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Judge resolves dog ownership dispute in novel judicial ruling

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Judge Judy resolved disputed dog ownership by letting dog loose in court
Dog ignored  false claimant and wagged it’s way happily to it’s owner
TV Judge Judy Sheindlin unleashed her keen legal mind in a most creative way while presiding over a dog ownership dispute.

In a viral clip of “Judge Judy” posted Monday, a woman said she bought the dog on the street, but a man claimed the pet was his.

After some questioning, Judge Judy was done with the garbled testimonies. She ordered the dog to be brought in to the courtroom and let loose.

Dog dashes to it's owner.pngThe dog ignored the woman claiming to it’s owner [right] and heads for the man
Man crying hugs his dog 2.pngDog and weeping owner happily, reunite

Tail wagging, the little pooch rushed excitedly to the man and jumped on his leg as the man began to cry.

Judge Judy then issued a most decisive ruling.

“It’s his dog,” she said.


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