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Ouch! Houston woman ‘kills her common-law husband by shooting him in the groin’ – Debra Davis was driving in the neighborhood when she caught her spouse with his mistress outside a home

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Houston woman, ‘kills her husband by shooting him in the groin after she found him with his mistress’
Houston police say a woman fatally shot her common-law husband after she found him hanging out with his mistress
Debra Davis was driving in a nearby neighborhood around noon Tuesday when she saw her spouse, Rodney Johnson sitting outside with the woman
58-year-old Davis still sitting in her car got into a screaming match with Johnson, 49, before she fired a shot into his groin and fled
Johnson was transferred to the Ben Taub Hospital, where he died from the gun shot injuries
Davis turned herself in after a short search by police and has been charged with murder 
Debra Davis is still married to another man, Roger Davis, her husband of more than 30 years
Up until recently, attorneys said, Roger was still hoping to reconcile with his wife

Debra Davis 4.pngDebra Davis [photo], of Houston, fatally shot her husband when she found him cheating. Police in Houston say Davis shot and killed her husband after she found him hanging out with his mistress outside his family house.
According to Houston police sources, 49-year-old Rodney Johnson was shot in his family’s driveway Tuesday night on Cathedral Drive near Wilmington in Sunnyside.
His family says he was meeting with a girlfriend when Davis showed up and pulled out a gun. A furious Davis asked the pair what was going on, then fired a gunshot directed at Johnson’s groin area and fled the scene.
Johnson, a father of one, was transferred to the Ben Taub Hospital, where he died from injuries. The other woman was at the scene when the shooting occurred, but she was not hurt.

Debra Davis shooting scene 5Debra Davis spotted her partner sitting outside with an unidentified woman in front of his family house near the 9400 block of Cathedral Drive

Authorities are unsure of how the suspect was initially prompted to the location or if the incident was planned.
She was driving a grey Hyundai Sonata when she fled the scene before help arrived.
Police say Davis turned herself in Wednesday around 7 a.m. She was transferred from Houston police headquarters this afternoon to be booked at the Harris County Jail. She has yet to be arraigned, according to a KHOU report.
Police sources said Davis was sitting in a car while confronting her common-law husband, Rodney Johnson, outside of the family home where he was with his girlfriend. They said she fired a round, hitting Johnson in the groin area.
“I heard one gun shot, and I came out and he was already lying there in the street. We tried to do CPR and…it was already over by the time he was transported,” said neighbor Diondra Jefferson.
Neighbors said they had seen Johnson and the woman he was with the night he was killed on their street together in the past. They say the woman would ride her bike to meet with him.
“His girlfriend came and she shot him because he’s messing around with women,” said victim’s cousin Robert Johnson. “You know these things are love things.
This it would appear is a summer where death is in the air for errant male spouses in the Houston area. Just two weeks ago, another Houston-area woman ran over her cheating husband with her vehicle.

Debra Davis shooting scene 4.jpgDavis shot her common-law husband in the groin during a screaming match before she fled the scene
Debra Davis shooting scene 1.jpgDebra Davis fled the scene after shooting Johnson, fatally it turned out

Police are currently searching for her for further questioning on her side of the story

Investigators say Clara Harris met her husband David at hotel Hilton Nasa Clear Lake, where the fiery argument began regarding his infidelity.
The noisy pair walked out to the hotel’s parking lot where the fight escalated.
In a rage, Harris jumped inside her car and drove forward, running David over to his death.
‘She said that she was just distraught over the marital problems that they were evidently having,’ Nassau Bay Police Lt. Joe Cashiola said in a statement.
‘Officers arrived on the scene and found the victim had been struck multiple times with the car,’ he said.
Investigators say Harris’ teenage daughter from a former marriage was sitting in Harris’ vehicle when she ran over her father in the deadly event which she claimed to be ‘an accident.’
The Nassau Bay police confirmed the homicide was intended.
‘Since then, we have brought the wife up here for questioning (and) during the interview she has admitted her involvement.’
Harris was charged with first-degree murder and taken into the Harris County Jail where she was later released on $30,000 bail.
In a twist of Irony as Debra Davis faces charges for killing her common-law husband, facts emerged indicating that she was still married to another man.
Attorneys confirmed the divorce between Debra Davis and Roger Davis, her husband of more than 30 years, is yet to be finalized, Rogers Davis Jr.’s divorce lawyer, Allette B. Williams, said Wednesday.
Rogers Davis Jr. suspected his wife was having an affair with Johnson, Williams added. However, Debra Davis had not said she was having an affair in court, Williams said.
Rogers Davis Jr. and Debra Davis married in March 1985. They stopped living together in July 2016.
The couple have adult children,  up until recently Roger was still hoping to reconcile with his wife, Williams said,



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