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Car thief fails in ridiculous plan to disguise one-of-a-kind, bright yellow car in black fails; Cops arrested Patrick Chamberlin for stealing the rare car

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Car thief’s daft plan to disguise one-of-a-kind bright yellow car in black fails leading to his arrest
Patrick Allen Chamberlin was arrested on Thursday for stealing a rare car
Chamberlin, 48, Police say attempted to disguise the rare canary yellow 1966 Ford GT40 replica, by painting it black
Local residents in Marshalltown, Iowa immediately spotted the car stolen car, where he’d parked it 
Chamberlin was charged with grand larceny and possession of a controlled substance among numerous other violations
Patrick Allen Chamberlin 5.png Not-so-smart car thief Patrick Chamberlain, [photo], tried to disguise a rare car with a simple paint job while continuing driving it in the same town
Rare Ford GT40 in yellow and black.pngA criminal’s utter stupidity landed him in an Iowa jail on Monday after he attempted to disguise a one-of-a-kind car in black.

Patrick Allen Chamberlin, 48, was arrested on Thursday by Marshalltown police after local residents spotted him driving a rare 1966 Ford GT40 replica.
Charges against Chamberlin included grand larceny, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and several traffic violations.

A car thief was put behind bars on Thursday after he attempted to steal a one-of-a-kind '66 Ford GT40 replica.jpgA car thief was put behind bars on Thursday after he attempted to steal a one-of-a-kind ’66 Ford GT40 replica [photo]
The car is now black bit it did not fool the local communityThe disguise failed. Even wearing it’s new black paint guise, Patrick Allen Chamberlin was slapped with larceny and drug possession charges by Marshalltown authorities after local residents spotted him driving the car
 Steve Salasek, owner of the unique vehicle, said he noticed the car missing on Tuesday.
‘I went to go get it out of the storage shed, and it was gone,’ Salasek told CBS affiliate KCCI. ‘It wasn’t there.’
Police Chief for Marshalltown, Michael Tupper, said he credits the local community for spotting the vehicle, which would have probably been stripped for parts and never seen again given a few more hours.
Patrick Allen Chamberlin 4.pngAuthorities said that Patrick Allen Chamberlin [photo] made a futile attempt to disguise the car in black from its original yellow color [right], it wasn’t foolproof

‘If it hadn’t been for the community’s involvement and interest in this story, we probably would not have found the car,’ Tupper told KCCI.
Authorities in Marshalltown say that Chamberlin had attempted to cover the vehicle’s original bright yellow exterior with black paint in order to disguise it.
But given the make and model of the car, Tupper said it was highly unlikely it would have gone undetected.
‘It was a very unique car and I feel pretty comfortable saying it was probably the only car like this in Marshall County, maybe in the central Iowa area,’ the police officer said.
Despite the ordeal, Salasek said he’s happy to have his car back and plans to bring the vehicle back to its original prestige.
‘One way or another, it’ll come back to life,’ Salasek said.

police Chief Michael Tupper and the vehicle's owner Steve SalasekSteve Salasek [right], owner of the unique vehicle, plans to repaint the car and bring it back to its original prestige.
Marshalltown police Chief Michael Tupper [left], said that local residents in the community were to thank for finding Salasek’s car.


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