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Oklahoma man, Ronald McMullen, arrested over his 22-year-old daughter’s murder – Kailee Jo McMullen she was found shot dead in their family home June 29

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Ronald ‘Ronnie’ McMullen was Wednesday in the shooting death of his 22-year-old daughter
Police responding to reports of a shooting found Kailee Jo McMullen, 22, dead from gunshot injuries at her family home in Norman, Oklahoma on June 29
Her dad Ronald ‘Ronnie’ McMullen was arrested and booked into Cleveland County jail
Faces first degree murder charges
An obituary published on Monday said Kailee ‘cherished her family and always had time for them’ 
Officers reportedly arrived on the scene, to meet Ronald McMullen covered in blood which he furiously tried to wipe off
He’d tried cleaning blood from the house and ‘obviously’ moved the gun and moved body before cops arrived
Gave officers a blank stare mumbling ‘I don’t know’ when asked about the gun
Kailee Jo and Ronald McMullen2.pngPolice said Kailee Jo McMullen, [left], was  shot dead by her dad Ronald ‘Ronnie’ McMullen [right], at their family home in Norman, just outside Oklahoma City, on June 29

Police in Oklahoma arrested a grieving dad, Wednesday and charged him with the murder of his only child at the family’s home.
Ronald McMullen of Norman, Oklahoma father has been arrested over the shooting death of his 22-year-old daughter – just days after her obituary said she ‘cherished her family’.
Kailee Jo McMullen was found dead inside her family home at Norman, just outside Oklahoma City, last Thursday.
Police were responding to reports of a shooting early in the morning when they found the young woman’s body with a gunshot wound.
Her 43-year-old biological father ‘Ronnie’ McMullen was arrested on Wednesday over her death.

Kailee, [center], with her parents Ronnie and Karen McMullen2.jpgHappy family? An obituary published on Monday – just two days before her father’s arrest – said Kailee ‘cherished her family and always had time for them’

He was booked into the Cleveland County Detention Center and is facing first degree murder charges.
Prior to McMullen’s arrest, police had said they were treating the young woman’s death as ‘suspicious’.
Although an effusive obituary published in the Norman Transcript on Monday – just two days before her father’s arrest – said Kailee ‘cherished her family and always had time for them’. In fact, Kailee Jo is understood to be the only child of her parents Ronnie and Karen McMullen.
‘Kailee had a zest for life and a bubbly personality, was quick witted, and had a quirky sense of humor,’ her obituary read.
However, the medical examiner’s office had ruled that Kailee’s cause of death is due to a gunshot wound to the head and the preliminary investigation led detectives to conclude that the cause of death was suspicious.

Kailee Jo McMullen3.jpgKailee Jo McMullen family and friends said had a zest for life.
Kailee was working as an EMT in her hometown in Oklahoma after attending Bible college in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

‘Always the entertainer, she loved making people laugh and was famous for the elaborate costumes she would put together when the occasion arose.
‘Kailee was a good and loyal friend, and all who knew her were better for it.’
She was religious and grew up attending Goodrich Memorial United Methodist Church.
Kailee was working as an EMT and at a plasma donation clinic in Norman when she was killed.
She graduated from Norman High School in 2013 where she was a Varsity cheerleading captain, before attending Bible college in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
‘Kailee had a passion for helping people and loved animals,’ her obituary read, with her funeral scheduled to take place on Friday.

Kailee, pictured at her high school graduation in 2013, with her parents Ronnie and Karen McMullen1.jpg
Ronnie [left]. and Karen McMullen [right], pictured at the 2013  high school graduation of their only child Kailee Jo, [center]

According to the court documents which provide details into the death of a Kailee,  following the arrest of her father.
On June 29, Norman police responded to a report of a shooting at a home in the 1700 block of Abe Martin Drive.
The search warrant affidavit states that when officers arrived on the scene, 43-year-old Ronald McMullen was covered in blood and even had blood under the tank top he was wearing.
Immediately, emergency crews began performing CPR on the injured young woman until it was clear that she was dead from a gunshot wound to the head.
When asked what happened, the affidavit states that McMullen gave officers a blank stare and told them that he didn’t know where the gun was.
It was clear to them that Kailee and the gun had been moved prior to their arrival.
The report states that an officer went into the kitchen and discovered towels that had been used in an attempt to clean up the blood.
As officers were taking photos of McMullen, the report states that he “kept trying to wipe off the blood all over him with a towel.”
In fact, it states that officers had to physically restrain McMullen from wiping blood from his hands.
“After pictures were taken, Ronald McMullen lay down in the dirt, and began covering himself in dirt while rubbing the shoes he was wearing (also covered in blood) on the concrete entryway,” the affidavit states.
Police said they are still investigating her murder but do not expect to arrest anyone else in connection to her death.

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