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Jealous woman conspires with boyfriend to slaughter twin sister! David Eran jailed 20 years, Evil twin, Shiri Sobol gets 6 years

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David Eran, girlfriend’s twin sister 130 times in the stairwell of the family’s apt building in Tel Aviv, Israel on Feb 18, 2016
Shiri Sobol allegedly, developed “intense hatred” for her twin Hili Sobol when her sister returned from boarding school
After a series of arguments with her sister, 18-year-old Shiri recruited her boyfriend, Eran David for the ‘hit’ 
Shiri reportedly, set up the logistics of the kill, watched it’s execution then called authorities to report her sister was attacked by an unknown Arab assailant
She shielded the killer and provided change of clothing while cops searched for him
Initially Shiri Sobol and Eran David were both charged with murder, both admitted to the killing as part of a plea deal 
After the twins’ mother pleaded with the court for clemency, her daughter’s murder charge was reduced to soliciting grievous bodily harm, with a 6-year jail sentence, attached
By the deal, the victim’s mother Rivka was paid $73,000 in blood money by Eran David, whose sentence was reduced to 20 years
Shiri Sobol 1.jpgConvicted twin: Shiri Sobol seen during  court hearing in Tel Aviv will ser 6 years for initiating and participating in the brutal murder of her twin sister
A Tel Aviv man,David Eran, was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Tuesday for the gruesome slaying of an 18-year-old woman in a made for TV hit job set up by his girlfriend, The vicious stabbing death of Hili Sobol was planned aided and abetted by her jealous twin sister, Shiri Sobol.
Eran stabbed his victim more than 130 times in the stairwell of the family’s Tel Aviv apartment building on February 18, 2016. The killer twin found the hitman, set up the logistics, provided safe passage, change of clothing and cooked up the cover stories.

The sentence, handed down by the Israeli Court, comes after plea deal that had Eran pay Rivka, the victim’s mother $73,000 compensation.
After Rivka pled with the court for clemency, the charges leveled against Shiri Sobol, the victim’s twin sister, was reduced from murder to solicitation of grievous bodily harm. The 18-year-old received a six year prison sentence for her role in the vicious killing.
The co-defendants admitted to planning and executing the murder.
The saga is traced to the fact that Shiri Sobol developed “intense hatred” for her sister after a series of arguments and the return of Hili who had been away at boarding school, to the family home.
A clearly annoyed Shiri according to TimesofIsreal reports, set up the logistics of her twin sister’s assassination, watched it’s execution, then called authorities to report her sister was attacked by an unknown Arab assailant

Hili Sobol 2.jpgMurder victim: 18-year-old Hili Sobol
Hili Sobl and her killer twin sister Shiri Sobo 2lAlthough born twins Hili [left], and Shiri Sobol were dissimilar in taste ans likes. They had been at loggerheads most of their life

Court documents showed that beginning in July 2015, until the time of the murder, Shiri Sobol, sent text messages to her boyfriend expressing her dislike for her twin with messages such as: “That’s it, I’m fed up with living here with that nutcase,” and “It’s hard for me to live like this when she’s here at home. It’s not her house, she should get out of my life.”
Shiri even got graphic with scenarios which ended with the death of her sister Hili, the prosecution said.
“I hope she dies already,” she allegedly wrote, and, “If only an Arab or a terrorist would stab her.” She also wrote to Eran that Hili wanted her to break off her relationship with him and had threatened that her friends would hurt him if Shiri refused. Thus the idea of getting rid of Hili was planted in Eran’s head, the prosecution claimed.
The pair allegedly planned the murder several months in advance and had made two previous unsuccessful attempts, the fateful February date.

David Eran [center].jpgDavid Eran [center], is seen during a court hearing  in Tel Aviv District Court 
Hili Sobol 3 Shiri Sobol confessed to planning her sister’s death

For the murder, David two knives and a change of clothes, while Shiri had the task of informing him when Hili was home.
The killer waited in the stairwell of the apartment building, put on his gloves and waylaid Hili outside the apartment, stabbed her more than 130 times all over her body.
Tragically, It was all done with the collusion and consent of the victim’s sister Shiri, who even watched the killing, the prosecution said.
Four minutes after the heinous deed, Shiri called the police to report that her sister had been stabbed by an unknown person, apparently an Arab. At the time her boyfriend was in the apartment, cleaning off blood and changing into a new set of clothing.
Shiri than hid the bloodied clothes and knives. When responding officers arrived, she spun the fable that an Arab had stabbed her sister.
The killer was hiding in their mother’s room, which Shiri had locked and told police they couldn’t enter. While in the apartment with the police officers, she texted Eran and coordinated their versions to have him tell officers that an Arab man had stabbed Hili and that he had tried to help her. At one point, the officers’ suspicions were raised and they found and arrested David.

Rivka, twins Hili and Shiri's mother at Hili's funeralThe twin’s mother Rivka, weeps at her daughter’s funeral

While Shiri Sobol maintained her innocence and denied any foreknowledge of David’s actions, the hitman was the first to crack in police custody.
Eran David, allegedly told another detainee in a police van and in a detention room in court that he had committed the murder, which he described in detail, the prosecution charged. He also revealed that the two of them had planned the murder over some months and had even tried and failed to carry it out on three occasions.
When the same detainee met Shiri Sobol and asked her why she’d murdered her sister, Sobol allegedly replied: “Now I’ll have quiet.”
Eventually the murder co-defendants had to admit to their crime as part of the plea deal, which they described in detail.

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