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Man suspected in wife death hangs himself in Bronx warehouse, an apparent murder-suicide – Cops hunting suspect find him dead in his furniture warehouse where his ex-wife, Djamila Requieghmuda, was slain a day earlier

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Man hangs himself as wife slain in his Bronx warehouse, early hours of Friday
 The 55-year-old furniture restorer was found hanging in his furniture warehouse in Port Morris, in a possible murder-suicide
Cops were hunting the man as a suspect in the murder of his ex, Djamila Requieghmuda, 55, who was found dead on the fourth floor of his furniture warehouse in Port Morris about 4 am, Thursday
On Wednesday, a Bronx man who called 911 to report hearing a woman’s screams in the furniture warehouse, said no one answered when he called
After tracking her mother to the dad’s ware house, Requieghmuda’s daughter called 911 and reported her missing
She had just received a disturbing phone call from her dad, contemplating suicide
He also told his daughter he was considering returning to his native Egypt
Police seal off the Bronx furniture warehouse.pngCops were hunting for the 55-year-old man after they found his ex, Djamila Requieghmuda, dead on the fourth floor of his furniture warehouse in Port Morris about 4 a.m., Friday. NYPD officers seal off the crime scene

A man wanted for questioning in the killing of his ex-wife was found dead after hanging himself in the same Bronx warehouse where her body was found, police sources said Friday.
Cops were hunting for the 55-year-old man after they found Djamila Requieghmuda, also 55, dead on the fourth floor of his furniture warehouse on E. 136th St. near Willow Ave. in Port Morris about 4 a.m. Thursday, police said.
Her body was under a dolly and had been covered by several blankets, sources said Friday. She had a head wound and wire wrapped around her neck, sources said. Cops deemed her death a homicide Friday.
Her ex-husband, a furniture restorer, hanged himself, sources said. His body was found Thursday night in a small closet on the same floor where his wife’s body was found earlier that day, sources said. Cops were trying to determine when he killed himself.
The day before the two bodies were discovered, a Bronx man called 911 reporting he heard a woman screaming in the furniture warehouse — and that when he knocked nobody answered. Cops came to the warehouse but left after they were unable to gain access.
About 10 hours later, Requieghmuda’s daughter in Brooklyn called 911 and reported her missing after getting a disturbing phone call from her dad — Requieghmuda’s ex-husband. He told his daughter he wanted to kill himself and was considering returning to his native Egypt.
When the couple’s 22-year-old daughter could not raise her mother she called 911 to report her missing. After filing the report, the young woman used an app to track down her mother, eventually getting a hit at 136th Street in Port Morris, where her father’s business is located.
The discovery alarmed her and she quickly called police to search for the phone and cops returned their early Thursday. This time they managed to gain access — and discovered Requieghmuda’s body.
The deceased couple apparently have a violent history and were divorced as a result, sources said.
Their 22-year-old daughter told cops that her dad had threatened to kill Requieghmuda in the past, the sources said.
Cops had in the past been called three times to Requieghmuda’s Bay Ridge home for disturbing incidents involving her ex-husband after they had been split for more than a year, sources said Friday.
On Sept. 26, 2016, she called 911 complaining he had broken three of her home’s windows. Ten days later, she complained he was knocking on her door — but he was gone by the time cops arrived. A week later she called to complain he was knocking again,  and told cops he had threatened to kill her in the past.
As cops probed those incidents in 2016, the ex-husband cursed out a domestic violence cop involved in the cases and told him he hated America, sources said.

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