and corporate bank accounts, a college savings fund and life insurance policies.

Dr Lazar Feygin's associate, DrPaul McClung .pngFeygin associate, Dr. Paul McClung, allegedly prescribed $8m worth of opioids on his own

The forfeiture and seizure measure is premised on the basis that Clinic cash was used “to contribute to various retirement and life insurance accounts,” the feds charged.
Prosecutors said the doctor’s practice routinely wrote prescriptions without any legitimate medical use.
Dr. Lazar Feygin was among 13 suspects, including Alec Brook-Krasny a former State Assemblyman  representing Brooklyn, a second physician,Paul McClung and five other medical practitioners indicted in the scam.
The defendants allegedly, operating three medical clinics, injected more than 6.3 million opioid pills into the black market between 2012 and the early part of 2017, generating between $60 and $100million.
The federal indictment stated that Feygin and another Long Island doctor, Paul McClung, 57, fraudulently billed Medicare and Medicaid millions of dollars for unnecessary medical tests.

Dr. Lazar Feygin2.jpgDr. Lazar Feygin appears at his arraignment in Manhattan Supreme Court in April
Dr Michael Taitt1.pngindicted in the mass opioid prescription scheme, Dr Michael Taitt worked for Lazar Feygin

Feygin and McClung and their co-defendants, including Pavel Krasnou, 37, of Staten Island, an office manager for McClung, induced patients to submit to the tests by giving them prescriptions for oxycodone for no legitimate medical reason, authorities said.
Filling his coffers with cash was Dr. Feygin’s primary concern, allege prosecutors.
Patients received only cursory medical exams, or no exams at all, and were pressured to take the tests, some were even prescribed oxycodone despite evidence they were likely selling the addictive narcotic on the black market or abusing other drugs.
Others patients simply were required to take unnecessary or ineffective physical therapy, authorities said.
Lazar Feygin owned Parkville Medical Health in Brooklyn and LF Medical Service. Over a five-year period ending earlier this year, Feygin’s clinics prescribed more than 3.7 million oxycodone pills, collecting upwards of $16 million in revenue, said authorities.
Having broken off from Feygin’s practice in 2013, 57-year-old McClung formed PM Medical, where he prescribed than 2.6 million pills,  generating more than $8 million, in four years.
Feygin and McClung were also listed among the top 10 highest reimbursed providers for MetroPlus Health Plan from 2014 to 2016.

Ex New York State Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny
Ex-New York State Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny indicted in the opiod prescription ring

Feygin who lived high on the hog with his ill-gotten gains, laundered money through shell companies, allege prosecutors. Frequently traveling overseas, he regularly purchased luxury items and had extensive real estate holdings, authorities said.
Former NY state Assemblyman Brook-Krasny, 69, allegedly was affiliated to the drug ring with his medical lab.
He routinely doctored results of patient’s urinalysis tests that came back positive for alcohol so that physicians wouldn’t balk at continuing the opioid prescription, according to the charges.
Brennan announced the indictments along with officials from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration said: “Feygin’s clinics and PM Medical made a business out of violating minimum medical standards and ethics in a ruthless quest for Medicaid cash,” said Bridget G. Brennan, the city’s special narcotics prosecutor, in a statement. “The fusion of pill mill and Medicaid mill harmed countless people throughout the region, while Feygin and his co-defendants lined their pockets with taxpayer dollars.”
Also indicted were Dr Michael Taitt, 56, (pictured Friday in court ) was also employed by Feygin and Physical therapist Reynat Glaz, 43, (pictured Friday in court) allegedly required patients to undergo massage treatments as a condition of receiving prescriptions for oxycodone.

Physical therapist Reynat Glaz1.pngPhysical therapist Reynat Glaz was also part of the Feygin opioid ring

Feygin was charged with health care fraud, conspiracy, criminal sale of a prescription for a controlled substance, grand larceny, money laundering, scheme to defraud and other counts.
Krasnou was charged with health care fraud, grand larceny and conspiracy.
Feygin who along with his co-defendants has pled not guilty to the charges is being held without bail. Bail was set at $2 million each for both Krasnou and McClung.


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