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Venus Williams wins emergency court order against Barson family who are suing her over fatal auto crash – Video evidence of the crash scene emerges

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‘Video emerges showing Venus Williams entered junction LEGALLY before being T-boned by driver whose husband died after smash’

Venus Williams wins emergency court order against family suing her over death crash stopping them taking evidence from her car
The family of Jerome Barson, 78, are suing Venus Williams claiming she is liable for his death after a car crash in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida,  on June 9
On July 5, Williams was granted an emergency court order preventing the family from taking evidence from the two vehicles
The tennis star feared critical evidence could be unintentionally lost if data was taken from the cars 
Lawyers for the victim’s family gave Williams’s legal team less than a 24-hour notice that they were going to download data from both vehicles
Police found Williams was to blame for crash in which her 2010 Toyota Sequoia SUV was t-boned by 2016 Hyundai Accent driven by Barson’s wife, Linda
Jerome Barson died two weeks later of his injuries and his family shortly after filed legal papers 
Venus Williams’ legal team files emergency motion in deadly Palm Beach crash
Venus Williams at Wimbledon 2017-3.jpgVenus Williams is fighting back after a preliminary police report found her at fault in a crash that claimed the life of a passenger in the subcompact that crashed into the side of her SUV at a traffic light.

She had a geen light when she entered the intersection
Although a preliminary police report said Venus Williams is at fault in a crash that claimed the life of a passenger in the other car involved, the former women’s number one ranked tennis player is not leaving anything to chance in the potential mega lawsuit she faces for her involvement in the June 9 auto accident that proved deadly, in Palm beach, Florida.
While playing for another Grand Slam title at Wimbledon, her legal team made an emergency filing Wednesday that relates to the inspection of Williams’ 2010 Toyota Sequoia SUV, as well as the 2016 Hyundai Accent driven by Linda Barson, with which crashed into the side of the tennis pro’s SUV in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida nearly four weeks ago
Damage in Venus Williams involved accident1Fire and Rescue examine the totally crushed Hyundai Accent that ran into the side of Williams’ Toyota Seqouia

The motion seeks to prevent the inspection of, or downloading of data from either vehicle, E! Online reported.
Documents obtained by the website suggest that doing so could cause “critical evidence” to be lost or destroyed.
Cops blame Venus Williams in Fla. car crash that killed 78-year-old

Venus broke down and cried when reporters asked her about the crash after her first round match at Wimbledon

Williams’ lawyers have requested that all inspection and data collection be postponed until court officials have provided a “procedure for the proper collection of all data.” A hearing related to the accident has been set for Friday.
“The on-board data of both vehicles will be critical evidence,” Williams’ lawyers wrote. “Issues have been known to arise when a vehicle’s data is downloaded. These issues included, but were not limited to, the unintended loss of the data. For that reason, no party should be allowed to inspect the vehicles until all Parties can be present with their experts and this Court issues a procedure for collecting the vehicles’ data.
“Jerome Barson, 78, succumbed to injuries sustained during the crash on June 22 — two weeks after the accident. His estate filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Williams.

Venus Williams: Wimbledon 2017: After her first round win, Venus Williams breaks down in tears over fatal car crash.jpgAfter her first round victory against Belgian Elise Mertens, Venus Williams breaks down in tears over questions on fatal auto crash. She eventually walked out of the press conference
Jerome Barson4.jpg
78-year-old Jerome Barson died as a result of injuries sustained in the auto accident

An accident report filed by Palm Beach Gardens Police who responded to the scene named Williams as the party at fault, according to CNN. The victim’s family has alleged the tennis player’s negligence behind the wheel was the root of the accident.

Venus Williams condolence  message to Barson family1.pngVenus Williams condolence message to Barson family

Williams, 37, first spoke about  the fatal crash, which occurred on June 30.
She expressed regret about the June 9 accident  in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., which claimed the life of Jerome Barsons, noting she is keeping the family in her prayers.
“I am devastated and heartbroken by this accident,” she wrote Friday night in a Facebook post.
“My heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of Jerome Barson and I continue to keep them in my thoughts and prayers,” the athlete continued.

