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Circumstances in Kenneka Jenkins death unresolved! New Facebook videos emerge as police track down teens at Chicago hotel party

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 Many unanswered questions as police question witnesses at teen party at Resemont Crowne Plaza hotel, on Friday
Cops using videos from party to track down potential witnesses, clues
After party-goer Kenneka Jenkins was found dead inside a walk-in freezer at the party venue, videos of the event have emerged online
Cause of death yet to be established, no arrests made
Police referring to the case as a “death investigation,”  not ruling out possibility of foul play
Kenneka Jenkins 6
What happened? Investigatorsare using video recordings of Friday’s party to track down everyone who attended a party with Kenneka Jenkins for a complete narrative

19-year-old Chicago teen Kenneka Jenkins went out to party with friends at the Rosemont Crowne Plaza hotel over the weekend. She was declared missing and was found hours later, dead,  inside a walk-in freezer at the Hotel.
The explanation from Rosemont police department and Crowne Plaza hotel staff so far, is that an inebriated Jenkins waked into the freezer and met her death.
The unanswered question is how a slightly built and heavily intoxicated teen was able to open two sets of heavy doors guarding the industrial freezer, how she got from the ninth floor party venue to the freezer location, what happened in between the time she was last seen on video recordings until her dead body turned up and why it was not enough that an adult was reported on their premises for hotel staff to conduct a search?
At the moment investigators are still trying to track down everyone who may have attended a hotel party a few hours before Kenneka Jenkins disappeared and was later found dead inside a walk-in freezer.
Rosemont police have been  investigating a Facebook Live video that appears to show Kenneka Jenkins, in a hotel room with a group of people before she went missing. The one video  caught investigators’ attention after it went viral was a Facebook Live video that appeared to show Kenneka in the hotel room.
In the footage, a woman wearing mirrored sunglasses is seen smoking and talking to the camera. The other side of the hotel room can be seen in the girl’s glasses. In the background a woman who looks like Kenneka appears to be sitting on a bed.
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Missing Chicago teen found dead inside industrial freezer after hotel party

Rosemont police said they have started interviewing witnesses and have been trying to identify and get the contact information for the people who were at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Friday night for a birthday party on the ninth floor, according to the Daily Herald.
Kenneka, who attended the party with friends, was found dead in an industrial freezer in a construction area of the hotel early Sunday morning, almost 24 hours after she was last seen.

This video posted on Facebook gave investigators clues in tracking events at the hotel party before Kenneka Jenkins vanished,

Speaking Tuesday, police spokesman Gary Mack said detectives have been reviewing Facebook videos posted the night of the party to identify the people who were with the 19-year-old girl.
“It’s a very long and painstaking process,” Mack said.
Police  spokesman Gary Mack told the Chicago Tribune that investigators have identified most of the people seen in the footage.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Chicago 3Authorities are trying to unravel what led to Kenneka Jenkins ending up dead inside a walk-in freezer at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, after a party on Friday

People who have commented on the case believe some form of foul play happened in the room that led to Kenneka’s death, but police have yet to say if they believe anything suspicious happened to the teen during the video.
According to Mack police are still referring to the case as a “death investigation,” in which they’re not ruling out the possibility of foul play.
No arrests have been made, but teens who attended the party are continuing to share videos from that night on social media.

One attendee who identified himself as D’block Capper, posted a video on Wednesday of a group of guys and girls dancing and singing in the hotel room. In the caption, he wrote that the video proves Kenneka was still alive after the Facebook Live video.

Kenneka Jenkins 519-year-old Kenneka Jenkins went out to party with friends at the Rosemont Crowne Plaza hotel over the weekend. She was declared missing and was found hours later, dead inside a walk-in freezer at the Hotel.

“I’m just posting sum [sic] that can help the case out,” he said. “Ion want [sic] no clout we want justice n peace.”
Another guy who was at the party also shared a video Wednesday of the group of teens dancing in the room. Towards the end of the video Kenneka can be seen holding a cup.
“The official last time Kenneka Jenkins was seen on video,” he posted. “New footage. She was alive here.”
Police have said it could take up to weeks to determine what happened to the teen.

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