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President Duterte of Philippines threatens to kill eldest son if he’s found guilty of drug trafficking – Paolo Duterte allegedly is involved with Chinese triad gang

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‘If my children are into drugs, kill them’ – Duterte orders Philippines anti-drug authorities
President Rodrigo Duterte told his son he will order police to execute him if allegations he’s involved in drug-smuggling is proven 
Paolo Duterte recently faced the Philippines Senate over allegations of drug related activities
Paolo, 42, accused of being involved with the triad gang
The president’s eldest son has described allegations of membership in drug smuggling and other crimes as ‘baseless’ and founded upon ‘rumours’
Paolo Duterte has been accused of being a member of a Chinese Triad crime syndicate
Duterte has courted controversy with his strong anti-drugs stance, that has seen thousands of civilians executed vigilante-style, for drug related offenses
Paolo Duterte 2.png
Paolo Duterte [right] seen facing the Philippines Senate probe early Sept, over allegations he’s a member of a Chinese crime syndicate, involved in drug smuggling activities

For a man causing international consternation with his uncompromising anti-drugs war and bombast. An unflinching policy that has led to state sponsored vigilante-style execution of nearly 10,000 people on the mere whiff of suspicion, it could not come any more embarrassing for Phillipines president, Rodrigo Duterte.
His eldest son Paolo Duterte, 42, has been accused as being a member of a Chinese organised crime syndicate and allegedly overseeing a drug-smuggling and drug lord protection scheme. Charges which the younger Duterte has dismissed as ‘baseless’ and founded upon ‘rumours’.
In keeping with his publicly avowed stance, President Duterte has ordered police to carry out the standard procedures of his controversial war on drugs campaign even if his son is found guilty of criminal activities.
‘My orders are to kill you if you are caught, and I will protect the police who kill you,’ Mr Duterte said he told the embattled Paolo.

Paolo Duterte 3.jpgPaolo Dutarte, has been accused as being a member of a Chinese organised crime syndicate, bossing a drug-smuggling and drug lord protection scheme. The president’s son has dismissed the charges as ‘baseless’ and founded upon ‘rumors’
In the aftermath of the Philippines being ravaged by drug abuse and addiction. Duterte campaigned and was elected on a platform of extreme conservatism, promising harsh repercussions and summary capital punishment for drug offenders. He won

Since taking up office, the Philippines president has completely ignored domestic and international criticism for his draconian anti-drugs stance, that has seen over 9,000 civilians killed for links to drug dealing and use, mostly without benefit of trial.

But did his family dip into the game even before he took office?
In recent months Paolo Duterte, his eldest son, has been accused of helping his Chinese cohorts by facilitating the shipment of over a tonne of ice into the Philipines. A charge that surfaced in 2016, after a retired policeman and a former criminal accused Paolo of being the mastermind behind themassive drug smuggling operation, but those claims were never proven.
During the senate committee hearing, Paolo was asked by opposition Senator Antonio Trillane, to remove his shirt and display a large tattoo on his back that allegedly proved he was a member of a Chinese crime syndicate.
Paolo acknowledged having the tattoo on his back but refused to remove his shirt and show the panel.

The president’s most vociferous critic, Senator Trillane, also produced a report by an anti-smuggling group that claims they received intelligence that Paolo was also involved in the illegal importation of luxury cars and other items.

When Duterte was asked about the case during a speech to workers at the presidential palace in Manila Wednesday, he confirmed he would hold his family to the same standards and would have no problem having anyone found guilty executed, no matter how close.
He stated that he wants police to carry out normal procedures should his son be found guilty, to remain consistent and ‘so the people can’t say anything against me’.
‘That’s better… so I can say to people, ‘There, you keep talking. That’s my son’s corpse’.’

rodrigo-duterte1.jpgPresident Rodrigo Duterte told Filipinos to apply jungle justice in the war against drugs, if the police fail to respond. ‘I will reward you’
Referring to his main political rival, Senator Trillanes, the president said:  “I will destroy him or he will destroy me”.

The war of attrition between the two has been escalating as administration officials have accused Senator Trillanes of holding secret bank accounts to mask his wealth, and President Duterte believes their rivalry will lead to a powerful conclusion to one of their career’s.

‘I will destroy him or he will destroy me,’ Duterte said on Wednesday.
For his part, the senator says he fears for his personal safety, has said he plans on quitting politics at the end of his term two years from now.


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