Diagram prepared by police shows how the car driven by Jerome Barson's widow, Linda, hit Venus Williams' car in the junction.jpgA diagram prepared by Pam Beach police shows how the car driven by Jerome Barson’s widow, Linda, hit Venus Williams’ car in the junction
Palm Beach police report on Venus Williams accident.jpgThe logic of the police report  placed Venus Williams at fault in the auto crash. Williams was driving V1 in the police report and Linda Barson was at the wheel of V2 when it t-boned the tennis star’s SUV

The report included the account of the collision provided by Linda Barson. She recalled approaching an intersection while traveling west in the righthand lane. Linda Barson said she slowed down as she approached a traffic light; when it turned green, she proceeded, at which time Williams’ car cut her and husband Jerome Barson’s vehicle off.
Williams recalled a much different scenario. She told police she was stopped in the median of the intersection due to congestion. The tennis player did not recall seeing the Hyundai Accent as she passed through the intersection.
“(Williams) is at fault for violating the right of way of (the Barsons),” the report read.

Jerome Barson and his wife1Jerome Barson and Linda Barson. Linda was driving at the time of the crash. She survived with severe injuries.

The Barson family have brought a wrongful death case against the tennis star, claiming she is liable for damages after the car crash which led to his death.
His wife Linda was driving the car which t-boned Williams at a junction in Palm Beach, Gardens, Florida on June 9,  while Linda survived with serious injuries, Jerome Barson died on June 22, two weeks after the crash.
A police report said that Williams was to blame for the crash because she was stopped in a junction while Barson had the right of way.
Now Williams has won the first legal round in the court case over the death, gaining an emergency protective order against the Barsons.
She applied for it on Wednesday, July 5, and it was granted the same day.
She has yet to file her response to the wrongful death lawsuit that was filed on June 30.
However, on Wednesday a Palm Beach County court granted Williams’ request to stop the family of Jerome Barson from examining the two cars involved in the fatal crash.
Her lawyers successfully argued that the vehicles should not be examined for evidence and that no data should be taken from them.
According to court documents, the Barson family’s lawyer provided the Williams and her team with less than 24-hour notice that they were going to inspect and download data from the vehicles, both of which\t are being stored at Kauffs Transportation Systems in West Palm Beach.
To date the accident remains under investigation and Williams has not been charged.
Police say there was no evidence she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or that she was distracted by a phone.
However their report placed Williams at fault for blocking the right of way of the other vehicle.
Reacting to the emergence of the video evidence Gary Iscoe, an attorney representing the Barson family, said after Friday’s hearing that they were satisfied Williams realized the ‘gravity’ of the situation.
Nonetheless he said the retiree’s death had taken a ‘devastating toll’ on his widow and that they looked forward to gaining closure by holding Venus accountable.
‘We are very pleased that the evidence will be preserved and examined and we are confident that the evidence will show Miss Williams was at fault,’ he said.


Statement from Palm Beach Gardens Police Department Regarding the Traffic Crash which occurred on June 9, 2017
The Palm Beach Gardens Police Department initiated an investigation into a traffic crash involving Venus Williams on June 9, 2017.
The crash occurred at 1:13 P.M. at the intersection of Northlake Boulevard and BallenIsles Drive in the City of Palm Beach Gardens. The passenger of Vehicle 2 (Jerome L. Barson of West Palm Beach, FL) was transported to the hospital where he later died on June 22, 2017.


After the initial investigation was conducted, new evidence into the incident was located. Video surveillance footage was obtained from a community south of the intersection which recorded the traffic crash.
Based on the evidence obtained in the ongoing investigation, it has been determined the vehicle driven by Venus Williams lawfully entered the intersection on a circular green traffic signal, and attempted to travel north through the intersection to BallenIsles Drive.
As Williams was traveling through the intersection, a Nissan Altima entered the intersection traveling south, and made a left turn in front of William’s vehicle, causing her to stop advancing through the intersection to avoid a collision.
After the Nissan had proceeded past Williams, Williams then started to proceed north through the intersection in accordance with F.S.S. 316.075 (1)(a)1.
The vehicle driven by Linda Barson was traveling west on Northlake Blvd, in the outside lane, approaching a steady red traffic signal. The traffic signal then cycled to green, at which time Barson continued westbound and entered the intersection.
The front end of Barson’s vehicle collided with the right front of William’s vehicle. This updated information, based upon new evidence, is still under investigation.
As per Florida Statutes, due to the continuing investigation of this incident, no additional information will be released at this time.

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