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Woman who was raped while unconscious at Vanderbilt weeps as she faces former college footballer, Brandon Banks, for the first time since he ‘sexually assaulted her with a water bottle’ – Banks’ excuse is ‘my roommates made me do it’

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‘Yeah, right! Indeed they made you insert a foreign object into an unconscious woman’s body’

Woman who was raped at Vanderbilt Univ. cries as she faces a former college football player for the first time since he ‘sexually assaulted her with a water bottle’ while she was unconscious
A 21-year-old was unconscious when she was raped in Vanderbilt dorm room by four college football players
She was at Tin Roof Bar on June 23, 2013, where her then boyfriend Brandon Vandenburg, gave her a blue-colored drink
After she was ruffied, Vandenburg and three football teammates carried her back to his dorm room
Prosecutors say he handed out condoms and egged them on to molest sexually and assault her with objects while she was passed out
One of the rapists even urinated on her face
Vandenburg is serving 17 years, Corey Batey 15 years apiece after they were found guilty of the rape
The third accused person, Brandon Banks, pleaded not guilty to rape and battery related charges as his trial started Monday in Nashville, Tenn
Banks, 23, is charged with five counts aggravated rape, two counts aggravated sexual battery for his part in the 2013 Vanderbilt Univ. dorm room rape
He claims he was bullied and pressured by Vandenburg to participate in the rape
The victim said she had only seen his image in the collection of evidence before
Brandon Banks  and his father, Maurice Banks (right) and one of his attorneys, Mark Scruggs, in court.pngMaurice Banks [right], was on hand to lend support to his son  Brandon Banks [center]. Father and son are seen with defense attorney, Mark Scruggs, [left] in court on Monday

Banks, whose trial started on Monday, is charged with five counts of aggravated rape and two counts of aggravated sexual battery. He pleaded not guilty.

Jaborian McKenzie, the fourth player charged in the case, testified against his teammates and took the stand against Banks on Tuesday, confirming the 23-year-old’s role in assaulting the woman with a water bottle.
Amid multiple court proceedings against the defendants, the woman has testified five times about the 2013 rape.
On Wednesday, the woman described the night at Tin Roof Bar on June 23, 2013, where prosecutors said Vandenburg gave her a blue-colored drink.
When Assistant District Attorney Jan Norman asked her what she remembered next, the woman, overcome with emotion whispered ‘sorry’ and said: ‘The next thing I remember is waking up alone in a room I didn’t recognize.’
The rape victim, then a 21-year-old neuroscience major, has previously testified that she had no memory of the event.

Banks said he was bullied into participating, and took the stand on Wednesday to further make his case.
Before the assault, the woman was on the floor vomiting, and he told his teammates that she needed to go to the hospital.
But they said they wanted to have sex with her, and Banks was going to leave the dorm room, he testified – but he claims they told him he wasn’t going anywhere.
Banks also said that his teammates had long made fun of him because he was small.
‘When you’re a freshman, it’s called a body count they keep,’ Banks said. ‘When you’re on campus it’s how many girls can you sleep with.’
Banks, who had a girlfriend at the time, was made fun of and called ‘gay’ because he was always was on the phone with her and didn’t frequently talk to other women.

Corey Batey2.jpgBrandon Banks5.jpgCorey Batey [left], is serving 15 years for the rape. Pictured right, Brandon Banks in his mugshot after his arrest on the charge of rape is the last of the gang of four to go on trial
Whait in the world? Maurice Banks, Brandon Banks' father in court during the proceedings.pngWhat in the world? Maurice Banks, Brandon Banks’ father, in seen in court with his head in his hand during his son’s trial Monday

Having been bullied and intimidated by Vandenburg and Batey, Blanks said, he followed Vandenburg’s commands.
‘He told me to take pictures, too, so I take pictures.’
Banks’ cellphone contained 23 of 41 images of the assault, Assistant District Attorney Jan Norman said in Davidson County Criminal Court.
Norman also told the jurors in graphic detail on Monday that a video shows Banks assaulting the student with a water bottle.
At times, the players laughed and applauded each other during the rape, Norman said.

Surveillance video shows Vanderbilt football player carrying a victim1.pngSurveillance video shows Vanderbilt football player carrying victim 

The sordid event was accidentally exposed when the Vanderbilt University police investigating vandalism in a dorm in June 2013, tripped on images of the rape stored on the student’s phones. as reported by the Tennessean.
Campus police who were reviewing surveillance tape saw four men carrying an unconscious woman into a room at Vanderbilt’s Gillette Hall in the early morning hours of June 23.
Photos and videos of the rape had been deleted, but Metro Nashville Police detective Chad Gish managed to find smaller, thumbnail-sized images that were still saved on the phones after deducing the time frame they were taken from the surveillance video of the woman being dragged into the dorm.
So far Banks now 23, has led a charmed life compared to his other low life former team mates. Shortly Brandon Vandenburg walked into a Tennessee prison to start a 17-year sentence, Brandon E. Banks jogged onto a football field.
He has been largely been out of the public eye as two of his former football teammates were tried and were convicted  in the June 2013 gang rape.
While his own charges in the case were pending,who is from Maryland transferred to Jackson, Tenn., where he played two seasons as a defensive back for the Lane College Dragons.
His bite of the court system to decide his culpability on aggravated rape and other charges, four years to the day after the rape that rocked Vanderbilt University. At the end of the trial he will find out whether he returns to the field for his senior season in college.
22-year-old Jaborian “Tip” McKenzie has testified in three trials against his former teammates hoping to get a deal in his own case. While charges against him were pending, he started school at Alcorn State University in Mississippi, where he was playing football.
He was subsequently kicked off the football team less than a day after his presence on the team attracted attention.



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