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Texas man finds baby abandoned with her umbilical cord still attached, after being dumped in the bushes by her mother who hadn’t told anyone she was pregnant

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‘Judging by the photos, the parents of the baby girl most certainly knew they were expecting a baby! The grandmother? Maybe not’

 Baby girl was found abandoned moments after birth with her umbilical cord still attached, Thursday
Mother who hadn’t told anyone she was pregnant, dumped infant in bushes at Cypress Creek apartments in Houston, Texas
A resident found her covered in ants and debris lying in a flower bed at 5am, he captured the disturbing moment on film as the baby lay crying
Police followed a trail of blood to an apartment at the complex where they found Sidney Woytasczyk, the infant’s 21-year-old mother 
Woytasczyk was taken into custody and but has not yet been charged with any crime  
The baby girl was taken to a hospital to be checked but is in a good condition
Deandre Skillern came forward as the father when he appeared in court today
He claims neither he nor the baby’s grandmother, Tina Woytasczyk, had any idea Sidney Woytasczyk was pregnant
 Sidney Woytasczyk [right], and DeAndre Skillern 1.jpgThe infant’s mother Sidney Woytasczyk [right], here she is pictured on June 24 – thought to be at least seven months pregnant, with DeAndre Skillern, who says he is the father

A Texas man discovered a newborn baby dumped in a bush, covered in bugs and crying with her umbilical cord still attached.
The infant was discovered in the bushes outside an apartment complex in Houston, Texas, on Thursday morning by a resident who heard it crying as he walked by.
The baby was suffering from a bacterial infection and rapid heart rate. She is now being treated at a local hospital but is in a good condition.
Video released on during a court hearing on Friday shows the moment the shocked man found the newborn, saying in amazement: ‘Somebody left their baby out here. I need to call 911.’
At the hearing, a man named Deandre Skillern showed up claiming to be the father, and said investigators collected a DNA sample to verify his claim. Authorities later confirmed Skillern is the same man who was identified as the father during Thursday’s investigation.
The child’s maternal grandmother, Tina Woytasczyk, was also in attendance Friday and said she did not know her daughter was pregnant. Skillern also said he did not know she was pregnant and just noticed she was “getting bigger.”
In court, Skillern said he and the baby’s mother are not married, but lived together.
Skillern admitted in court that he smoked marijuana when he was asked to take a drug test.
The mother told a friend that she dumped the baby about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday and that the umbilical cord was ripped, according to information presented at the hearing.
Investigators also revealed at the hearing that the baby was 6 pounds 13 ounces when she was found. They also said the baby was suffering from a bacterial infection and rapid heart rate.

newborn baby girl who was dumped in a bush, covered in ants with her umbilical cord still attached 1.pngHouston man found ant-covered baby abandoned in the bushes

The incredible video shows a neighbor discovering the newborn baby girl who was dumped in a bush, covered in ants with her umbilical cord still attached, on Thursday. The newborn, doctors said was delivered about six hours before, laying naked and alone on the ground.
Graphic evidence was also presented to the court that showed that the umbilical cord was ripped, not cut out, which likely caused the baby girl’s bacterial infection.
Investigators say there was a trail of blood that led them to the mother’s apartment, where they found her and a man who authorities weren’t sure at the time if he was the newborn’s father.
Investigators believe the 21-year-old mother delivered the baby inside the apartment. The woman did admit to authorities she left the baby alone outside. She was taken to a nearby hospital, for a check up.

Harris County Deputy Thomas Gilliland said to the station: ‘Had this neighbor not been here, we’d be looking at a homicide. It’s a miracle the child was found.’
Albert Peterson was headed to work when he heard the baby crying around 5am on Thursday morning: “I heard some crying and whining and crying, and I kept walking until I got closer to the noise, and then I looked at the ground and there was a baby down there,” said Peterson.
“She had the mucus and the blood and umbilical cord and everything,” he said. “That’s just sad, for a human being to do another human being like that.”
He found her lying in the soil of a flower bed, covered in ants and other debris. Her umbilical cord was still attached.
Peterson lifted the baby off the ground, cleaned and swaddled her and called police.
‘Because how the child was found, the child was found unprotected, exposed to, almost to the brink of possibly being deceased,’ prosecutor Dan-Phi Nguyen, with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, told ABC 13. 

DeAndre Skillern 2.pngDeAndre Skillern, the alleged father, told the judge on Friday he was not aware his girlfriend was pregnant
The couple, who have been together for at least a year, said they didn’t realize Woytasczyk was pregnant (here they are pictured together in 2016)

Speaking to Channel 2, Peterson said: ‘I heard something like a cat. She was there on the ground in the flower bed with ants.
‘She was covered from head to toe and all in her ears… She had a lot of strength too. She was fighting.’
John Baldwin, who recorded the shocking video, added to the news station: ‘I was like ‘Hey, there’s a baby outside on the sidewalk.’ I was like, ‘Call 911!”
When Harris County Sheriff’s Officers arrived, they spotted a trail of blood on the ground. They followed it to an apartment door at the complex. Its residents at first refused to answer.
When they did allow police inside, a 21-year-old woman denied having any knowledge of the infant but then confessed that she had given birth to her an hour earlier.

Local police tracked down the 21-year-old mother by following a trail of blood that led them to her apartment's door.pngLocal police tracked down the 21-year-old mother by following a trail of blood that led them to her apartment’s door

The mother is currently in the custody of sheriffs and the local district attorney is currently considering charges against her

Police officers said they were thankful the baby was found alive.
Neighbors questioned why the mother had left the baby outside the apartments when there is a hospital less than a block away.
The baby girl was taken in to the custody of child protection services.
Deandre has now taken a DNA test and is awaiting the results,  told the court he is sure he is the father and hopes to get custody, as does the baby’s maternal grandmother Tina.
The newborn will remain in the hospital’s custody until custody proceedings are finished, Child Protective Services said on Friday.
Although people have begun contacting the agency wishing to adopt the little girl, the department is not at that point yet.

The infant was found outside the Cypress Creek apartment complex (pictured) in Houston, Texas, at 5am on Aug 9.pngThe infant was found outside the Cypress Creek apartment complex (pictured) in Houston, Texas, at 5am on Thursday.

Prosecutors said a grand jury will be presented with the case next week to determine if Woytasczyk will face charges. Skillern is not expected to be charged.

Parents who want to give up their babies in Texas can do so without fear of prosecution as long as they follow the Baby Moses Law.
The rules state the child must be under 60 days old, unharmed, and taken to a designated ‘Safe Haven’ which can be any hospital, fire station or emergency medical services station in Texas.
However, it is unlikely that Woytasczyk would be protected by this law after her baby was abandoned in a bush, and left to the elements.

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