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Thomas Demetrius Burns, 53, ID’d as disgruntled dishwasher who killed Exec chef Anthony Shane Whiddon, inside a Charleston, SC restaurant on Thursday

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Police identify Thomas Demetrius Burns, 53, as hostage taker who shot and killed executive restaurant chef Shane Whiddon on Thursday
Executive chef Anthony Shane Whiddon, 37,  was shot to death at his workplace, by a fired staffer at Virginia’s Restaurant in Charleston, SC 
The disgruntled dishwasher was shot by police after he killed chef Whiddon and took hostages inside a restaurant
Witnesses said the dishwasher who was fired left, then came back brandishing a handgun and ordered staff and customers to ‘get down’
“I am the new king of Charleston,” Burns declared
The former employee at Virginia’s, was shot by police after he shot the chef and took hostages 
Burns was stretchered out in critical condition, he later died, all hostages were rescued
Police activity at the scene of a reported shooting in Charleston, South Carolina Thursday 4.jpgPolice and SWAT team in position as hostage negotiators tried to talk to the hostage taker at Virginia’s  Restaurant, lunch time in Charleston, South Carolina on Thursday
Executive chef Anthony Shane Whiddon 3Executive chef Anthony Shane Whiddon was shot to death by a fired dish washer at Virginia’s Restaurant in Charleston, SC on Thursday

Charleston police named 53-year-old Thomas Demetrius Burns (pictured) as the suspect who shot and killed executive restaurant chef Shane Whiddon in Charleston, South Carolina, on Thursday
Police in South Carolina shot the former restaurant worker who they say killed a chef and took several people hostage in downtown Charleston this afternoon. Executive chef Anthony Shane Whiddon, 37, of Goose Creek, South Carolina, was shot to death at his workplace, by a fired dish washer at Virginia’s Restaurant in downtown Charleston, on Thursday.
Law enforcement officials in Charleston announced the situation has been resolved shortly after 3 pm, nearly three hours after the first reports about an active shooter at Virginia’s On King started coming in.
The mayor of Charleston told reporters the gunman has been shot by police and was taken to a hospital in critical condition.
One victim, described by local news outlets as a chef, has succumbed to his wounds.
Interim Charleston Police Chief Jerome Taylor says all the hostages at Virginia’s restaurant were rescued safely. He didn’t say how many there were.

Thomas Demetrius Burns - Charleston shooter1.jpgCharleston restaurant hostage taker Thomas Demetrius Burns [photo], shot and killed executive restaurant chef Shane Whiddon on Thursday

Virginia's restaurant 3.pngA fired employee at Virginia’s On King in Charleston, South Carolina, reportedly opened fire during lunch, fatally shooting a chef

EMTs strercher off an injured person in Charleston shooting.jpgPolice transport the injured gunman from the scene. The man later died

According to witnesses, it is believed the incident began unfolding at Virginia’s On King, a Southern food restaurant in the 400 block of King Street.
A family were having lunch at the eatery when they tell the Charleston Post and Courier a middle-aged man emerged from the kitchen brandishing a loaded revolver and announced, ‘There’s a new boss in town.’
The gunman’s sudden appearance sent patrons fleeing for their lives out of the eatery. There were about 30 people having lunch at Virginia’s during the incident.
A tourist from Maryland and his son recounted a similar story, saying a black man in an apron walked through the door holding a small-caliber revolver, locked the door and said, ‘I am the new king of Charleston.’
Some described the person in question as a black man in his late 50s. One diner, Patsy Plant, told the paper the armed man looked like a ‘grandpa’ but had ‘a crazy look.
Virginia’s owner, John Aquino, told WCSC-TV he thought the gunman was a dishwasher who was fired and came back to Virginia’s to get revenge by shooting a male chef because he was angry at him.
During an earlier press conference held this afternoon, Charles Francis, a spokesman for the Charleston Police Department, said officers who responded to the scene at 12.17pm located one shooting victim and had that person transported to a hospital.
Francis also said there are ‘a couple of hostages’ in the building.
Witnesses say the gunman let diners, waitresses and some kitchen staff out of the restaurant.
Authorities said a hostage negotiation team had tried to talk to the gunman.

Members of the public watch asl police deal with armed hostages taker at the restaurant .pngMembers of the public watch as police deal with armed hostage taker at a Charleston restaurant, Thursday
 Police activity at the scene of a reported shooting in Charleston, South Carolina Thursday 3.jpgSWAT team and Police officers in position, guns drawn near Virginia’s, as negotiators tried to coax the fired staffer is said to be holding hostages.
Hostage negotiators, SWAT officers and bomb specialists are at the scene in Charleston

Reports of an active shooter prompted a heavy police presence in the area and caused lockdowns at nearby businesses, which have since been lifted.
Heavily armed SWAT officers and a bomb squad also responded to the scene.
‘This was not an act of terrorism,’ Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg rushed to reassure the public. ‘This was not a hate crime. This was a disgruntled employee.’
The restaurant is located a few blocks away from Emanuel AME church, where nine black members of a church were killed by a white man during a June 2015 Bible study. Dylann Roof was sentenced to death in the case.


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