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Police investigating death of Vanessa MacCormack, second-grade teacher found dead in her Boston home, Saturday

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Responding officers find Massachusetts  second grade teacher unresponsive in her home, Saturday afternoon
Vanessa MacCormack was pronounced dead at her Revere, Boston home, Sept 23
Investigators said 30-year-old teacher’s body bore signs of trauma but they would not reveal how she died
The married mother-of-one was found after police responded to a 911 call 

Vanessa and Andrew MacCormack 2.pngVanessa who has taught second grade teacher for seven years is a mother-of-one seen [right], with husband Andrew 
Vanessa MacCormack 5.pngVanessa MacCormack, family and colleagues said was a great teacher and a wonderful mother

At the time of her death, MacCormick was a teacher at the Connery Elementary School in Lynn. Principal Mary Dill said that the community was “heartbroken” over the loss.
“Vanessa was loved by students, parents and colleagues,” Dill said in a statement obtained by MassLive. “She was involved in every aspect of the school and a great friend to everyone on the staff. She will be dearly missed.”
Relatives remembered MacCormick as the “world’s best mother” to her young daughter.
“Words could never describe my sister,” her sister Angela Masucci told WBZ-TV. “My sister was the world’s best mother, she did everything for her daughter and had so many plans for her. She never missed an opportunity to bring her places to show off her beautiful baby.”
No arrests have yet been made.

Andrew coming for the baby chair and other things, Sunday.jpgVictim’s teary husband Andrew, coming to their home for the baby chair and other things, Sunday 

Grief-stricken husband Andrew went came back to the house Sunday to pick up a baby chair and some other items. Although he did not anything to say to onlookers, he stopped to break down and cry at the scene.

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