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Rob Kardashian creates media storm, posting naked photos of Blac Chyna in social media meltdown, claims she cheated on him  

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Rob Kardashian posts naked photos of his estranged fiancée, Blac Chyna in social media meltdown, claims she cheated on him  
Accused her of being with him solely as revenge for his sister Kylie hooking up with her ex, Tyga
Kardashian, 30, posted lurid shots of chyna’s nude body parts, then deleted them
Faces possible legal problems for the Blac Chyna revenge porn photos under California law
Chyna and Rob - Game over.pngRob Kardashain and Black Chyna – game over

Observers believe the actions of Rob Kardashian, Wednesday against his one time fiancée, Black Chyna, is fraught and a mega lawsuit waiting to happen.
w that was instituted in California in 2013 that spells out what the court considers to be revenge porn after he shared three nude images apparently of his former fiancée to Instagram as he accused her of cheating on him.
Rob Kardashian. 30, posted a series of nude photos apparently featuring his ex-fiancée, Blac Chyna, and accused her of cheating on him repeatedly during a vengeful Wednesday morning social-media meltdown.
Kardashian, who has an infant daughter, Dream, with Chyna,  seemingly tried to get back at his former flame by uploading photos allegedly featuring her bare breasts, vagina and butt. Potentially there could be some potential legal ramifications that will come from this latest flare up between two people who want the world to believe they are co-parenting in a civilized manner, having moved on their affair that was doomed from the start.
Revenge porn laws now exist in 38 states, and depending on how hard the victim wants to pursue charges, sharing these sensitive photos can result in jail time.
Rob Kardashian’s posts filled with accusations and profanity, said his former fiancee slept with multiple people, including him, in a short stretch of time in the bed they shared in the house he bought. He shared explicit text exchanges in which he begged her for a suggestive photo and she obliged.
The sole male in the Kardashain cast blamed everything Chyna had done on his sister Kylie Jenner connecting with Tyga, the father of Chyna’s son.
“My daughter is the best thing that happened to me,” Kardashian wrote, “and she will know that Chyna did this out of spite not love cuz she mad my little sister took her baby daddy.”

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian revenge porn story2.jpg
“This is from Chyna yesterday to me,” Kardashian captioned one of the lurid shots. “I never been so disrespected in my life. I just bought her 250K of jewelry yesterday. This woman is so disrespectful and I don’t care.”
In a series of additional posts, Kardashian claimed Chyna hooked up with another man shortly after sending him one of the nude photos.

hyna cheating on Rob 2.png

Rob Kardashian posted nude photos of private parts he claimed were sent to him by Blac Chyna during a social media meltdown Wednesday

“This is the dude Chyna got caught cheating on me with for a minute now,” Kardashian wrote, sharing photos of text messages he had received. “And look he texted me asking for help and said he needed money cuz he can’t afford to pay Chyna’s bill so that’s why I pay her bills.”
“More receipts are coming. Just yesterday Chyna sent me her p—y and everything and said she gonna come f–k me … wait for it. Never once have I cheated on Chyna and I remained loyal to her even after all the cheating she been doing and the multiple men she been f–king including me.”
In another post, he said the man threatened to “expose” Chyna if Kardashian didn’t send him money.
Kardashian lamented that the man posed for a photo in the bed he used to share with Chyna. The reality star also rattled off a list of big-ticket items he bought for her.

Robert kardashain tweet2.png
Rob Kardashian said he really wanted to believe Chyna wanted to build a family with him

media_equalizer“This the dude that posted a pic in the same bed Chyna and I made our baby in,” Kardashian wrote. “The house that I pay for. That robe i prob paid for. Imma send u messages from this dude asking to link with me or he gonna expose Chyna if I don’t help him get money cuz he can’t handle the bills to take care of Chyna. Lol.”
“I pay lambo. Ferrari. Down payment on the rolls. down-payment on your moms car. I pay your mother since u won’t even call your own mother back in months. I prob spent a million alone in the past 2 months. 90K necklaces. 70K watch. The Ferrari that u pretend u got yourself. Chyna I hope U find help.”
“All u may think my daughter may see this one day and I hope she does cuz this isn’t love,” the reality TV veteran said on Instagram. “I never want my daughter to be raised by a woman like Chyna who cheats and does drugs and alcohol with my baby in the house. Chyna been like this long before me but I chose to love all of her cuz I don’t judge. But second the baby was born she got body surgery I paid for and was gone from me and dreams life.”

Robert Kardashian tweet3.png

Rob Kardashian Tweet1.png
Over the course of the lengthy online tirade, Kardashian accused Chyna of sleeping with other men in recent weeks as well, alleged she used drugs and alcohol while she was in the same house as their baby and posted what appeared to be her phone number to Instagram. A call to the number revealed it is not currently in service.
Kardashian also claimed to have paid for surgeries that Chyna underwent to get her pre-baby body back shortly after giving birth, and repeatedly shared a video of Chyna making out with another man.

Chyna eventually retorted on Snapchat by accusing Kardashian of beating her, and promising that the “light will come to light.”
“Rob u did all this but u beat me up and try act it never happen !!!!! U put hand on me I swear on god !!!!!! On my kids but I’m supposed to be quiet because you’re a Kardashian.”

Chyna accuses Rob.pngChyna countered with accusations of physical abuse levelled against Kardashian 

Many of Kardashian’s explicit pictures were removed shortly after they were posted, presumably by Instagram, but he continued to re-share them. His account has not been taken down by the photo-sharing app more than two hours after his first post.
As he would not let up and continued to rip Chyna in his photo captions, writing in another, “u chose drugs and sex in our bed rather then spending it with your daughter for her first 4th July.”
The tirade inspired rapper T.I. to weigh in with an Instagram comment telling Kardashian to “cut ya losses” and move on, which led Kardashian to allege T.I. and his wife, Tiny Harris, once paid Chyna to have sex with them.

kardashian vs ti.jpg

While Rob Kardashian’s antics left many social media users stunned, including some who criticized the stars for not behaving like parents, there may be a discernable and predictable pattern to his reaction when he feels cheated in love.
One observer wrote: “Oh look @robkardashian having another breakdown on Instagram,” tweeted a user named Annabel. “What great parents these two are, poor dream.”

Rob Kardashian is an idiot who played himself. The internet is forever, his daughter will be hurt by his antics one day.

Another commentator admonished Kardashain accusing him of mysogeny.

This how Rob Kardashian treats a woman and mother of his daughter? After still growing up surrounded by women.

In response to the flurry of pictures, Blac Chyna shared some accusations of her own on Snapchat, claiming Kardashian had abused her and beat her up in the past.

Chyna accuses Rob.png

Modus Operandi?
When Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora, had a very bitter public breakup in 2012,  Rob went on a Twitter rant accusing her of cheating on him “with more than 20 dudes.”

Rob and Rita Ora.png
Rob and singer Rita Ora dated in 2012, before a very bitter breakup that played out in public

Kardashian and Chyna first began dating in January 2016 and were engaged three months later. They announced Chyna was expecting in May, and they welcomed their daughter in November.
But the duo experienced hardships in the relationship in the subsequent months, and a report surfaced in April that Chyna had returned her engagement ring to Kardashian.

Kardashian, 30, and Chyna starred on their own reality series called “Rob & Chyna” last year and had originally been scheduled to return for a second season in 2017, but Entertainment Tonight reported the show will not resume filming after all.



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