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Salt Lake City man, Jake Jensen, charged with killing his girlfriend’s disabled toddler daughter – he claimed she died of a seizure, married the girl’s mom and had a baby

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Jensen is charged with killing his girlfriend’s disabled toddler daughter one year after claiming she died of a seizure 
The 29-year-old Jake Don Jensen of  Utah was charged on Monday with killing his wife’s daughter Sophia, who died on January 5, 2016 
23-year-old Stephanie, was at work at the time, her boyfriend Jensen who was babysitting her 19-month-old daughter told police the child suffered a seizure  
In March 2017, Stephanie Mahaffey  and father-of-one, Jake, wed
They welcomed their baby girl in June
Final autopsy showed  Sophia had suffered had broken legs and head injuries when she died
Ruling her death homicide, charges were filed against Jake in Salt Lake City, Utah, Monday
Jensen is in Salt Lake County jail, charged with child abuse homicide, child abuse
Bond is set at $500,000  
The autopsy report was only finalized a year after the toddler’s death, in January  
Sophie, Jake Jensen and Stephanie 2.pngJake Jensen,  has been charged with murdering his wife Stephanie’s one-year-old daughter Sophia in 2016 [left], whom he claimed suffered a seizure

Jake Jensen, has been charged with murdering his wife Stephanie’s one-year-old daughter Sophia in 2016 . He said the girl, who suffered cerebral palsy, died of a seizure However,  a new autopsy report proved that he lied about the events that led to the toddlers death on found in January 5, 2016.  The Medical Examiner’s office ruled that little Sophie was battered to death by her care giver, who happened to be her mother’s lover and a father of a son himself.
The Utah father has been charged with abusing and killing his girlfriend’s disabled daughter, more than a year after claiming she died of a seizure and four months after marrying the girl’s mother.
Jensen, 29, was charged on Monday in Salt Lake City, Utah, with beating and killing his wife Stephanie’s daughter Sophia in January 2016.
At the time of the toddler’s death, Jensen told police she suffered a seizure when he was looking after her while her mother was at work and said this was what caused her death.
In March this year, Jake and Stephanie, 23, married and the couple welcomed their daughter, their first child together, in June.
A day after their new daughter’s christening, Monday prosecutors filed charges against Jensen in light of a final autopsy report into Sophia’s death which was completed in January.
After her death, doctors discovered both of Sophie Mahaffey’s legs had been broken and were in various stages of healing, though the broken bones were never reported, the charges state.
A team at Primary Children’s Hospital examined the girl’s body and determined her injuries were “most consistent with severe child physical abuse, given the lack of any other adequate explanation for either her broken legs or the head and eye injuries,” according to charging documents.

Sophie 3.pngOn January 4, 2016, Stephanie left Sophia with her new boyfriend, Jake Jensen when she went to work. He told police he found her having a seizure in her crib. Autopsy results just proved the one-year-old was battered to death

Red flags were thrown by the fact that emergency crews arrived when first called to the couple’s home where 19-month-old Sophie was having a seizure, the seizure had stopped. Sophie’s mother, Stephanie Mahaffey and her boyfriend, Jake Jensen, declined to have the baby transported to the hospital but promised to see a doctor in the coming days, charging documents state.
Doctors say the baby would have been in pain “for at least some time,” but the couple never reported it, the court documents state.
During both incidents, Jensen was at home taking care of Sophie while her mother worked. Because he could not explain the baby’s injuries, and his account of what happened the morning the girl died was different from the mother’s, doctors suspected child abuse, the charges state.

The final autopsy report, finalized in January, listed the cause of death as homicide because no explanation had been offered for the subdural hemorrhages the child suffered which were likely caused two to three days before her death and triggered the seizures, according to court documents.
The finalized report found Sophia had been murdered, that she had broken legs when she died and ‘very severe’ facial and head injuries. The suspect was arrested and placed in custody in the Salt Lake County jail
Jensen has been charged with child abuse homicide and child abuse and is in Salt Lake.
Bond is set at $500,000.

On January 2, 2016, Jensen was looking after the girl while her mother was at work. Social media suggests that the couple had been together for around four months, at the time.

In the early hours of the morning, police were called to the home by her worried mother who said she was having a seizure.
When police arrived, Sophia’s vital signs appeared normal and emergency responders left. Her mother decided not to take her to hospital but promised to take her to a doctor, charging documents that were obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune reveal.
Two days later on January 4, Stephanie left her daughter in her boyfriend’s care to go to work again but ‘had a feeling she should come home early’ so did.
When she arrived, Sophia was having another seizure, she later told police. They took her to the hospital but the toddler never regained consciousness and they turned her life support off a day later.
Since Sophia’s death in 2016, the pair have married and had the baby, their first together. Jake already has an older son from a previous relationship.

 GoFundMe campaigns to pay for Sophia's funeral costs and medical bills 1.jpg
GoFundMe campaigns to pay for Sophia's funeral costs and medical bills 2More than a month after her daughter’s death, Stephanie set up a second page to ask friends to help her pay for Sophia’s medical bills 

At the time, Jensen raised suspicion by giving police conflicting statements. In one, he said he found Sophia already having the seizure in her crib.
In another, he said she went ‘stiff’ when he gave her a bottle. No charges were brought against either parent.
Stephanie, an avid and enthusiastic Facebook user, immediately began sharing links to a GoFundMe page to raise money for funeral costs.
In the weeks that followed, she asked for more money to help pay Sophia’s medical bills. In March this year, Stephanie and Jake Jensen got married. 

Stephanie and Jake Jensen collecting donations for a honeymoon to Bora Bora online.jpgProfiting from crime:The couple are still collecting donations for a honeymoon to Bora Bora online 

As part of their registry they asked for household items from Bed Bath & Beyond and asked guests to contribute towards a Bora Bora honeymoon, sharing links to $125 snorkelling expeditions and asking them for cash to go shopping with.
The are still collecting donations for their honeymoon trip. In June this year, the pair welcomed their first daughter together.

Stephanie posted that she  'never thought' the couple would survive the tragedy of her daughter's death but said it made them 'stronger.jpgMixed signals: In July, Stephanie posted that she ‘never thought’ they as a couple would survive the tragedy of her daughter’s death but said it only served to make them ‘stronger.’ 
Jake wed Stephanie, in 2017 and they just had a daughter.pngIn June, Stephanie gave birth to the couple’s first child together. Their daughter was christened on Sunday [right], a day before the newly wed dad’s arrest
Jake and Stephanie Jense, Stepahie and Sophie.pngThe evil that lurks below the grin: Jake Jensen [left], murdered Stephanie’s disabled daughter, Sophie, [right, with mom Stephanie], so he could be free to wed his girlfriend

A medical examiner found that Sophia (above with her mother) had broken legs and head injuries when she died that appeared to be the result of child abuse. The girl’s mother has not been charged

On Sunday, a day before his arrest, they celebrated the baby’s blessing.
Stephanie proudly told friends on social media that she wore a dress which had been made for Sophia for the occasion.
The woman did not respond to’s questions regarding her husband’s arrest on Tuesday morning.
The charging documents explain that Jensen was charged because experts could find no other explanation for the no explanation for the subdural hemorrhages which Sophia suffered in the days before her death in 2016 other than that she had been beaten.
They said she had suffered ‘very severe injury to her brain’. Sophia was born with cerebral palsy as a result of being born prematurely.

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