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Quick thinking 14-year-old helps arrest rapist! Taylor Hawkins’ last victim bit him mid-assault, bandaged private parts tipped cops off

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Taylor Hawkins allegedly drove around Staten Island, NY on Aug 21 and engaged in four sexually motivated attacks, all between 6 am and 7 am 
Hawkins, 27, was arrested Wednesday charges with attempted rape, robbery, sex abuse, and assault
His bandaged private parts tipped cops off to the Staten Island sex attack suspect 
Hawkins’ last victim bit him mid-assault, so he slapped her and drove off
Taylor Hawkins l 1The bite his teen rape victim inflicted on Taylor Hawkins him mid-assault, helped police to nail him

When the cops found a bandage on Taylor Hawkins’ privates, they knew they had the suspected Staten Island sex attacker in hand, police sources said Thursday.
Hawkins, 27, is facing charges for four sexually motivated attacks, all of which took place between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. on August 21, in Staten Island, New York.
He’s also charged with robbery and assault as part of the same spree.
He is accused of attacking at least four women in a one hour span.
Police said Hawkins confronted two women who were standing at bus stops, and a third who was walking down the street.
He first groped a 50-year-old woman walking her dogs according to police. He then attacked his other two victims ages 64 and 14, while they were at bus stops in the same neighborhood.

Taylor Hawkins SUVPolice surveillance camera’s caught Taylor’s SUV

Police found Taylor inside a vehicle connected to the scenes of the attacks driving in the same area where the sex attacks happened, the next day.
Police had released surveillance images of a person of interest in the violent sex attack spree, which closely matched Taylor.
“I’m going to rape you!” he shouted. Each time, they resisted and the thwarted would-be rapist took off in a dark-colored SUV, police said.
His last victim was the 14-year-old girl, police said. He allegedly forced her to perform a sex act on him at about 6:45 am outside a bus stop.
He allegedly came up behind the girl and shoved his hands down her pants. He then demanded oral sex and forced her to do it to her. He grabbed her in a chokehold and she bit him,”  a witness said. “
Taylor reacted by punching the teen in the face,. She ran into a nearby store while he took off in his vehicle.
Cops searching for the suspect’s SUV found it near the scene of the attacks. Hawkins, who had just fueled up at a local gas station, was in the vehicle with his mother, police sources said.
When they took Hawkins into custody, cops learned he had a bandage right where the victim said he bit him, police sources said.

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