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Absurd world of pervs! 38-year-old Justin Armstrong, ‘who impregnated 11-year-old girl denies wrongdoing and claims she may have raped HIM while he slept’

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Man, 38, ‘who impregnated 11-year-old girl denies wrongdoing and claims she may have raped HIM while he slept’
Justin Armstrong, of Massachusetts, charged with raping and impregnating an 11-year-old girl 
He was arrested after victim told a family friend about alleged molestation, and tests confirmed she was four months pregnant 
Girl’s pregnancy was terminated and fetal tissue samples were taken for the purpose of DNA testing  
The girl told investigators that Armstrong had molested her for about 18 months and engaged in various sex acts with her
In custody bail is set  at $50,000 

38-year-old Justin Armstrong raped 11-year-old girl.jpgA 38-year-old Massachusetts man accused of impregnating an 11-year-old girl has denied raping the child, and instead suggested that she might have become pregnant by having sex with him as he slept.
Justin Armstrong, of Springfield, was ordered held on bail after pleading not guilty Monday to forcible child rape.
His defense lawyer said he denies the allegations, is cooperating with investigators and voluntarily submitted a DNA sample for testing.

Child rape victim.pngJustin Armstrong, 38, has been accused of impregnating an 11-year-old girl [stock photo], says it’s they other way round, even suggesting that she might have raped him while he slept

Armstrong repeatedly told the victim he would be arrested if she told anyone, but she finally broke down and confided in one of her mother’s friends on July 9, O’Connor said.
Armstrong denied having sex with the girl, and told police she claimed a younger relative had been sexually abusing her for years. But when he heard she was four months pregnant, the suspect switched his story.  Armstrong police said, raised the possibility that the 11-year-old victim raped him while he slept, reported The Springfield Republican. 
Armstrong was arrested on Friday, two weeks after the victim broke her silence and revealed the alleged abuse to a friend of her mother’s. The girl has not been named due to her age and the sexual nature of the crime.
When interviewed by police, the child claimed that the 38-year-old man had molested her for 18 months, and that the abuse involved various sex acts, while urging her not to tell.
The girl’s pregnancy was confirmed by doctors on or around July 9, and then aborted.
With the results of DNA testing performed on the fetal tissue are still pending, Armstrong’s defense attorney on Monday asked a judge to set his bail at $3,000, arguing that he grew up in the Springfield area, has no past criminal record and is not a flight risk.
The judge was not swayed by the lawyer’s arguments and set his bail at $50,000.
Armstrong was also prohibited from making any contact with the victim. He is due back in court on August 4.



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